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I know most of you are somewhat tired of politics,
and it's Friday. I really shouldn't ruin you weekend so I decided to write about something more mellow.

I find it quite tiring to be angry and protesting all the time.
I wonder how some of the bloggers manage to do that all year long.

When I was in primary school, KRU was a huge hit. Especially when I was 11. Girls in my class (and they are kind of cute back then) would ogle and worship Yusry, Norman and Edry. Norman is seen as the leader of the group, the most mature, Norman is seen as the nice looking fellow and of course Edry being the youngest sibling was the cutest. The youngest (anak bongsu) is always the cutest. Trust me, I know.

So the boys and the girls would sing "Parappap AWAS parappap AWAS parapp AWAS kerana kamu wohoooo.." and of course who could not forget Feminin's "Angin bayu membawa diriku, sepintas lalu ku terkenang kan mu memori silam meresap malam..." Admit it, you were singing it weren't you? This were the days Exist were known for their vocalist named Mamat and his famous song "Oh ibu... Kau disiram bayu pagi..." There was no need for Akon, back then Malaysia had Nico, they were still calling themselves "Rappers" at that time.

I do love them,
but when I was a kid, when kids were singing their tunes and chorus I had a rather peculiar taste. Back then, I think I was 11, I fell in love with Jazz and Oldies. I would listen to Louis Armstrong, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and even P-Ramlee. Back then I didn't even know their name, all I knew was their voice and their song. My source of music was Radio 4, this was before they become TRAX fm. Sucks big time!

Their beautiful voices would reverberate in the middle of the night, I would turn off all the lights and just listen to them. I remember buying a 90 or 120 minute blank cassette and record these songs and play them back again and again and again. Back when there was a rewind, forward, play and pause button.

It is interesting to note, that unlike KRU, Feminin, NICO or Britney Spears I didn't know what they looked like. I had absolutely no Idea, reminds me of Elvis, when he first was heard in Radios across America they thought he was black.

Isn't it somewhat romantic that you truly appreciate an artist (singer) purely base on their voice. Without the bias of looks or style, it is quite an honour when you judge and love them purely by their work and it is quite a work for them to do that. Frank Sinatra may look good but how about Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and many others. Remember I don't know how they looked like, the first time I know how Louis Armstrong looked like was when I bought his first cassette.

It was quite a feeling (and still is) listening to What a Wonderful World in the dark, I am open to all sort of Genre's but Jazz have a special place in my heart. It is because unlike others, I get to know them though my ears before my eyes. And even though I may move on to listening to Michael Buble, Pink Maritini, Janet Seidel, Norah Jones and other current jazz artistes, they just can't replace the hauntingly brilliant voice of these evergreen folks.

Have a great weekend folks...

And I sincerely wish you a Moonlight in Vermont.


the youngest is always the cutest??
yeaaaaa rite!!
i agreee ^.^