Sinatra_Z - 4 Shades of Blue

In between computer screens,
of routers, radios and radars,
thus comes a short instance,
of calmness static silence.

for the dawn came into view,
bring in four shades of blue,
as the sun go slowly below,
and gradually the moon glow.

I yearn to dream a face,
or miss a certain soul,
typical of a man's heart,
when far away from home.

a slight epiphany,
hit me, very gently,

There was no face,
no portrait to imagine,
oh bloody hell,
no one to miss.

Oh my,
quite a peril.

Rather interesting,
when the mind goes wandering,
between the four shades of blue,
the four shades of blue.

Sinatra_Z - Meyakinkan

Boss - "Wei orang R&D kata bagus kalau ko datang, diorang kata suruh bawak ko nanti."


"Sebab diorang kata bila ko cakap ko meyakinkan."

"Oh ye ke."

"Yup, bila ko cakap, orang lebih yakin dengan idea yang ko bawak."

"Itu yang aku hairan tu, bab ni aku boleh tapi bila bab nak meyakinkan aweks yang aku ini sebenarnya tersangat kacak selalu gagal."

"Ahh memang la, ko ni cakap meyakinkan bila benda yang fakta, benda bukan fakta memang tak yakin bila cakap."

"Bukan Fakta eh..."


Ah sedihnya..

Sinatra_Z - Out of the blue.

I actually watched Arsenal versus Everton,

The Whole Bloody GAME.

I actually knew who Donovan was.
Rosicky scores,
so did Pienaar,
I think that's how you spell his name, not sure.

Hey maybe I should start playing Fantasy Football,
get excited at some foreign club winning a match,
actually waking up at 3 a.m to watch a bloody game,
buy a jersey,
hell let's even put a bumper sticker on my car.
Gunners, Red Devils, Reds, Blues...

Football it seems,
makes much more sense this time around,
there's 22 men, 2 sides, fighting over one ball.

It's nothing personal,
you just want to score, that's all.

And it's pretty simple,
you are either on this team or on that team,
you wear the colour, you agree on competing and you fight for it.

Nothing to hide, no dark behind games or switching sides, pretty gentlemen.
Wear your colour, be proud of it and fight for it.

Then simply end it with - Good Game.

If only I had passion for football...

Sinatra_Z - Penulisan Terbaru di TMI

Cerpen Cinta Clarissa

JAN 12 — Baru-baru ini terdapat beberapa kejadian yang tidak diingini berlaku di negara kita, ianya menyedihkan dan mengejutkan dan telah saya menulis mengenainya di blog peribadi saya. Namun saya terdetik apabila Joan Lau dari The Malaysian Insider menulis satu artikel bertajuk “Where is the love?” (Dimanakah Cinta) dan membuatkan saya terfikir, buat masa ini apa yang rakyat Malaysia perlukan bukanlah perdebatan, ceramah atau penulisan politik akan tetapi mereka perlukan CINTA. Maka terimalah penulisan saya kali ini yang menyahut seruan Joan Lau.

AMARAN - Cerita ini adalah REKAAN semata-mata tiada kaitan antara yang hidup atau yang mati.

*Diari peribadi Yang Berhormat Saudari Clarissa Mok Siu Yin

Inilah kisahku yang hanya aku mampu luahkan di kepingan kertas sepi ini…


Aku bukan seorang yang bersifat perkauman atau racist,

Aku bukan seorang chauvinist Cina,

Aku bukan anti Melayu,

Sesungguhnya aku hanya mahukan......................... Cinta

Sinatra_Z - Salam Perpaduan/Keamanan/Kesejahteraan


Metro Tabernacle is a Church located near my home,
very near to the place where I hang out and have my drinking tea sessions (yum char)

It is a church in which my former teacher Mr John Ebenizer goes to.
Many friends and acquaintances are also members of that parish.

In light of the issue regarding the usage of the word Allah,
as much as I embrace discourse by writing and discussion I do not condone violence.

I stood there last night as I see the fumes coming out from afar, imagining what would they feel that night. It's pathetic at how I dare not come near to console some of the friends whom I saw that night, perhaps there was a feeling of guilt, shame, cowardice or the fact that I need to learn more in being a decent human being.

And if by my writing,
somehow affected these acts of violence then I humbly apologise.

I do pray that these incidents do not escalate into something further,
something uglier into which instability may reign upon our nation and I pray that the culprits may be brought to justice as soon as possible.

Though I stood still by my views regarding this issue,
I think, for now I shall let the justice system run it's course.

Like I mentioned before, if the courts decided to give a verdict that is not to my favour then I shall accept it, and if it does go to my favour there will not be celebrations of me shouting slogans or putting up banners.

For now,
As much as I embrace discourse, debates and arguments, I think it's about time I cease these prolonged debates. We all have said our piece and point of views.

Perhaps it's time to chill.

I do not wish to witness any other arson on churches, mosques, temples and etc.
Flame wars on the internet is as hot as I get.

May peace be upon us.

Sinatra_Z - God in English is OK! But Tuhan in Malay cannot

JAN 7 — Pada hari terakhir tahun 2009 mahkamah tinggi memutuskan bahawa akhbar mingguan gereja Katolik Malaysia iaitu Herald boleh menggunakan perkataan Allah untuk penulisan bahagian Bahasa Melayu. Ini telah menimbulkan banyak ketidak puashatian di kalangan Umat Islam di negara ini termasuk diri saya sendiri. Saya rasa perlu untuk saya menerangkan mengapa saya menanggap keputusan Mahkamah berkenaan dan juga permintaan Herald untuk menggunakan nama Allah sebagai satu isu yang penting. Ianya secara langsung melibatkan nama Tuhan yang saya dan umat Islam di negara ini gunakan sekurang-kurangnya 5 kali sehari.

Walaupun agak terkilan dan terkejut dengan keputusan Mahkamah berkenaan, apatah lagi apabila Islam dianggap sebagai agama rasmi di negara ini adalah lebih mengecewakan bagi saya apabila memikirkan kenapa Herald, akhbar rasmi Gereja Katolik berkeras dan bermatian hendak menggunakan nama Allah dalam menerangkan isu-isu berkenaan agama Kristian dalam penulisan mereka. Apakah dengan menggunakan perkataan Allah dalam penulisan Bahasa Melayu maka terjemahan akan menjadi lebih baik? Adakah kini pemahaman terhadap ajaran dalam Injil adalah lebih mantap di kalangan Umat Kristian Katolik di Malaysia ini kerana sekarang mereka nampak dengan jelas kerana penggunaan perkataan Allah yang menggantikan perkataan Tuhan?

Sinatra_Z - Oh the Drama

Interesting year that is,
it's just January and the drama hits me like a wave.

Not a Tsunami yet,
it can be handled especially when it doesn't affect me directly.

The thing is,
if it's about the political drama I can handle, I don't mind arguing, putting forward my views, debate, be criticised or chastised by it. No sweat, I'll do it with swagger, gung ho and objectively.

But it's the drama,
of the personal kind that bugs me.
I'm good with ideas and views,
just really bad with feelings and emotions.

Need to work on that.

Then again,

Feelings are for fags.

I do apologise for not being politically correct in the last word,
but hey since we're in the season of arguing about words might as well.

Sinatra_Z - Something i found at Jebat Must Die

I am a Muslim,

A Malay,

A Bumiputera.

In that order of precedent and priority.

If a gun is put to my temple and I am ordered to renounce my Bumiputera status, I will gladly oblige, as I prefer to have my brain in one place rather than for it to be splattered all over.

If afterwards, the command wants me to give up my Malayness, I will also oblige without complaint, being mindful of keeping my brain intact to live another day.

Giving up being a Malay or a Bumiputera is no big deal.

As a Bumiputera, I won’t belong any longer to that privilege class of Malaysian where quotas are reserved, land is preserved and housing allocations are observed.

As a Malay, I won’t be able to eat rice with sambal belacan (hot chili with prawn paste) using my hand, clad in a sarong (loose ankle-length cloth worn on the waist) while watching a Drama Minggu Ini (Malay feature film) on TV. I will certainly miss the joy of using Bahasa Melayu, that most exquisite of languages where the word with its shades and nuances can be used in multifarious modes depending on the context and objective of the speaker.

But if the holder of the gun persists and insists that I renounce my Muslimness, I will recite the Shahadah (solemn oath taken by Muslims attesting to Allah the Almighty, and Muhammad, peace be upon him,as prophet) and play quickly the history of my life from the recesses of memory in time before he pulls the trigger: for to renounce Islam I shall not, as it is my raison de etre, my reason for being, without which I am nothing.

- from The Millennium Malay by D. Ruse

Sinatra_Z - Now who is Spinning here?

If there is something that I don't like about politicians,
is that a politician without a stand, a spine or the ones who can't make up their mind.

Now bear with me here.

According to The Malaysian Insider

PAS backs use of Allah by Christians

By Adib Zalkapli

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 5 — Despite strong opposition from some Muslims groups, PAS last night decided to back the use of the word Allah by Catholics, saying that it is consistent with the federal Constitution and Islamic principles.

According to M-Star

Kufur Jika Sokong Guna Kalimah Allah - Haron Din

BANGI: Mana-mana umat Islam yang menyokong keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi membenarkan penggunaan kalimah 'Allah' dalam akhbar mingguan Herald-The Catholic Weekly dalam penerbitannya boleh membawa kepada kekufuran.

Timbalan Mursyidul Am PAS, Datuk Dr Haron Din berkata, menyokong kepada sesuatu perkara yang salah di sisi Islam juga secara tidak langsung boleh menyebabkan berlakunya kekufuran dan syirik.

And According to Malaysiakini

Kalimah Allah: Pejabat Nik Aziz sangkal laporan TV3

Sebenarnya, kata Mohd Saiba, mursyidul am PAS itu tidak setuju dengan keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi membenarkan gereja Roman Katolik Kuala Lumpur, selaku penerbit, menggunakan kalimah tersebut dalam akhbar Herald-The Catholic Weekly.

We have 3 Contradictory statements here.

In case you are wondering the Press conference about the stand on this issue you can read here

So Who is spinning here? TMI? MStar? or Malaysiakini?

or is it actually Parti Islam Semalaysia?

You tell me.

Sinatra_Z - Huh?

Urghhh the light,

What the....

Bloody hell it's 2010 already.

Wake me up when September ends.