Sinatra_Z - Ais Krim Strawberry

Bila aku pesan aiskrim strawberry jer mesti orang-orang memandang aku dengan penuh kaget lagi aneh. Eh tolong sikit, apa lelaki gemuk tak boleh makan aiskrim strawberry ke?
Kawan aku cakap aku macam pondan sebab pesan aiskrim strawberry, tak lelaki la, chocolate baru lelaki kata beliau. Aku pun cakap kat dia balik, kalau ko perasan, kalau engkau seperti kononya lelaki wanita (ladies man) atau pemain (player) pastinya engkau akan perasan perempuan sebenarnya suka chocolate.

Kalau ko pergi dekat kedai menjual aiskrim, jangan pergi kat kedai jual aiskerim malaysia ataupun kat pakcik naik moto yang ada lagu "Mat cool Mat cool kawanku mari kita ikut mat cool" tapi ko pergi kat kedai aiskrim yang bergaya.

Ko perhati gadis-gadis yang membeli aiskrim, kebanyakan mereka akan order chocolate.

Tapi sebab aku dah terlalu biasa dengan adengan ini menyebabkan suatu hari berlakunya perbualan ini antara aku dengan seorang gadis...

Lipas : Ais Krim strawberry satu

Gadis : Strawberry?? (membuat muka eh eeeh anehnya awak ni...)

Lipas : Apa salahnya, strawberry kan sedap.

Gadis : Ye la kan tak biasa la tengok lelaki pesan ais krim ni kan lepas tu macam pelik tengok awak mintak strawberry

Lipas : Oh ye ke, saya ni memang feminin sikit

Gadis : Feminin?

Lipas : Feminin.. tau Feminin .... Angin bayu membawa diriku, sepintas lalu ku terkenangkan mu memori silam merentas malam kenangan bersama ku simpan selamanya.....


p/s - Peh masa tu kira diorang ni lah yang paling hot!! Comel siot diorang tuh macam si tompok.

Sinatra_Z - Berkarangan Bahasa Inggeris

Question : Write a story about a routine activity, try making it interesting and you can write anything you want as long as it does not involve porn, your classmate dying in a horrible manner or your classmate becoming a dog.

Title : Buying Fish

Written by : Zaidel Baharuddin

Due to the creativity restrictions and control imposed by the fascist nature of the question I have decided to write a routine activity that I don't do. I for one do not buy fish and by that I mean raw fish. To me fishes are classified into two main categories which is how they are cooked (curry, asam pedas, fried..) and how many bones do they have. Which is why one should be able to tell by that statement alone that I am a chicken kind of a guy, and by that I mean I like to eat chicken. My father however buys fish weekly, he would wake up on a Saturday morning (when I usually sleep) and stroll down to the fish market. Then in the afternoon it would be on our table and to his irritation I usually pick the chicken instead.

So once fine Saturday morning my father decided to bestow his knowledge and experience of buying fish to his youngest son. Coincidentally earlier that morning (around 3.30 am) his youngest son crept in the house like a burglar coming back from doing something stupid. To make matter worse this young man decided to make his night more meaningful by watching... uhmm ...... interesting documentary about migrating birds thus only went to bed at around 4.30 am. At 8.00 am in the morning when the sun was shining it's beautiful ray my father decided to wake me and ask me to participate in his fishy activity.

So there I was forcefully volunteered to follow my dad looking at dead fishes. The old man who seem irritated by my burst of sarcastic enthusiasm said that
"You must learn to buy fish, how can you get married if you don't even know what fish to buy?" To which I reply "That's okay, I will tell my wife to buy takeaways."
"Hah like this who is going to marry you?"

Upon arriving at the market I smell a very strong but familiar odour, it was then I discovered that my recycled underwear smells like a dead wet fish. There my father joins a bunch of people looking at a group of fish carcasses. If the fish's eye is red that means that it is no longer fresh was one of the advice given by my father. So there I was all yawning and irritated learning about fishes, which is siakap and which one is tenggiri. Which fish have more bones and what fish is good to be cooked as curry. But apparently my father's effort was wasted as to this day I am unable to tell which fish is what. After we have picked the fishes I thought that everything was over and I can finally return to previous activity but alas this is no fairytale. When we went back my father then decided to teach me how to clean the fish. So he showed me how to clean the internal organs on how the fishmonger don't really did a good job and this task though very dirty and icky it helps my mother when she cooks the fish. He said "Look your mother cook for you a nice meal and the least thing you can do is buy the the fish and prepare it well."

But in my head I was thinking why don't we save all the trouble and just buy a chicken instead.

Years gone by and now as I grow older it is only then that I realised the true lesson that I learned that day. It's not about fish or how to clean them, but instead I learned something that my father never intended to teach me in that lecture he gave and it was about love. Not many men (especially malay men) who are willing to wake up Saturday morning to buy fish and prepare it for their wives to cook. My father choose the best fish the one's that he knew my mother likes to eat or that is suitable with my mother's recipe. He would first discuss it with my mother what recipe is she going to use on that day before buying a fish. Then after that he would do all the dirty work because he knew that his wife would prepare him a good meal and the least he can do is this. Back then the cavemen went hunting or fishing to provide the food in his household so the least thing my father could do is at least buy them at the market.

I always hear people discussing about Love and go into this in depth discussion about feelings, compatibility and the typical romance versus reality thing. So when people talk to me about love, interestingly the first thing that comes to my mind is "Buying Fish." It is now that I realise that it would be very hard for me to become even half of the husband, lover and man that my father is. I guess the moral of the story is love is best portrayed not in poetry, flowers or beautiful gifts but instead it is best portrayed in the mundane thoughtful routine that we do to make our loved ones happy. For let's not forget action speaks louder than words...

Will you marry me if I don't know how to buy a fish?

Sinatra_Z - The Way I See it

If you ask me who is the most likely person in becoming the next Prime Minister Of Malaysia I would say it is not Anwar Ibrahim. With all the rhetorics that he spew out regarding MP's jumping ship somehow does not hold water. Even Karpal Singh admitted that the possibility of Sabahan's MP jumping over is not likely since Pak Lah have gave them what they wanted and at the same time we read the statements made by Hadi Awang in Harakah (get it and read it).

The truth is (or as I perceived it) and think logically with me here, the most likely person to topple Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as the Prime Minister and the future of Najib Tun Razak is none other than Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Many of us who are so swept with current events have forgotten about the UMNO elections in October and one of the most Feasible way of toppling Pak Lah is by beating him in the Party Elections instead of beating him in Parliament. Unlike in Parliament where most of the MP's are chosen by Pak Lah and his team to run in the elections but in UMNO you have this bunch of angry grassroots, angry division leaders who were sidelined, the most popular candidate for the UMNO youth leader who wants Pak Lah to step down, disenchanted members who wants to make a comeback, Semangat 46 loyalists and Mahathir's boys. You don't see opposition meetings or rally shouting Pak Lah to step down or criticizing him as much as UMNO meetings or pro UMNO NGO's namely MyKmu and places where Mahathir speaks.

The problem with the Opposition camp is instead of attacking the PM they prefer in hitting on his deputy or a retired old man who was the former PM. So the most vocal and the most critical group of people who are against the PM is from UMNO. Trust me when I say this that currently the whole of UMNO youth hate the guts of Khairy Jamaluddin. Najib Tun Razak's main threat is not Anwar Ibrahim but the possibility that Muhyiddin Yassin contesting his post, seriously. Okay so Anwar may have attack and scarred his reputation recently but remember that UMNO members already hate Anwar's guts so his attack may have an effect but it is quite minimal. Muhiddin Yassin on the other hand apart from having a clean slate he is also the most vocal when it comes to the grassroots cause. Quite recently Pak Lah was told by UMNO Johor to step down as soon as possible, Muhyiddin Yassin have a very good chance of having their backing after the 2010 announcement and in UMNO Johor is very-very influential.

The real drama is not now or Sept 16.....

The real drama is in October

Watch Out.

Sinatra_Z - Syed Nazri

I found an interesting article in NST (my office subscribe it) which I would like to share with my no life readers. Yes just in case you began shouting liberal slogans nonsense on which why should we take note of an article written on the blatant liar government propaganda machine let me make some things clear.. Yes it is a government propaganda but that dosen't mean everything on it must be discarded, I know it NST isd very biased and Syed Nazri being the chief of it his words must make your eyes bleed upon reading it. Fear not if I someday find some interesting articles from the truthful, non propaganda, unbiased and balanced stories of MalaysiaKini, Harakah, Malaysia-today, Utusan Malaysia or URTV be assured I too will post it here.

So what do you think of it?

SYED NADZRI: Point taken, point made and other surprises
LIFE'S little ironies have been coming at us quite relentlessly the past few days. Not just from the pile of straight-laced political twists of the season but also from less-likely origins -- like the picture of Miss Malaysia we saw on Saturday.
Levy Li Su Lin, representing Malaysia in the Miss Universe contest in Nha Trang, Vietnam, looked ravishing in the country's traditional costume in the news photos, complete with songket shawl and a tall, glittering headgear.

Look closer and, lo and behold, she was also waving a kris.

Maybe it escaped the attention of most people amid the deluge of hot news on other fronts. But yes, our beauty queen was brandishing the kris in one of the official presentations during the competition. The only thing that appeared a little out of place perhaps was her high heels. Otherwise she did it, as someone quipped, in true Umno Youth style -- waving the unsheathed dagger in her right hand.

Now, was that a ceremonial or combative ritual?
How amusing indeed, it was pointed out, given the typhoon that resulted after Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein made a similar gesture at the party congress previously.

Then there was another irony in the form of what was des-cribed as a wild party in Kota Baru which police broke up on Saturday.

According to news reports, 103 people who took part in the party on the premises in Jalan Long Yunos, Tanjung Chat, were rounded up in the raid at 5.30pm; one of them was a 23-year-old woman.

It seemed that police had been told earlier that some immoral activity was taking place on the premises involving local and outstation youths, including college students. They were being investigated under Section 27 of the Police Act for holding an assembly without a permit.

One news report quoted a participant as saying he arrived for the party at 1pm from Kedah and had been informed about it through emails by the organiser.

The admission fee was RM15 per person, he said. "I came to watch the band which was promoting its album."

The lone woman picked up by police said she came from Jertih, Terengganu, and was at the party since morning as she had to bring three friends who wanted to attend. "I am just a driver. Someone else was supposed to bring them. But when the other person did not turn up, I became the substitute driver," she said.

Wild party? In Kelantan where women are not even allowed to wear lipstick to work and where there is gender segregation in cinemas?

How ironic. Probably such activity is part of the backlash we get out of a suppressed society.

But then again how "wild" could the party actually be since it was raided at 5.30 in the evening when the crowd was just swinging away to the music? In Kuala Lumpur, we call it "tea dance".

Probably the "wild" factor arose because there was only one woman among 102 men -- which put paid to gender-segregation arrangements, I suppose.

To add to the ironies of the week was a statement by Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew that the island republic is the target of a conspiracy, especially by human rights groups which criticise the country's governance.

"There is a conspiracy to do us in. Why? They see us as a threat," Lee, 84, was quoted as saying in news reports over the weekend.

Now THAT is a big irony. This is so since the statement came barely a week after Reuters reported that Singapore was considering buying 100 Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II jet-fighters. It quoted United States Air Force F-35 programme executive officer Major-Gen Charles Davis.

A hundred state-of-the-art aircraft? Not too long ago, the US Defence Department said it was planning to sell to Singapore 84 precision-guided bombs for its jet-fighter fleet.

So who is the target of whom now?

P/S - It's ok maa she wave keris, she's just being a Malaysian not a Malay.

Sinatra_Z - Memakan Sate Bersama Keluarga

Seperti kebanyakan rakyat Malaysia saya juga pernah makan sate bersama keluarga saya.

Pada malam isnin saya bersama-sama keluarga saya pergi makan sate di restoran Sate Kajang Haji Samuri di Taman Melati. Di sana terdapat pelbagai jenis sate yang dihidangkan, kami memakan sate ayam, sate daging lembu, sate ikan dan nasi impit. Kemudian kakak saya memesan mee bandung dan ibu saya memesan nasi goreng kampung. Di sana tidak dijual sate babi kerana ianya restoran halal. Kalau ada sate babi pun saya tidak akan makan kerana ustazah kata babi itu haram.
Sedang kami memakan sate dan berbual-bual mengenai berita terkini kakak saya ada bertanya kepada ibu saya.

"Maa bila nak beli katil baru, bolehlah Fara tidur kat rumah nanti."

"alaa nanti tengoklah"

"Haa kalau takde katil baru nanti kitorang (dia bersama suaminya) takkan balik raya."

"ahhh tak peduli!"

Kata ibu saya.
Sebelum anda membuat kesimpulan yang kakak saya seorang yang menderhaka kerana katil atau ibu saya seorang yang sangat rockers perlu anda ketahui satu perkara tentang kakak saya. Kakak saya tinggal di Taman Melawati bersama abang ipar saya, sekiranya memandu dari rumah kami di Taman Permata ke rumah beliau memakan masa lebih kurang 5 minit. Kalau Jalan kaki lebih kuran 20 ke 30 minit manakala berbasikal dalam lebih kurang 10 ke 15 minit. Jadi ugutan kakak saya untuk tidak tidur di rumah kami ketika raya tidak memberi kesan kepada ibu saya, kerana kemungkinan besar kalau ada katil baru sekalipun mereka tetap akan pulang ke rumah bila raya nanti.

Setelah kami memakan sate kami berjalan ke arah kereta untuk pulang ke rumah. Ketika kami melalui kedai runcit bersebelahan ibu saya membaca tajuk utama akhbar tempatan dan tajuk utama akhbar Harian Metro mendapat perhatian beliau..

Tajuk Utama Harian Metro : 16 Remaja Dicekup dalam Pesta Seks.

"Pesta Seks! Eeee Jahatnya!!"

"Adik apa Pesta Seks tu?"

"Tak Tahu..."

Ahh remaja zaman sekarang memang sungguh liar, tak macam saya dahulu kami tidak pernah buat perkara sebegitu. Paling meriah pun sekadar main Saidina sahaja.

Setelah pulang ke rumah ibu saya menyuruh saya mengangkat mesin jahit mudah alih yang berjenama Singer (menawan keluarga bahagia) ke dalam bilik setor. Di sana ibu saya berkata

"Haa letak sini, jaga-jaga jangan kena corning ware kalau pecah nanti mama nangis."

"Ohh Overnya, macamlah kucing mati."

"Kalau kucing mati mama tak nangis langsung, sebab kalau dia masih hidup kena keluar duit pinggan ni Mahal kalau pecah rugi."


Mak Saya tak suka binatang.
Walaupun kucing comel. Sebab kucing jiran selalu berak di ruang rumput belakang umah kami.

p/s - Saya suka kucing, cuma kalau dia berak saya tak mau basuh.

Sinatra_Z - Selangor II

One thing I really love about this blogging political internet thing is the fact that we can have direct contact with our respected YB's especially in the case of Selangor. I read something the other day on the Internet and was wondering whether it was true which was -

Internet Statement
"Dalam dewan undangan negeri Selangor,Terresa Kok telah mengepalai satu petisyen penduduk di Puchong kepada Datuk Satim Diman (Sri Kembangan) mengenai aduan penduduk bukan Islam terhadap laungan azan subuh yg didakwa menggangu ketenteraman penduduk"

This of course doesn't go well with me but like I learned many-many years before never really trust the internet source. So I dropped by our Sassy MP's blog and asked her this...

Dear YB Theresa Kok,
Since I don’t want to believe all the rumours or hearsay from the internet so I think it’s best if I ask directly to you.

Little birds in the internet chirped this..
Dalam dewan undangan negeri Selangor,Terresa Kok telah mengepalai satu petisyen penduduk di Puchong kepada Datuk Satim Diman (Sri Kembangan) mengenai aduan penduduk bukan Islam terhadap laungan azan subuh yg didakwa menggangu ketenteraman penduduk.

Is this true YB?

Hi Sinatra, I know nothing about the case. Please note that I am a state executive councillor or state minister. Since Satim is only an opposition back bencher, why should I present a petition to him? It should be he who presents the petition to me. Those guys that spread this kind of untrue news seem don’t have any knowledge about our roles. They have forgotten that Satim has become an opposition ADUN. Do I need to sign a SD?

That was the answer and I was satisfied that our sassy MP is a good YB for she actually takes time to answer questions like these even though I am no one. But I also know that another Selangor politician also answer questions and interact with his reader so I decided to well ask him about it.

Sinatra_Z said...Dr Khir ada burung berkicau dalam internet berkata..

Dalam dewan undangan negeri Selangor,Terresa Kok telah mengepalai satu petisyen penduduk di Puchong kepada Datuk Satim Diman (Sri Kembangan) mengenai aduan penduduk bukan Islam terhadap laungan azan subuh yg didakwa menggangu ketenteraman penduduk.

Betul ke?

Blogger Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo said...

saudara sinatra_z,

Memang betul ada petisyen dari kaum Cina Kinrara yang meminta diperlahankan suara azan. Petisyen ini disokong oleh YB. Teresa Kuok.

Perkara ini dibangkitkan oleh YB datuk Satim di DUN Selangor tetapi tiada jawapan. Saya bimbang mungkin kerana YB Teresa Kuok telah berjanji untuk membantu tuntutan itu dilaksanakan.

Saya sebagai Ketua Pembangkang akan terus menentang perkara tersebut atas dasar agama Islam adalah agama rasmi negara dan negara ini mengamalkan kebebasan beragama dan tiada undang-undang yang menghalang surau dan masjid menggunakan pembesar suara. Perkara ini berlaku kerana pendokong DAP telah jadi besar kepala sejak akhir-akhir ini.

Jangan dijolok sarang tebuan, kelak menyesal tak berkesudahan.

hmm ..........................

Siapa yang betul ni?

here are the refference

Unlike RPK or Bala I don't just post something out of hearsay.
I actually ask and confirm the source.

Sinatra_Z - Poetry

Name : Zaidel Baharuddin
Class : 4 Gemilang
Subject : English Literature

Write a poetry describing a situation in your life.

Oh when the sun rises,
I sat and bear witness,
inhaling angst and anger,
drama.. distorted facts,
filled with hope and fear
my soul reacts.

mundane things,
important significant event,
stories from a far away land,
places I have never seen,
Places I had never been.

Pictures, words...... even numbers

But I cleanse myself,
my body forces me too,
though sometimes my soul is not willing,
but I know this must be done,
for only the cycle is complete.

So I let it all out,
with intense feelings,

and when it's all gone,
into the abyss,
a certain calmness,
a steady state,
I know it's going to be okay.


I rolled my paper,
cleaned my arse,
and now I can confidently say
Let's start a brand new day.....

Quote :
When asked about the news that was printed on the STAR newspaper regarding him Lim Keng Yaik answered

"I don't ask my wife to buy toilet paper"

Sinatra_Z - Uncle Donny, Poco-Poco dan Makanan

*Pada awalnya saya hendak menulis dalam bahasa inggeris namun saya dapati struktur ayat serta penceritaan akan menjadi lebih baik sekiranya ditulis dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan. Masa aku tulis karangan ni lagu Fiona sedang dimainkan.....

Tadi ibu saya baru tiba dari Sarawak dan dengan hampanya (namun tidak terkejut) beliau mendapati rumah tidak mempunyai bekalan air minum. Tatakala rezeki beliau murah hari ini kerana Kakak serta Abang Ipar saya membuat keputusan untuk membelanja beliau (serta saya) untuk makan Steamboat. Di celah-celah asap (bukan bedah) wap sup ayam dan tomyam maka terkeluarlah cerita-cerita panas gossip-gossip makcik OMG!! (Kakak saya sejak berkahwin sudah bertambah keMakCikkannya.)

Uncle Donny (Nama Samaran).

Uncle Donny adalah saudara mak saya yang sangat meriah serta mempunyai misai lebat yang boleh dikatakan kacak bagi seseorang warga emas.

"Eh Abang Donny ajak pergi Lunch rumah dia 20 Julai nanti" Kata Ibu saya

"Kenapa? Saja-saja je ke?"

"Oh takde dia nak Celebrate sempena dia dapat Dr Kehormat dari Indonesia."

"Universiti mana?"

"Universiti mana ntah, dia derma banyak duit ke apa ke kat diorang. Siap dia iklan dekat Berita Harian satu page, kononya isteri dia adik dia dengan cucu dia mengucapkan Tahniah tapi sebenarnya dia yang bayar."

"Oh sungguh gila Glamour"

"Mestilah dia memang macam tu siap telefon semua Saudara Mara cakap Eh Hairyah you must buy tomorrow's paper berita harian you know, turn to page xx. There you can see my face very big"

"Waah you sure must buy up to 100 Berita Harian ah that day?"

"Yes somewhere near that amount."

Uncle Donny memang seorang yang sangat meriah serta suka glamour, tapi takpe dia memang mengaku dia begitu.


Untuk pengetahuan anda semua Poco-Poco merupakan tarian yang menjadi kegilaan makcik-makcik di Malaysia sejak beberapa tahun lalu. Ianya berasal dari tarian senaman Tentera Nasionalis Indonesia yang telah didangdut jogetkan.

"Hah haritu papa tanya nanti bila balik KL pergi ke POCO-POCO? Mama jawab mestilah rugilah tak pergi dengan makcik-makcik lepas tu papa macam risau."

"Ah kenapa?" tanya kakak aku

"Dia jealous sebab tak dapat ikut."

Lepas tu mak aku tanya kat Bora Ombak masih ada Poco-Poco ke? AKu cakap haritu aku pergi minum dengan Joe Lee kat situ ada macam nampak Poco-Poco. Joe dulu pernah dengar aku cerita pasal restoran tu jadi dia teringin nak pergi, aku kata sekarang dah lain sikit la sebab dulu pelayan dia semua pondan tapi sekarang dah diganti dengan pekerja Bangladesh.

"Haah nak tau tak kenapa Pondan tu semua dah takde." Tanya mak aku.

Rupanya menrut cerita dari kawan Mak aku yang ada kena mengena dengan pengurusan resoran tu mereka semua telah dipecat kerana masaalah disiplin kerja. Maksud masaalah disiplin kerja ialah kerana mereka sering bergaduh sesama sendiri serta adengan jealous dan kutuk-kutuk belakang-belakang menyebabkan banyak timbul kontroversi. Mungkin mereka bergaduh tentang siapa yang paling lawa/cantik kat situ ke apa ke, maklumlah bila lelaki dah nak jadi perempuan ego dia tetap lelaki.


Ntah macam mana tiba-tiba kakak aku bukak cerita yang dulu masa aku kecik aku pernah makan makanan arnab.

"Ye masa tu kakak bagi arnab makan lepas tu adik pergi makan sebab tengok arnab tu makan."

Lepas tu dia ketawa dengan penuh perasaan. Masa aku kecik kakak aku memang jahat sikit, ada sekali tu dia berlakon kebulur dia kata dia nak Cheezels jadi aku pun kasi la aku punya. Lepas tu dia makan dan pura-pura mati meniarap sambil sorok Cheezels tu.

Lepas tu kakak aku cerita Linda dulu (kawan dia) masa sekolah menengah pernah kasi Girlfriend baru Ex Boyfriend dia makan Sandwich Makanan Kucing. Dendam kot. Linda hanya bagitau diorang lepas dah Kahwin.

Kakak aku pun ketawa lagi.

Bila aku tengok Steamboat tu teringat aku tentang Lost In Translation, dalam cerita tu watak utama tu ada cakap lepas dia makan steamboat.

"What kind of a restaurant makes you cook your own food."

Betul Jugak.


Sinatra_Z - Rumah Saya

Rumah saya sebelum pengubahsuaian (renovate lah tu).

Seperti kebanyakan rakyat Malaysia saya juga mempunyai sebuah rumah. Namun rumah itu sebenarnya bukan rumah saya tetapi kepunyaan ayah saya. Tapi kira rumah saya lah. Untuk pengetahuan anda semua sekarang saya tinggal seorang diri dekat rumah, mak dan ayah saya kini berada di Sarawak sebab kerja, kakak saya tinggal bersama suaminya di rumah yang lain dan abang saya tinggal di rumah bujangnya. Saya kena jaga rumah.

Beberapa bulan lepas masa saya baru mula kerja mak saya kata dia akan pindah ke Sarawak dan tinggal sana dengan ayah saya, jadi dia suruh saya jaga rumah la sebab saya sekarang dah besar dan tak takut kat gelap, hantu, cicak mahupun lipas. Oklah saya pun kadang-kadang agak-agak la nak bunuh lipas sebab dia geli. Selalu saya spray jer saya takkan pijak dia.

Jadi bila saya mendengar berita ini saya pun berkata kepada ibu saya

"Wah satu rumah saya punya, bolehlah saya buat Parti Liar!!"

Teringat saya dulu masa sekolah menengah, bila mak bapak Elhan balik kampung awal dan Elhan tak ikut. Budak-budak suka melepak rumah elhan memasak dan tak puasa. Tapi saya puasa la. Betul tak tipu. Kitorang lepak kat rumah dia main daun terup sampai sahur, memasak dan buat benda mengarut. Ataupun kitorang lepak rumah Sapik malam raya korban sebab dia tak ikut bapak dia balik kampung. Kitorang main winning eleven, makan-makan dan main Saidina sampai pagi. Untuk yang tak tahu tu Saidina ni kira macam Monopoli buatan Malaysia la.

Jadi saya pun sudah bersemangat apabila saya dapat tahu saya akan menjadi tuan rumah ini. Ah pelbagai benda boleh saya buat, takde siapa nak marah saya oh seronoknya. Ahhh tibalah masanya untuk bergumbira..

Malangnya saya terlupa satu perkara yang agak penting iaitu saya ini bukanlah seorang yang liar. Maka agak sukarlah untuk seseorang yang tidak liar untuk mengadakan atau menganjurkan sesebuah parti liar.

Kini rumah saya agak tenang, waktu paling meriah kat rumah saya pun adalah ketika saya memasak 2 bungkus mee segera indo mee untuk makan dengan lauk saya beli dari Giant Hypermarket. Ataupun nak meriah sikit ketika saya pasang almari buku baru dekat bilik, pun dibeli dari Giant Hypermarket.

Maka kat rumah saya takdelah Parti,

Main Saidina pun takde... Sebab Saidina saya dah hilang.


P/S - Kalau awak takde tempat nak main Saidina datanglah rumah saya, nanti saya buatkan air oren. Tu pun kalau masa tu ada lagi lah kordial oren kat dapur. Kalau takde air mati je lah, tu pun kalau saya ingat nak masak air. Kalau tak air paip dengan ais je lah.

Sinatra_Z - The Real Issue

While I was walking up Melawati hill a regular there (a middle aged dude) greeted me and asked where was I since he had not seen me for quite sometime.

With sweat visible on his white Barisan Nasional T-Shirt he asked me..

"So, apa macam you ingat betul ka ini Anwar? Jangan takut la ini baju orang kasi punya."

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed... Need to ask why?


So while panting I answered him ..

"Sebenarnya saya tak suka Anwar Ibrahim bukan sodomi punya kes, Saya tak suka dia punya policy, dia punya Idea, terlalu shortsighted."

"Oooh itu macam ka?"

"Yup, apa dia buat dekat rumah tu dia punya pasal la sebenarnya. Dia mau main belakang ke depan ke saya mana tau.."

And I continued my walk.

The truth is as much as dramatic and exciting things may be we Malaysians tend to forget the real issue here. Yes I know it is fun to read about a secret homosexual affairs or about some dead mongolian girl which is why one of the reason why Harian Metro was so popular when they aired the murder case of Perak's Raja Di Hilir's 2nd wife.

When all of these crap is happening around especially regarding the sodomy report I was waiting what CheDet has to say (well duh!).

Instead this is what I got..

I want a leader who thinks like that.

Not someone who decides economical principle base on popular demands.

Sinatra_Z - Perbualan

Perbualan antara kawan aku dengan kawan aku lagi sorang...

"Wei ko percaya ke kes pasal Anwar ni?"

"Entahlah mungkin kot, ni lagi sekali ni ada orang buat laporan mungkin betul kot."

"Ehh ko biar betul?"


"Ko tak percaya ke dengan cakap tuan guru?"

"Tuan guru?? Anwar ke?"

"Bukanlah, Tuan guru Nik Aziz!"

"Hah kenapa dengan Nik Aziz?"

"Dia kata Anwar tak bersalah.."

"Mana la dia tau?"

"laa ko ni, ini ko seolah tolak cakap tuan guru, tolak seorang Ulamak kau tau, mana boleh macam tu!"

"Memangla aku tolak dia bukan guru aku pun."

"Ko ni kesitu pulak, ko jangan buat main-main dengan benda ni"

"Betullah, pertamanya walaupun dia ulamak ke tuan guru ke ustaz ke macamana dia boleh tau dengan tepatnya samaada seseorang tu betul ke salah ke. Lepas tu sebab dia Ulamak tak semestinya dia tahu semua benda dan takkan salah. Ah lagi satu, kawan tu ustaz ke tuan guru ke dia orang politik yang ada kepentingan dengan Anwar Ibrahim habis tu memang la dia kena back up kawan tu ko ni pun."

"Ko tak baik cakap macam tu, mempersendakan Ulamak."

"Apa kejadahnya ko ni?"

"Ko cuba jadi jiran dia dulu, tengok macamana baiknya dia ni tak sombong rajin bersolat naik basikal je. Ko mana tau kalau ko tak pernah tengok dia."

"Ok nanti bila aku jadi jiran dia besok aku akan tengok, lepas tu aku bagitau ko amacam?"