Sinatra_Z - The Way I See it

If you ask me who is the most likely person in becoming the next Prime Minister Of Malaysia I would say it is not Anwar Ibrahim. With all the rhetorics that he spew out regarding MP's jumping ship somehow does not hold water. Even Karpal Singh admitted that the possibility of Sabahan's MP jumping over is not likely since Pak Lah have gave them what they wanted and at the same time we read the statements made by Hadi Awang in Harakah (get it and read it).

The truth is (or as I perceived it) and think logically with me here, the most likely person to topple Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as the Prime Minister and the future of Najib Tun Razak is none other than Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Many of us who are so swept with current events have forgotten about the UMNO elections in October and one of the most Feasible way of toppling Pak Lah is by beating him in the Party Elections instead of beating him in Parliament. Unlike in Parliament where most of the MP's are chosen by Pak Lah and his team to run in the elections but in UMNO you have this bunch of angry grassroots, angry division leaders who were sidelined, the most popular candidate for the UMNO youth leader who wants Pak Lah to step down, disenchanted members who wants to make a comeback, Semangat 46 loyalists and Mahathir's boys. You don't see opposition meetings or rally shouting Pak Lah to step down or criticizing him as much as UMNO meetings or pro UMNO NGO's namely MyKmu and places where Mahathir speaks.

The problem with the Opposition camp is instead of attacking the PM they prefer in hitting on his deputy or a retired old man who was the former PM. So the most vocal and the most critical group of people who are against the PM is from UMNO. Trust me when I say this that currently the whole of UMNO youth hate the guts of Khairy Jamaluddin. Najib Tun Razak's main threat is not Anwar Ibrahim but the possibility that Muhyiddin Yassin contesting his post, seriously. Okay so Anwar may have attack and scarred his reputation recently but remember that UMNO members already hate Anwar's guts so his attack may have an effect but it is quite minimal. Muhiddin Yassin on the other hand apart from having a clean slate he is also the most vocal when it comes to the grassroots cause. Quite recently Pak Lah was told by UMNO Johor to step down as soon as possible, Muhyiddin Yassin have a very good chance of having their backing after the 2010 announcement and in UMNO Johor is very-very influential.

The real drama is not now or Sept 16.....

The real drama is in October

Watch Out.


Yes, Sinatra... i agree with you... if the opposition wants to govern, they should slam Pak lah down. Not his deputy or Tun Dr M.

Who is the next PM? I dare to bet it's not Anwar or closest bet- KULI/ MUHYIDDIN combination.


sayangkan, rakyat tak diberi peluang untuk memilih perdana menteri sendiri?

yang akan pilih PM, hanya terdiri dari kontraktor oportunis dan penjilat2 yang patuh oktober ini.

bila la nak merdeka?

nway, aku ada tulis pasal ku li dalam entry terbaru aku, henjoy~