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pass midnight...

It's about 1.8k, never thought it would be that popular.

I should be very happy...

But somehow I cant help but feel as melancholic as hell listening to Adele...

Mungkin sebab malam Jumaat kot ;)

So you want to be an Engineer

Has just passed the 700 mark,

and so I shall sing this song now

Come on kids.... Sing with me... One more time!!

Sinatra_Z - Imma Trolling

Check out my article at FMT folks Malaysian when convinient

Got some pretty angry response, especially from the typical rabid PR people that frequents FMT's liberal comment section.

However at the same time,
the article has surpassed 450 recommendations,
Meaning, those comments don't really reflect reality.

I'm supposed to write a respond, so here's a short one.

"OOOoooo Butthurt.... LOLOLOLOLOL!!11!!!"

But seriously...

"It seems that the comment merely strengthens the article itsels, serving as a proof that indeed my hyphothesis is correct, especially many quickly jump to the gun of NEP and Policies when they seem to fail or refuse to acknowledge this part of the article..

Thus the example above encompasses the massive irony of being Malaysian. Truth be told, many of us only want to be Malaysian only when it is convenient for us. We want to be Malaysian only when it comes to discussing the New Economic Policy, meritocracy or various other government policies. Though I agree to amending or scrapping some of them, it doesn’t really help much in terms of promoting a national identity.

Sure we do want to change this age-long affirmative action policies, but that is because we want a better economy and a system that works, we rather have a more efficient and effective method of wealth distribution that covers all Malaysians and secure a better future. Getting a 7% discount when buying a house or participating in an open tender, though good for the economy, doesn’t really make Ah Chong and Ahmad closer. The answer lies in the citizens themselves.

and so I end this retort with a quote from one of my favourite online character, Master Chief


Meh.... It's a Sunday, should commence on to my afternoon nap soon.

Sinatra_Z - What have I been up to

Right folks, been very quiet around the blogs lately, well actually am quite active but only not in Catatan Seekor Lipas, actively writing elsewhere you can say.

Anyway I got a new gig with Free Malaysia Today, I have a weekly column there, so far 3 articles are up.

Babyrina and Four Witnesses
All the glitters is not gold
Multi Level Melayu

Then of course as been mentioned here before, I have this project going on with J Shamsul called WirawanWeb W//W

Now with our spanking new shiny page check us out at W//W

Am also active with NRC11, an NGO that promotes nation building talks and various other social activies. Am a regular moderator at that Nation Building talks, I last moderated the talk with Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim.

Do check NRC11 out here

Then of course the usual gig of Teh Tarik Bersama YB with Zamiel Zukie and Uzaidi Udanis, the last one they had are the tourism talk and Teh Tarik with Dato Saifuddin Abdullah, deputy minister of higher education, pretty nice fellow.

Check out Teh Tarik Bersama YB

Oh the other day Me and the two boys (UU and ZZ) got into Bernama TV to talk about New Media, kinda groovy

This is the only picture I got. Meh....

Oh and old articles of mine from The Malaysian Insider can be seen here...

Of course,
the Political stuff that I do... Well many of em, by which one of them having me inhaling some tear gas, boy do they taste good in your throat..

And I guess that's about it folks...

Oh wait what?


Hahahahaaa.... Itu lambat lagi kot....

That's my bro by the way...

catch me on twitter via @Sinatra_Z
And now I shall leave you with this....

Till Then

Good Night Folks....

Apo Kono Eh Jang

Eden tak tahulah kalau ado laie dio baco blog den ni,
Den harap dio bacolah, lama tak dongar kabau, marah kat eden ko? Kalau tak suko cakaplah, takpolah eden buleh terimo seadonyo, iyolah kito bukan artis, tak hensem macam Hans Isaac, eden paham lah tu.

Nak kato eden makan tak konyang, eh konyang jugak, bertambah pinggan ado laie, mandi tak basah tu ado la sikit tapi tu sobab lambat bangun nak poie kojo, mandi kambing la, tidur tak lena tu takdo laie sampai terbabas tido tu adolah.

Tapi ado lah..... Eden toringat malam-malam gini, risau, katonyo ado masaalah,

Harapnya tak sampai sini sajolah, den raso sonyum den lebarnya lobih bilo dongan dio.....

Jadi sobagai mengonangkan dio yang ilang ontah poie mano, ontah2 poie Mekah buek haji, mano la tahu, eden ingin mendedikasikan lagu ni khas buek dio.

Haaa tengok kau, bertapa letupnya Milah gadis kampung berbaju pink ittew diikuti dengan kehenseman jang dengan pakai spek pasar malam sepuluh hengget.

Nak kata hensem ni takdelah sangat, tapi kalau sekadar hensem macam Jang dalam lagu ni, rasonyo ado tu...

Selamat Malam.....