Sinatra_Z - IKLAN

Munculnya Mat Sentul
Toraa datang lagi dengan pensel semat,

Yeaaaaaaa (kanak-kanak)

Lihat pensel semat ini ianya boleh menulis atas meja

Yeaaaaaa (kanak-kanak)

Dan ianya boleh gantung....

Waaaah (kanak-kanak)

Pensel semat, belilah TORAAAAAAA


Batuk? Minumlah ubat batuk cap kelapa laut africa


Ubat batuk cap kelapa laut africa melegakan batuk dan kahak.
Ubat batuk cap kelapa laut africa melegakan batuk dan kahak.

Rancangan Ultraman ini dibawa oleh

Wafer Coklat Waf Pang!

Nini cokelat celop, celop-celop, Nini Cokelat Celup, celup celup rasa enak sekali
kacang strawberi, NINI.... NINIIIII.........

Choki-choki enak sekali choki choki adik gemari....

Ini kisah seorang anak yang duka nustapa kerana ibunya batuk.....
Kemudian diserahkan demi kebaikan sejagat..... Ubat batuk cap Ibu dan anak, kebaikan tradisional untuk batuk dan kahak.

Nano nano nano nanooo nano nano nanooo nano nano nanooooooo

Baju baru ke?
Bukan baju baru.... Fab baru....

Hei nasi goreng, hei sungguh lazat,
sungguh enak sungguh lazat digoreng dengan perencah adabi.
sungguh mudah sungguh cepat digoreng dengan perencah adabi.

Minum Milo anda jadi sehat dan Kuat!

Mari-mari tuan dengar ini cerita,
suami saya asyik balik awal saja,
ada pembantu baru katanya pasti dia perempuan muda.

Kan abang dah kata Axion namanya,
Axion ke Azean tunjukan saya... Alaaah sebelum ini teruk abang mencuci... Secolek saja minyak tanggal segera... muda 3x dijamin muda...

Azean ehhh Axion KUJAMIN MUDAH!!!!

Rock rock rocky 1...... Rock rock rocky 1............

Sinatra_Z - TMI Ramadhan

Sinatra_Z - A Windy Night

*It's Ramadhan, I'm always a bit Melancholic during Ramadhan.....

The thing I like about Ramadhan is,
it's always hot, shiny and bright during the day.
Though it makes fasting tougher, but it also makes the night lovely.

Because if it's shiny, hot and bright during the day,
than the stars will come out and play,
the wind would prance around at night,
the temperature is cool and the sky is a wonderful sight.

I love the fact that after Tarawikh,
I would just sit at the field watching the sky,
and I know it's a good night if I see clouds sailing by,
moving gradually like a caravan in the dessert.

Most of us don't notice this, we're too busy thinking, talking or just doing things.
If you have a chance,
stop for a while,
go to a field,
let your feet feel the grass,
watch the cloud sail by and the moon shine,
and the stars (if you're lucky) sparkle between the windy sky.

I'd like to think,
that it's a gift, a present, reward,
for fasting the whole day in the name of god,
and I know yes that there are probably much greater reasons than that,
but just tonight,
I'd like to be a little selfish,
and feel special.......

So on the way home,
do check out the sky,
who knows,
there might be a pleasant surprise.

May your fasting,
bring more than just food, hunger, thirst and sleepy afternoons.

Sinatra_Z - Iklan Ramadhan

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Sinatra_Z - .........

Sinatra_Z - Penulisan Terbaru di Malaysian Insider

Berjudul - So Okay I'm Racist


Sinatra_Z - My Glorious Convocation

When I first entered Uni,
I told myself that I can't Imagine or see the end of the road.
while programme was that long, it was like going to school all over again, and yes it did felt that long.

Then years gone by,
Miraculously there I was in my suit, tie, robe and that square hat.
My Big Day,
the day I have completed my Intellectual journey, a young Scholar.

We went into the convocation hall,
I sang, I prayed and we listened to the vice chancellor talk.
Then I wait, Then I went on the stage and then he gave me an empty folder.

And that was it.

My dad was pissed cause my shoes were torn, we took one or two lame photos and I was sweating under 3 layers of suit in the heat of tropical noon. People were giving flowers and stuffed animals, my Debate club Juniors did gave me flowers. That was a nice gesture. But as for the rest of it let's just say I stayed there for like 20 minutes.

All these years and this was it. My god man, I never did saw this coming.

Went back to my friends room, return all the robes, and sent my parents off to KL, I had some stuff to take care off so I'll be going later.

Apparently I got all the CON and missed on the VOCATION (whatever that is).

Days go by,
I packed my stuff, settle outstanding business, jump around with pals, took pictures and head back to KL.

The on the way out, at the gates I saw the entrance of my campus written "Kerana Tuhan Untuk Manusia" = For the sake of Human Being In the name of God.

And there I stood,
just looking at the damn thing. How Confused I was when I first got here, how I was lost, shouted on, failed, passed, scored, stabbed, friendship, winning, teamwork, tug of war, pantun, anime, triple integral, electrons, hole, jokes, wind chimes, night winds, karaoke, Tabligh, S jibeng and tons of other things.

I got lost and instead of finding my way back I found another road.

The classes may taught me Engineering, but the campus taught me life.

I gave a bow and I said thank you and I walked away.
Then I came to the realization,

That this is my Convocation.

A shirt, a bow and a thank you.

And I wouldn't want to it to have any other way.

Too bad campus didn't teach me about love.

Was too busy being a greasy nerd I guess. :p

Sinatra_Z - Budak Kecik Senang Kena Tipu

Kisah I

Dulu masa saya kecil (umur daa),
tak ingatlah umur berapa tapi masa muda laa, sebelum remaja. Tadika kot.
Kena ikut mak saya pergi membeli belah.
Saya merungut dan marah-marah takmau pergi sebab nak balik nak baring-baring guling-guling tengok TV.
Jadi nak bagi saya dia Mak saya pun kata kalau saya jadi budak baik nanti dia belanja saya Kentucky.
Saya tanyalah Kentucky nanti nak belanja apa?
Dia kata air special baru punya dari kentucky.

"lagi sedap dari coke ke?"

"haah lagi sedap!"


Setelah saya jadi budak baik mak saya pun bawak pergi ke Kentucky Taman Melawati sebelah Giant Lama.

"Maa order apa?"

"Ahh tunggulah."

dia pun pergi dekat counter tu lepas tu dia pesan dekat pekerja kentucky tu satu Sky Juice.

Orang tu pun jawab "Ok Sky Juice satu."

Saya pun sikit punya excited laa tunggu, Uii Air Oren perisa baru ke apa ni?
Bila sampai saya meradang.
Saya kata mak saya tipu ini bukan sky juice,ini air kosong. Mak saya pun tanya kat juruwang tu

"Ini sku juice kan?"

Dia jawab "Haah..."

Kisah II

Masa saya kecik saya suka makan Cheezels. Kakak saya akan datang dan berlakon yang dia nak pengsan dan cakap

"Tolong... Tolong....Cheezels..."

Dia berlakon lapar macam Kera dalam cerita Sang kancil kat TV pendidikan tu. Masa tu saya umur tak sampai 5 tahun kot.

"Ok boleh makan dua je...."

Saya pun bagi dia bungkusan Cheezels tu, lepas tu dia makan semua kemudian dia pura-pura mati.

Kisah III

Ayah saya suka bawa saya makan di kedai daun pisang.
Dulu kedai Daun Pisang dekat Melawati tu kedai kawan dia nama dia Captain Muthu sekarang dah jadi Thurkah, tukar pengurusan lah.

Bila sampai sana, tengah-tengah kitorang makan Ayah saya akan cakap yang dia lupa bawak wallet.
Dia kemudian sorok wallet dia supaya saya tak jumpa dan mula panik.
Lepas tu dia cakap dengan pelayan tu

"macamana la saya lupa bawak wallet."

Pelayan tu macam tersengih lepas tu buat gaya entahlah.

Ayah saya lepas tu cakap nanti mungkin saya kena basuh pinggan.

Saya pun panik.

Budak kecik memang senang kena tipu.


Nanti bila aku ada anak aku pun nak tipu dia yang aku lupa bawak duit supaya dia panik sebab kena basuh pinngan. Padan muka dia.

Sinatra_Z - Indeed Time Is Relative

The time when I am out is when all the Drama happens. Beer Battle, Ronnie's Malaysiakini interview, t4tbh, YB Rodziah and etc... Selangor is hot tonight and I am stuck with a lousy internet connection.

But.... as much as I am tempted to, it won't be about politics tonight.
Perhaps I am mellowing down or it's just the Internet connection, well more towards the Internet.

The thing is,
the pace is somewhat different here.
One could say slower but I prefer to use the word calm.
It has that small town feel to it, in fact it's so calm that I didn't know that Najib is in town.
The sun sets an hour earlier and rise up an hour earlier as well.
And since last week, I haven't hears a single honk from any vehicle. Seriously!
We were at a traffic light the other day and the cars in front of us was not moving even when the light is green. One was talking on the phone while the other was Daydreaming. Yet nobody honked, they didn't move until the light was yellow.

The average speed here is around 60 to 70 kmph.
The town is quiet by 10pm. Maybe earlier I'm not sure.
It's like in the 80's here where lovers flock to the beach in Jerudong and write love proclamations on rocks using white liquid paper.
There is hardly any motorbike and the worst traffic jam happens when kids are going home from school, which isn't really a jam if you ask me.

I turned on the Radio and the top news of the day is that some Pengiran who is the Chairman of the Brunei Board of Olympics said that their athlete should work harder. That's the main news, headline. Yesterday's headline was that the Sultan was harvesting some local paddy breed.

Do I like it?
I'm not sure, yes it sure is nice when drivers behave and everyone just Chill and stuff. But it is somewhat boring. It's like being in the Campus all over again. I might get used to it, but I wouldn't want to. Give me the lack of sleep and the honk and the drama, I want to be in the fast lane where things are moving.

God works in mysterious ways I guess. Just about a month ago I was complaining and planning on escaping out of KL for a while. Someplace quiet to ponder or whatever. Well what do you know, here I am although I was hoping for white sandy beaches to go along with it.

The thing is,
even though we share the same time zone (GMT +8) it sure is a different pace here, from the sunrise to the supermarkets.

You see,
even with all the complaints I made about being busy and tired... I came to the Conclusion.

I'd rather, very much rather be busy than having nothing to do at all.


Always be careful for what you wish for.


Here, the fuel meter is quicker than the money meter. I almost cried when I first witness that.