Sinatra_Z - Another love story (fiction)

*Alas, another attempt at writing romance. Oiyoooo....Hope you like it.

Fish curry with ladyfingers,
fried poppadom,
Kangkung Belacan,
soy sauce,
and white basmati rice.

Every friday,
she would cook him lunch, because he would come home from work before going off to Friday prayers. Since Friday is a special day (not to mention malam Jumaat) on this day she would cook his favourite food.

Just like a good sweet thoughtful wife.
She likes eating with him, apart from the weekends which they would usually dine out this is one of the few moments where they would have lunch together at home.

She likes watching him roll up his sleeves and the wet face look from the "air sembahyang".
They would talk about what she did this morning, about his work, what are they going to do tomorrow and what ever that comes. They even do the dishes together.

If he is home early,
they would then have a cup of coffee together. Black. One cube of sugar.

And he enjoys it too, he would always try his best to make it and never miss their Friday afternoon session.

It's short and sweet, and it ends with him leaving the house wearing slippers, a songkok on his head and a sajadah in his right armpit.

like all marriages there is always a twist in it. A well kept secret. No.. no our husband here does go to the mosque and listens to the lecture. Oh no sir, the twist happens after Friday prayers. The 20 minute gap he has before starting work.

He gets in his car,
starts off the engine and head to see Saffiyah.
Yes Saffiyah, in arabic it means the confidante, the pure one. And like all confidantes it is usually done in secret and quietly.

Oh of course, he loves his wife no doubt about it but Saffiyah is special. Like the name itself he longed for the Purity that Saffiyah has. It's just that Saffiyah has what his wife could not give, does not have. Yes there is that guilt in his heart, but temptation and lust eclipses that feeling.

5 minutes from the mosque (which is why he deliberately choose this mosque),
near enough from the mosque and far enough from home.
There right in front of his face, like home, was...

Fish curry with ladyfingers,
fried poppadom,
Kangkung Belacan,
soy sauce,
and white basmati rice.

Was it all facade? Why does he do this?
That is a question that he just cannot or not bothered to deal with. It's just that the sweaty mamak's at Saffiyah Curry house makes better curry than his wife, pure curry. Which is not really a hard thing to do, probably there's kas-kas inside or just a used marinated underwear which makes the curry taste more uumph.

His wife,
as much as he loves her, is a horrible cook. Which is why they always dine out on weekends.
He tried to help her in improving her cooking, but after 2 years he has gotten to the fact that his wife has not much talent in that area.

But he knows,
that every Friday his wife would frantically rush back home and cook those dishes. That she would marinate the fishes early in the morning before going to work. That she would skip the shopping with colleagues, takes of the office attire and cook him that meal. And he knows damn well that if he were to not show his appreciation, that if he seems maybe a bit hesitant to eat it that it would be an insult, a sin to her devotion and love.

He can't give her expensive diamond rings. A nice sports car or that fancy dress she saw at Pavilion. He has bills to pay, mortgage to settle and loans to be repaid.

He can't afford tickets to France,
shiny necklace or Godiva chocolates all the time.

But he can,
at least, the little least ask for seconds. Smile and get all excited.

So was it all a facade? The smile? The happiness? The enthusiasm on the dining table.

No it wasn't. He was smiling and enthusiastic to spend an afternoon with his lovely wife. Horrible food is a very small price to pay for something that precious.

Some men don't show their love with flowers,
or a heart shaped box of chocolates,
or a serenade.

Some men show their love in the most unnoticeable, insignificant and quiet manner.
And those sort of men is what you ought to look for.

P/S -
That is why he would jog every Friday evening.

Sinatra_Z - Chronology

Taken From -

Now it seems that the media is somewhat apologetic to "Pakatan Rakyat" when it comes to Perak. Somehow the perception is that all the mess in Perak is due to Barisan Nasional's fault that decided to take over the government in an undemocratic manner.

But is it BN that is at fault here? Now I heard from many people who no longer subscribe to Mainstream Media the reason why they shun it is thanks to the "Spin" Factor there media like to do. So they decided to read alternative media like Malaysia-Today, Harakah online and what not, which ironically follow their Mainstream counterpart in terms of spinning as well, only for the other side.

It's hard not to be biased these days,
in fact it's even harder to be Neutral at all. You can write up to 10 damning report attacking the BN federal government but one article flaming say Theresa Kok or Khalid Ibrahim and BAM you're an UMNO paid najib BN dog cybertroopers.

So my fellow readers,
I know it's not easy to read between the shit that has been going out lately from both sides. But at least, even though you may disagree, give the other party a chance to explain their position.

So today I am not going to write an editorial or article to express my point of view. Instead I will list the things that happened for the past year and let you my fellow thinking readers decide and make your own conclusions. I don't think it's wise to feed you with my personal point rather let you decide your outcome.

Now let's start from the very beginning.

1. (22nd Febuary 2008) Before the general election there was no Pakatan Rakyat. All there was is something called Deklarasi Rakyat produced by Malaysia Today.
Refference -

2. DAP refuse to admit or announce that they are in any form of coalition/alliance/teamwork with PAS due to their experience in 1998. They refuse to hold any talk with PAS in terms of seat allocation so PKR and Anwar Ibrahim had to be the intermidiate to make sure it's one on one.
Refference -

3. 9th March 2008 Barisan Nasional lost heavily on the march general election.

4. BN Perak manage to hold the biggest number of seats in Perak (29). So they met the Sultan of Perak to ask consent to form a government as they are the party (Registered) that holds the largest amount of seat in Perak State Assembly.
(Majalah Millenia Mulism May Issue - Interview with Harunsani Zakaria)

5. But the Sultan of Perak decline and noted that the oppostion might want to form an alliance and secure enough seats (31) to form a majority government.

6. The oppositon then met the Sultan and told him of their new alliance and submitted names for the new MB.

7. The 3 candidates were Mohammad Nizar of PAS, Ngeh Koo Ham of DAP and Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi of PKR.

8. Since the state constitution only allows a muslim to be the MB Ngeh Koo Ham was striked out by the Sultan much to the annoyance of DAP.
Refference for 7 and 8 -

9. After consulting with the Perak Mufti (May edition Muslimah millenia) the Sultan decided to pick Mohammad Nizar of PAS to be the MB of Perak due to his education background.
Refference -

10. DAP protested this appointment and insist that if Ngeh Koo Ham cannot be the MB then they will back the PKR candidate which is Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi.
Refference -

*sidenote - Did you know Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi was once a DAP member..

11. The Sultan refused to change his decision in which the state DAP decided to boycott the swearing in of Mohammad Nizar as the new MB of Perak. This is a form of protest at the insistence of the Sultan of Perak to appoint Mohammad Nizar as the MB as opposed to Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi.

12. After masive protest in Lim Kit Siangs blog and the public outcry state DAP decided to reverse their earlier decision and attend the swearing in ceremony.
Refference -

13. When everything is settled down Anwar Ibrahim began is Sept 16 project in which he said that he can convince up to 30 BN MP's to join in Pakatan Rakyat dan topple the Abdullah Badawi government.

14. Massive backdoor campaign were done including Tian Chua following BN MP's to Taiwan.
Refference -

15. It was planned that the Parliament speaker may cause trouble so Anwar Ibrahim was supposed to present 30 names to the Yang Dipertuan Agong to ensure a smooth transition (Source Raja Petra Kamaruddin.)
Refference -
(Please do read this link and compare it with the Perak Issue)

16. Yong Teck Lee began the first move by rebelling against BN and subsequently his party left the coalition to be indipendent.
Refference -

17. On 25th August now two of Perak State Exco Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Mohd Osman Jailu was prosecuted in court due to some bribery case.
Refference -

18. Sept 16 Anwar Ibrahim did not produce any names and instead told that everything was in motion and that he wrote a letter to the Prime Minister to ask for a smooth transition.

19. Nothing happened and the only confirmed MP that has agreed publicly to join Pakatan Rakyat was Indipendent MP Ibrahim Ali of Pasir Mas with condition that he will be appointed as Prime Minister instead on Anwar Ibrahim.

20. The new Fuel subsidy mechanism was tabled and none of the BN MPs voted against it which could be the litmus test to Anwar Ibrahim's sept 16 plan. By now the whole project was in tatters and Yong Teck Lee's party did not join Pakatan Rakyat but remain indipendent.

21. April 3rd Yang Dipertuan Agong appoints Najib Tun Razak chairman of Barisan Nasional as the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia.

22. The two PKR assemblyman's bribery case made headlines after the infamous "Habuan seks sedekah" remark which drew heavy criticism from the Perak Mufti thus the chances of two by elections due to this case were more imminent than before with BN assemblyman calling for their resignatin.

Note - If these 2 seats were contested and BN wins both of them the balance will shift in which BN 30 Pakatan 29.

23. Pakatan Rakyat announces BN's assemblyman Dato Nasarudin Hashim crossed over into Perak Pakatan Rakyat government. Anwar Ibrahim hints that his sept 16 plan is back on track.

24. Perak BN Chairman Tajol Rosli quit his post to take responsibility of Nasaruddin Hashim's crossover as the chief reason behind the move was the feud between these two men.

25. Sivakumar the Perak Speaker then announced that two PKR assemblyman Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Mohd Osman Jailu sent him their resignation letter thus he is informing SPR that 2 DUN seats were now vacant and a by election is needed.

26. The two PKR assemblyman later made a press conference saying that they never sent Sivakumar any resignation letter nor did they Resign from their posts.

Quote -
Perak Speaker V. Sivakumar said the State Assemblyman for Behrang, Jamaluddin Mat Radzi, and State Assemblyman for Changkat Jering, Mohd Osman Jailu, handed their resignation letter at his residence at 5.45pm, Sunday.

In a statement faxed to the media offices here, Sivakumar said he would inform the Election Commission (EC) to hold a by-election within 60 days.

"I received the letters of resignation from the two State Assemblymen based on Article XXXV of the Perak Darul Ridzuan State Constitution.

"As such, I as the Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly declare that there are two vacant seats N14 Changkat Jering and N59 Behrang immediately," he said.

27. When pressed by reporters Sivakumar admitted that the letter were actually signed contracts back in march that they will resign if they decided to cross over.

28. SPR and the Courts decided that these letters/contract are null and void as it has no date binding to it and nor does it have the legality.

29. Pakatan still holds the majority of thanks to Bota crossover.

30. 3 Pakatan rakyat assemblyman went missing and could not be contacted, they were the two PKR exco's and Yit Hee Fong of DAP who is also deputy speaker.
Refference -

31. Feb 3: The crisis begins as Behrang assemblyman Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Changkat Jering assemblyman Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu quit PKR.

32. On Febuari 4th Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin rushed to Istana Kinta to ask for dissolvement of the state assembly but the Sultan was in KL.
Refference -

32. On the same day Yit Hee Fong quit DAP and Najib announces the fall of Pakatan Rakyat government. He also announced that the 3 who quit will become indipendent friendly BN assemblymen and Bota assemblymen return to BN.
Refference -

33. Najib then as the acting BN Chairman of Perak informed the Sultan that they now hold the majority in the house.
(Refer Majalah Mulim Millenia May edition interview with Harunsani)

34. Mohd Nizar had an audience with the Sultan of Perak and when he left Istana Kinta he told reporters that he leaves the decision to dissolve the state house up to the Sultan.
Refference -

35. HRH Sultan Perak requested the audience of all 28 BN state representatives and the 3 indipendent to personally confirm of their latest stance. When satisfied that all of them supported BN he then decided not to dissolve the house and appoints Zambry Kadir as the new MB of Perak.

36. Karpal singh decided to sue or challenge the Sultan Decision in court which sparked widespread protest. However at the same time the infamous Karpal TV outburst in which he said "Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat."

36. The rest is as you see today.............

Ironic points -

a)DAP's initial candidate for MB Osman Mohd Jailu would later quit pakatan rakyat.

b)If it wasn't the Sultan's insisntence Mohd Nizar would not become Perak MB in the first place.

c)The crossover started not from BN but from Pakatan.

Ohh Irony of Ironies please-PLEASE read these two links -

Raja Petra Kamaruddin on Sept 16

Tommy Thomas - Considered Malaysia's leading constitutional lawyer advisor to Pakatan Rakyat regarding the constitution.

Refferences -
The Star Newspaper
Lim Kit Siang Blog
Bernama News Agency
Malaysia Today
Majalah Millenia Muslim May Edition (Interview with Harunsani)
New Straits Times
You Tube
Malaysian Insider
Several Blogs

So these are the facts....
I am fine with which ever conclusion you may come into, it is your right to do so. But if you are reading this means that you have read the whole thing and that means you did gave a chance in listening to another perspective so with that in mind i wish to say to you

Thank you for reading.

Happy Concluding ....

Sinatra_Z - Kehairanan dan Dua Marhalah

Saya hairan dengan orang Melayu nih...
Selama saya dibesarkan sebagai orang Melayu, dengan bahasa dan adat resamnya, ada pulak rasa kehairanan dengan sesetengah Orang Melayu ni.

Sesetengah orang Melayu ni...
Sikit punya risau kalau-kalau makanan dia makan ni ada pakai minyak babi, tak pun masak dalam satu kuali dengan babi ataupun ketam yang dia makan ni dua alam atau tidak. Tapi pada masa yang sama boleh pulak dia teguk segelas Air Beer.

Di Restoran Makanan Laut Robertson Wong Kah Sing 888

"Hmm... Ni Hokkien mee ni Halal ke?" Tanya Encik Deraman

"Halal encik, takde babi." Jawab Pelayan Myanmar itu yang fasih berbahasa kebangsaan.

"Ye lah tapi dia pakai minyak babi tak?"

"Tak encik, dia pakai minyak sayur, lagipun kita memang "Pork Free" sini."

"Ni ketam ni ketam apa? Ketam sungai ka?"

"Bukan encik, ketam laut."

"ohh ye ke.... Bolehlah, bagi saya Hokkien Mee dengan ketam masak cili"

"Minum apa encik?"

"Bagi saya Carlsberg."

Memang Lam Alip nun Cha Alip wau!

Lagi satu yang agak meriah laaa... Pergi makan kedai restoran Makanan laut. Yang jual makanan laut je

"Ehh ni halal ke ni?" Tanya Romzi dengan menunjukan kearah hidangan Ikan Kurau.

"Takpe ko jangan risau, diorang dah sembelih ikan ni." Jawab Farid Iskandar.


Itu belum yang jenis semua benda jadi halal sebab dah lepas dua marhalah.
Kadang-kadang kita ni mengalahkan Yahudi Mabuk pun ada.

Tapi kan,
Aneh tak? Kita ni negara Malaysia, negara Islam Majoriti....
Nak dapat makanan halal pun kadang-kadang susah. Aku pun suka jugaklah nak rasa masakan etnik lain.....

Jalan kaki pegi kedah
Siot Lah!

Sinatra_Z - One Malaysia and what not.

Recently Najib Tun Razak got this One Malaysia slogan thing.
Some say it's like Malaysia Malaysian, other say it's like wawasan 2020 while most are just confused or just don't really care.

However I really do like it when he presented the kids prizes when they entered that 1 Malaysia photo competition. Kinda neat.

I notice that in the blogosphere (or the INTERNETSS) that commenters who uses a nickname that has the work Malaysia in it like Concerned Malaysian, True Malaysian, Bangsa Malaysia, Chinese Malaysian, Javanese loving Malaysian, Rakyat Malaysia has a default ruling of taking the houlier than thou and higher moral ground that anyone else.

I don't buy into this Bangsa Malaysia thing.
I like being Malay and I don't feel I have to justify or defend nor have any complexties of being a Malay. Although it seems that these days the "Popular" thing to do is that, to lament ohh how sad it is when people look at me differently because I am Malay or not Malay Enough and start a whole drama because my eyes is a bit sepet and that I think that people think I am chinese thus I have this deep scarred complex and god knows what.

People in Somalia is starving to death and I am being dramatic because my eyes is abit sepet to I think people like to gossip about me that I am not Malay enough.

SEDIH GILAA.......................

Another popular thing is that to get lectures on how "Malay" do not really exist and that it was all something that the British Invented. Malay is actually a hybrid of Chinese and Indian. Then how about Javanese? Oh that's Japanese and Venezuelans. Iban? Indian and Bangladeshis.

And I think that Yasmin Ahmad movies is absolutely ridiculous and idiotic. Yasmin Ahmad's movies is not about Malaysians, her movies is HER PORTRAYAL of WHAT SHE THINKS MALAYSIAN SHOULD BE. IT'S HER IMAGINATION OF THAT MALAYSIAN ARE IN HER MIND.

What's with the mother who lives in the kampung and can't speak anything but heavily accented British English. Bodoh sial, konon rennaisance lah tu. It's like having an English lady living in Liverpool and refuse to speak anything but Russian. Because she want's to break from the English stereotype.

You know what screw it!
I like pantun, I like wearing the songkok, I like wearing baju melayu, lighting up pelita during hari raya, speaking and writing in Bahasa Melayu (or Bahasa Malaysia), singing corny Malay jiwang songs, I like 4u2c/KRU/p-ramlee/AhmadJais/Ramlah-Ram/ZaitonSameon/DIkir-Barat and even Alleycats (okay they're not malay but they sing malay songs but they have an awesome hairdo).

I may not like Yusuf Haslam movies but that dosen't make me less of a Malay, okay maybe a little bit.

I Like being a Malay,
so guess what I am not a BANGSA MALAYSIA! I am a Malay who is a Citizen of Malaysia.
In the constitution a Malay is a person who is a muslim, who uses Malay as his/her primary language and practices the Malay Culture.

So if any of you want to be a Malay, regardless of who your parents were or what or what not I am fine with it. You may have a darker skin that me or fairer that I am I don't care. If you want to be a Malay hey welcome to the club.

Tengok Zambry Kadir tuh, macam ketua bahagian MIC pun ada tapi Melayu tu.
Bukan warna kulit tapi agama, adat-resam, bahasa, budi dan perekti.

And I am fine with you whether you want to be an Indian, SIkh, CHinese, Eurasian, Javanese, Dan Lain-lain, Malaysian pun boleh, Bangsa Malaysia, Bangsa-bangsa bersatu or whatever identity you wish to brand yourself with I am fine with it.

It's okay to Like Yusuf Haslam movies and not be a Malay.

But don't tell anyone about it yeah.
It's quite embarassing to like Yusuf Haslam movies and not ride a motorcycle with a chick behind while racing at Jalan Raja Laut.

So I think.... Probably that is what One Malaysia is all about...

No matter what race or identity or affiliation you choose to be. No matter what culture, name or even song language you choose at the karaoke. No matter what political, religion or hobbies you may have.

In the end there is just One Malaysia out there.

And with all of our differences we better start learning more on how to live and love each other because no matter what there is only One Malaysia, your home, my home, our home.

And with all it's problems and shortcomings in the end it's not all that bad no. I am not going anywhere and I think neither are you.

So let's not screw it up.

P/S - Undilah Barisan Nasional. Kuang! Kuang! Kuang! Hahahahahahahaha

Sinatra_Z - Cerita Sambung-sambung

2 minit tukar orang menulis.

Pada suatu hari sedang aku duduk bersendirian di rumah tiba-tiba...


Telefon rumah berdering, yang pasti mama dan papa tiada di rumah kerana pergi menziarahi uncle Rahim dan adik pula ke kelas tiusyen. Kalau ikutkan hati memang malas hendak menjawab dan ingin sahaja aku menyambung membaca Sweet Valley High tapi aku memaksa diri untuk bangun dan menjawab. Aku pun berkata "Hello siapa di sana?" pada mulanya terdiam, tiada jawapan aku yang mula berasa curiga bertanya kembali "Hello! Siapa di sana?" dengan suara terketar dia menjawab "Hellllooo err... boleh saya cakap dengan Heliza?" "Heliza sini siapa di sana?" Aku bingkas menjawab. "Ermm saya sini Farid." Hatiku berhenti berdegup, Farid... lelaki yang selama ini aku hanya berani memandang di kelas tapi tidak berani tegur. "Eehh kenapa awak telefon?" Terdengat suara dari belakang ada yang mendesak "ehh cakaplah Farid! Jangan kecut." Nampak gayanya bunyi dari pondok telefon awam, "Err Heliza... Sebenarnya.. Saya..." Aku yang mula berasa sedikit tertekan "Sebenarnya apa?" Farid kemudian menarik nafas panjang dan "Sebenarnya Heliza Saya.....

Kriiing... 2 minit tukar.

"Sebenarnya saya ingin memberitahu awak yang ketua kita belum mati!" Farid berkata dengan tegas tapi dengan nada yang berhati-hati. "Apa maksud kau dia belum mati, aku baru sahaj tengok gambarnya di berita tadi! Kau jangan bohong!!" "Betul Heliza aku tak bohong, itu semua adalah rancangan Prabakharan untuk mengelirukan tentera Sri Lanka. Aku tahu dia masih hidup." Aku seperti terkejut, terlalu banyak berita yang mengejutkan pada hati ini, Soosai telah ku ketahui terbunuh dari perhubungan Radio HF tadi manakala ramai kader-kader telah terbunuh di dalam pertempuran Mullaithivu. "Dengar sini Heliza, kita masih belum kalah walaupun ramai kader-kader kanan kita telah mati tapi Prabakharan masih hidup, kita boleh menyambung lagi perjuangan kita!" Aku yang masih terkejut bingkas menyoal "betulkan aku boleh percayakan kau?" "Dengar sini Heliza, kau jumpa aku di perlabuhan Jafna jam 2 pagi nanti, cari aku di jeti 13 dari sana kita sama-sama akan cuba berjumpa dengan Prabakharan dan menyusun semula gerakan Harimau Tamil untuk kembali membalas dendam atas kematian rakan seperjuangan kita!"

Kriiing 2 minit.

Tepat jam 2 pagi saya sampai di sana menaiki basikal. Ini adalah kerana teksi adalah sukar untuk didapati pada jam dua pagi dan ada cas tambahan jadi mahal. Lagipun basikal adalah mesra alam. Sampai di jeti 13 Farid sedang mengunggu ketibaan ku dengan seluar boxer hitam dan t shirt dunhill hitam dia. Ahh memang dia cukup suka T-Shirt dunhill itu, kononya ia contrast dengan jam emas rolex dia. Memang aku menyampah. "Apa kau nak dari aku Farid? Panggil aku malam-malam buta atas kapal layar kau?" Farid tanpa banyak soal menolak aku di atas sofa dan tiba-tiba tubuhnya berada di atas aku. "Ahhh... mengapa manusia cukup suka berkata-kata walhal badan kita boleh menerangkan segalanya." Dan tanpa sedar tanganya sudah mula mengusap tubuhku, aku tak sanggup lelaki kassanova ini pasti akan lupakan aku setelah dia dapat apa dia mahu. "Aku tak mahukan ini Farid.." aku cuba menolak, mendesak tapi tubuhnya terlalu hangat, panas... selesa dan aku terus cari apabila bibirnya ke telinga aku dan..

Kriing 2 minit.

Dan Farid membisikan sesuatu, "Dengar sini cik Heliza, saya rasa ada orang sedang memerhatikan kita, ikut langkah saya dan kita akan lari dari sini!" Apabila jari En. Farid lantas menunjuk arahan lari kami lompat ke luar dan lari masuk ke dalam kereta saya. Farid kemudian pandu bagai pelumba F1 keluar dari jeti. "Kenapa En Farid tak laporkan sahaja kepada polis?" saya menyoal. "Mana mungkin, Polis semua diakwal oleh mereka, kerajaan kita ini hanyalah boneka semata-mata Cik Heliza!" Memang sukar untuk saya menerimanya pada mulanya, apabila En Farid menunjukan saya Thesis PHD beliau mengenai bagaimana satu gerakan Sulit bawah tanah yang sedang mengawal kerajaan-kerajaan utama dunia demi matlamat menyatukan bumi dengan apa cara sekalipun. "Mereka ini sudah mula bertapak dari Zaman Rom dan bertangunggjawab dalam pembunuhan Julius Caesar! Masakan kita ni, kacang putih!" Tiba-tiba satu letupan menyebabkan kereta kami terbabas, Farid kemudian menarik saya keluar dan tanpa sedar kami telah dikepung dengan beberapa kenderaan peronda...

Krring Dua minit.

Beberapa kenderaan peronda pengawal diraja Klingon sudah mula mengepung kami. Ensign Farid kemudianya mengeluarkan blasternya dan adengan pertempuran berlaku. Saya selaku pegawai perhubungan USS Enterprise seolah-olah tidak ada fungsi sekarang, kaku dan terkejut. Ensign Farid dalam keadaan cemas masih mampu berfikir dan "Komander Heliza, ambil interkom ini saya rasa hanya perlu pembetulan sedikit dan mana tahu kita boleh menghubungi kapten Kirk." Saya cemas, mereka tidak pernah melatih kami dalam keadaan sebergini ketika dalam Maktab Latihan Starfleet. Namun saya menarik nafas dalam dan cuba memperbetulkan keadaan. Nasib menyebelahi saya, rupanya Flux Capacitor hanya terbakar sedikit, cuma mengubah sudut jumper sudah pasti boleh menghubungi Enterprise "Hello, masuk Komander Heliza, Pegawai kanan Spock di sini, kami bagaimana di bawah sana?" Kegembiraan saya tidak terkata "Tuan Spock, kami telah mendapat kad data mengenai kegiatan unit komando gelap Pasukan khas diraja Klingon, nampaknya mereka cuba menggunakan planet CareBerra sebagai tapak serangan. Mohon bantuan tuan." "Baik kamu bertahan di situ saya akan suruh Scotty mengesan koordinat kamu." Pegawai SPock memberi arahan. "Komander Heliza saya berjaya menjumpai koordinat anda, confirm arahan seterusnya. " Saya kemudia memegang tangan Farid dan memberi arahan melalui interkom "Scotty, Beam me up!"


Sinatra_Z - Penanti dan Barisan Nasional

Diambil dari -

*Disclaimer - Jangan risau saya tak bawak politik masuk pejabat.

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Muhibbah,
Barisan Nasional telah mengesahkan tidak akan bertanding di Pilihanraya kecil Penanti. Ini diumumkan oleh Pengerusi Barisan Nasional Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak.
(halamak macam Berita di Klasik Nasional pulak)

Seperti biasa laman-lama web pro pakatan rakyat mula memanggil dan mengherdik tindakan ini dengan mengatakan Barisan Nasional takut kalah, pondan, tak berani berdepan rakyat dan macam-macam lagi.

Memang ada antara penyokong BN sendiri terutama di Penanti kecewa dengan tindakan ini.
Mungkin ada yang mempersoalkan mengapa Barisan Nasional seolah-olah menidakkan hak demokrasi rakyat di Penanti.

Tapi sebelum kita buat kesimpulan saya pohon masa sejenak saudara saudari untuk mendengar pendapat dari pihak yang lagi satu. Kalau anda bersetuju tidak mengapalah tetapi berikanlah peluang untuk membaca dan mendengar hujah pihak lagi satu sebelum membuat kesimpulan.

Bukan hendak memaksa untuk bersetuju, tapi cuma minta peluang memberi penjelasan.

Saya ingin bertanya siapakah yang Pondan atau pengecut sebenarnya. Adakah tindakan meletak jawatan tanpa sebab kukuh satu tindakan yang berani dan gagah? Bukankah arahan parti menyuruh Adun meletak jawatan walaupun tiada kes rasuah atau salah laku satu tindakan yang agak pengecut.

Pondan atau tidak seseorang ahli politik itu meletak jawatan dan membuang mandat rakyat yang telah diberikan kerana tidak tahan dengan politik dalaman parti?

Bagi saya itu lagi pondan, pengecut dan tidak menghormati prinsip demokrasi. Bukan senang ya untuk mendapat mandat rakyat. Setelah ribuan janji masa ceramah pilihanraya lepas dan mendapat kepercayaan rakyat kini nak lari dari tanggungjawab saya rasa itu lagi tidak patut.

Pilihanraya Kecil bukanlah satu perkara yang kecil sebenarnya. Ianya bukanlah ibarat Sarkas atau "FunFair" yang boleh dengan mudah dan sesukahati buka tutup di mana dan masa yang kita suka. Pilihanraya Kecil dilakukan apabila wakil mandat rakyat di kawasan tertentu sudah tidak dapat lagi berkhidmat untuk kawasanya kerana sakit, meninggal dunia atau sebab yang tidak dapat dielakkan.

Seolah-olah ada agenda tertentu atau agenda tersembunyi dari seseorang apabila kita melihat bukan main banyak pilihanraya kecil yang seolah-olah DISENGAJAKAN dari pihak tertentu.

Mengadakan Pilihanraya Kecil semata-mata hendak tunjuk hebat dan kuat adalah tindakan yang sangat menghinakan proses demokrasi.

Apatah lagi kita dalam keadaan yang tidak menentu dengan cabaran ekonomi masa kini. Memang pilihanraya kecil namanya kecil tapi kosnya adalah tidak kecil.

Masihkah kita ingat tak berapa lama dahulu berapa banyak wang, masa dan tenaga dilaburkan oleh BN dan Pakatan Rakyat di Permatang Pauh (tempat yang sama) kerana Anwar ingin masuk kedalam parlimen.

Bukan sahaja banyak kos dari segi SPR, Polis dan Parti-parti lawan tetapi kos yang lebih besar adalah Kos Tersembunyi.

Yakni ketika pilihanraya kecil dijalankan pastinya Orang-orang kuat dari kedua-dua belah akan turun dan berkempen.

Orang-orang kuat yang turun berkempen dari pihak Barisan Nasional seperti Presiden Umno, Timbalan, naib presiden, Orang kuat MCA dan sebagainya. Mereka ini kebanyakan adalah Menteri. Ini bererti masa dan tenaga berkerja banyak dibazirkan ke dalam satu pilihanraya yang sepatutnya tidak perlu. Menteri-menteri kita sibuk berpolitk dari kerja.

Dan kes ini sama untuk pihak Pakatan Rakyat juga. Yang pasti Menteri Besar Pulau Pinang, Selangor, Kedah dan Kelantan pasti akan turun ke penanti untuk menarik undi. Apatah lagi penanti merupakan kawasan Anwar Ibrahim yang tak lama dulu baru sahaja diadakan pilihanraya.

Malah kebanyakan penceramah hebat Pakatan Rakyat terdiri dari exco-exco negeri. Nampaknya dengan bukan main banyak pilihanraya kecil ini Menteri-menteri, MB dan exco-exco lebih sibuk berpolitik dari berkerja.

Saya ingat perlulah kita kurangkan aktiviti berpolitik yang tidak munasabah.

Lagipun apa guna banyak masa, tenaga dan wang dihabiskan ke pilihanraya kecil yang tidak membawa perubahan. Kalau BN menang sekalipun, bukan tukar Menteri Besar atau kerajaan.

Saya berpendapat tak usahlah kita sibuk mengikut rentak permainan politik berlebihan yang disengajakan oleh individu tertentu hanya kerana hendak mengejar cita-cita yang mementingkan diri.

Jangan lupa bertapa menyusahkanya kempen September 16 dahulu yang akhirnya tin kosong.

Maka baguslah BN tidak mengikut rentak yang songsang untuk melibatkan dalam Pilihanraya Kecil Penanti.

Pastinya akan ada yang akan mengherdik dan memberikan maklum balas yang langsung tidak ada kena mengena dengan penulisan ini. Tidak mengapalah itu hak dan pendapat individu, kalau nak kata BN pondan lah tak berani lah suka hatilah.

Tapi apa kata saya tinggalkan dua rangkap pantun ini buat buah fikiran para pembaca sekelian.

Dulu kata fitnah konspirasi,
Konon BN nak cuba hakis,
rupa-rupanya arahan parti,
Pilihan raya macam buat sarkis.

Orang Malaysia gemar berpantun,
Seni bahasa cukup indah,
kalau susah sangat jaga adun,
Saya nasihat bagi PAS je lah...

Tak gitu?

Sinatra_Z - Mari Belajar Speaking England

apa khabar semua, pada hari ini kita akan belajar Speaking England supaya Aunties-aunties dan Uncles-uncles sekelian akan lebih internationer dari sebelumnya.

Apekah internationer itu pasti ade yang bertanye. Internationer itu adelah antarabangsa, kita mahu agar rakyat lebih internationer macam kita punya airport lah, boleh campur sama pelbagai orang maka sebab itulah kita mesti belajar Speaking England.

Sebelum itu biar saya memperkenalkan diri saya adalah Tutor ande hari ini,

My Name is Miss Orange.

Maksudnya nama saya ialah Cik Limau ehh silap Miss Orange. Tadi saya saja buat kelakar sedikit. Sungguh England bukan nama saya, ahh sebab itulah saya menjadi guru.

Kite mulakan pelajaran kita yang pertama. Apabila kita berjumpa dengan seseorang yang bukan rakyat Malaysia macamane kita hendak menegur dia itu... Haaa kita perlulah cakap

"Harrow How are U?"
Maksudnya "Assalamualaikum, apa khabar anda."

Baik semua ulang yea, Harrow How are U....

Kemudia katelah ada orang lain bertanya kepada kita soalan itu bagaimanakah kita hendak menjawabnye... Caranya adalah dengan berkata-kata

"Oohhh I'm fines tanks U."
Maksudnya ye tuan-tuan dan puan-puan ialah "Ohh saya baik terima kasih"

Ahaa macam itu la kan bagus. Baik bagaimana pula kalau sudah kita menegur mereka-mereka itu apa pula hendak kita kata bukan? Ahh itulah dia permasaalahanye tapi jangan risau, kita bolehlah bertanya kepada mereka-mereka itu

"Haf U eatening oreddi?"
Adakah anda sudah makan.

Kalau dia jawab Yes maknanya sudahlah jadi kita pun tak perlulah bertanyakan lagi tapi kalau dia jawab No maksudnya tidak bolehlah anda-anda semua berkata

"Ohh lai dat, would U like to eat together-gether?"
Maksudnya ye "ooh macam itu, adakah anda mahu makan bersama-sama?"

Jadi bolehlah anda kemudian membawa dia ke rumah untuk sama-sama makan kuih raya ke, maggi goreng ke ataupun makan angin sahaja.. hahahahaha saja berjenaka sedikit.

Kemudian ah,
katalah kita sedang memakan bersama-sama tentu anda mahu tahu apa dia suka atau tidak jadi bolehlah anda tanya

"Are you Enjoice?"
Maksudnya adakah anda suka.

Kalau dia jawab yes maksudnya baguslah tapi kalau dia jawab No anda cakaplah..

"No? Oh My Gots, Why la lai dat?"
Maksudnya "Tidak? Astaghfirullahhalazim, mengapalah begitu."

Selain dari makan, ye lah cowcher kita kan macam itu suka buat makan makan tapi katalah selain dari makan bolehlah kita cakap mengenai benda lain seperti

"How is de whether?"
macamanakah cuaca sekarang.

"haf U see the Tugu Negara Oreddi?"
Sudahkah anda tengok Tugu Negara.

"See there that is a Malaysian Mutton eating the grass."
Nampak itu kambing malaysia sedang makan rumput.

"You can check your traweler chek at cimbbeng over there."
Bolehlah anda pakai Cek Musafir anda di CIMB dekat sana.

Tapi kadang-kadang ahh ada yang itu orang luar datang adalah mereka dari repoter laa atau itu tulis suratkhabar punya orang dia mahu bertanya tentang keadaan politik laa. Jadi anda juga kena tahu the England word la... senang saja jangan takut

Barisan Nasional dalam England is "National Queue"

Pakatan Rakyat pula anda sebut Saja "Anwar Ibrahim"

Dia mesti tahu punya.

Baik buat masa ini kita belajar sampai sini saje. Ingat ye perkataan-perkataan baru kita belajar hari ini iaitu.. Harrow, Enjoice, Whether dan Oh My Gots.

Kalau anda mahu belajar dengan lebih lanjut bolehlah tengok di sini.

Selamat berEngland....

How dare they koyak my gambar drop my waterface! No Jalan and No road, I don't know whether I am in heaven or hell. I ada lain jalan.

Sinatra_Z - TOMMY SKY

I have a friend by the name of Encik Soh Kee Yoong!

He is now known as Tommy.

Hi My name is Tommy! You can call me Tom.

I get to know him from school when we were in the same class in form 2, 2 dinamik was the name of our class. Back then he was only known as Soh Kee Yoong or SOH for short.
Once I called his house and his mother pick up..

"Hello can I speak to Soh please?"

"Ehmm... Which Soh?"

Sekali aku lupa laaaa... Nevermind.

Anyway Soh Kee Yoong like many other teenagers were under the influence of Peer Pressure. Back then (and still is now) it seems to cool to have an England (English lah tu) name before your chinese name even though if you are not a christian.

So Soh wanted to be cool as well,
he wanted to follow the footsteps of Hong Kong singers and actors like Jacky Chan, Anita Mui, Andy Lau, Anthony Wong, Leslie Chung and Jay Chou.

2 Dinamik. Soh is behind the teacher. Photo Courtesy of Encik Lim Yik Ting

When we were in form 4 Soh decided to take the leap and get a new name.
So after some thought Soh Kee Yong approached his fellow friends who was also his gambling and betting kaki's and told them of his new name.

"From now on I shall be known as Thomas Soh!"

Damn gaya right!! Well that's what he thought untill his friends replied..

"Thomas Soh? Hahahaha Why not Thomas Cup? We can give you a nickname wei, Badminton Soh!"

Soh was Broken Hearted.
The name that he thought so hard was became a joke to his friends, what more it is also a name of a Badminton Cup.

Encik Lipas and Encik Tommy.

But Soh being the positive person that he is decided to take it as CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.
So he went back and rethink his name. If the old name sounds like a Badminton Cup then he shall Improvise!!!! BERIMPROVISINGKAN!

Next day Soh came back to his friends and he REannounced his new name.

"From now on I am known as Tommy! Tommy Soh!"

Though it sounds as Ah Beng as one can get but Soh being Soh he manage to hit it up a notch when he also declare that his nickname is..

Tommy Sky, bersempena Tommy Soh Kee Yoong = Tommy Sky

OMG!!! If he dye's his hair blond, I swear I am going to buy VCD from him.

And from then on he would usually introduce himself as
"Hi my name is Tommy Sky, but you can call me Tom."

And even though he was teased by his fellow peers for his peculiar name with jokes like Tom and Jerry lah, Tom Yam lah, Tommy Hilfiger lah, Tommy Sky Kingdom lah and many more. Soh Persevered and gung-ho-ly move on with his life using the name that he choose. Tommy.

Now you might be thinking that Tommy is the derivation of Thomas his earlier name right?
You see I thought of the same thing too. If Thomas sounds like Thomas Cup then Tommy lah, at least it sounds less Badminton. But apparently I was wrong.

years later I found out from where did the name Tommy came from.
And that Soh or Tommy is actually a very thoughtful person thought people may perceive him on the other way.

One night in the car (or van) he told me from where his name came from.

The name Tommy came from here..

Tommy and Laura were lovers he wanted to give here everything Flowers presents and most of all a wedding ring He saw a sign for a stockcar race a thousand dollar prize it read He couldn't get Laura on the phone so to her mother Tommy said Tell Laura I love her tell Laura I need her Tell Laura I may be late I've something to do that cannot wait

He choose that name Tommy,
because he wanted to be like Tommy in the song. A person who when falls in love will give all his heart away and never regrets it.

Indeed there was more to Tommy Sky than first it seems.
It may sound like a corny name but actually it's a thoughtful romantic name.

Encik Choong Meng Fook bersama Tommy (Right).
Don't worry girls Tommy is straight, I'm not sure of Choong though.

Oh and by the way.
Like all hopeless romantic, Tom is still single.
He is 25 years old, funny, naive, loves meeting new people and can karaoke very well.

I mean who knows.... You could be his Laura.


mail me at

Sinatra_Z - Where do dead Dreams go.

A few months back I wrote something about how dreams die,
and after the conversation I had tonight it got me thinking...
What happened to those dreams that die?
Will it just evaporate like a black hole that has run out of matter for it to suck?
Or will it turn to something else?

I have a thought,
It may be wrong. Maybe there is some truth in it.

You will be the judge.

When we were young (well I still am) we all have dreams don't we. Some wanted to climb the highest mountain, some wanted to save the world, contribute to the society, be a professional football player and etc. As times go by and things happened we fall into the mundane routine of life. Particularly true when one gets married and have kids. Though not necessarily true but I guess generally that is the usual plot.

We get married, we have kids and we go in to the routine of paying bills, paying off the mortgage, cleaning the house, cooking, going to the office and the usual stuff. From badminton on Wednesday night to grocery shopping every two weeks. Little by little we tend to forget what we wanted to do back then and somehow evolve ourselves to fit the current need. Pursuing in becoming a professional football player at the age of 29 with 4 kids may not be as romantic as it sounds when you were 19.

So a friend commented that she didn't want her life to be just all about that. About paying bills and routines. I wouldn't want that either. But it got me thinking, what happened to those dreams we once had?

As I mentioned above sometimes the answers or thoughts can originate from the most unexpected places. This came from a comic book named Dik Cerdas. It was the time when Shin Chan's dad was having a conversation with Misae's younger sister.

I'd like to think dreams are like a tree, a living thing. Like all living things, dreams die, but not necessarily a meaningless death.

I suspect that these dead dreams turn into compost or fertilizers, yes it sounds quite bad but just play along. When an old tree dies it rot's and turn into compost, mashed into tiny bits and pieces and absorbed by the earth. But then these fertilizers would then nourish new trees so that a new generation of trees may grow prosperous, strong and proud. Dreams like trees, when they die may turn into nutrients for other dreams to grow.

I notice that many parents,
who have somehow abandon their dreams because of circumstances do not feel all that bad or broken hearted about it. It's because they place their hopes and dreams on to their children. That is why they do what they do, falling into the same routine of life. It may be labour... but it's labour of love.

That he or she gave up their dreams so that it may nurture the dreams of these future generation, their offspring. It's fine that they may not achieve what they wanted but they truly hope and pray that their children may grow up and do something, be someone. It is quite a spectacle to watch and nurture a dream, to see it grow from a tiny pulp into a strong tall tree. Which is why parents are very proud of their child's achievement because in a way it is a testament of their own hopes and dreams as well.

Which explains why,
one of the most heartbreaking for a parent is to witness their children going to the path of destruction and what not.

So maybe your dreams are lost, maybe it's dead but fret not, what matters is what you do or make out of it. You can either fret and mourn about it or you can pick up the pieces and turn it into fertilizers so that it may nurture other dreams.

Just like the footballer who didn't win the world cup and became a coach.

The hardworking father who was once a shining athelete.

That balet teacher who had that terrible accident.

Or Alfred Nobel who used the money from his invention that became a tool of destruction to award ideas that contribute towards making this world a better place.

So where do dead dreams go? We'll it's mostly up to you. Whether it may be hidden in the dark sectors of your mind


It may be turned into something that will nurture other dreams.

It really is up to you.

All these from a comic book.... Rm 4.20... Pretty worth it no?

Sinatra_Z - Sajak buat kawan-kawan

Bukan sajak,
puisi mahupun gurindam yang mampu memperkasakan bangsa.
Tetapi ilmu dan pengetahuan untuk menghasilkan sesuatu yang akan menentukan masa depan kita.

Biarlah sehebat mana kita menyelami perasaan bersajak,
Sekuat mana semangat kita teriak,
semerdu mana kata-kata kita diulit puisi,
seindah mana simpulan bahasa penuh berisi,
semuanya tidak berguna kalau kita dangkal,
cetek ilmu dan tidak berpengetahuan,
kalau masih merempat dan mengharap kepada orang lain.

Seni itu makanan jiwa zat rohani,
tapi tak guna kita bercakap tentang yang batin,
kalau yang zahir pun kita masih terumbang-ambing.

Aku bukan pengkhianat bahasa,
aku cuma mahu bermimpi,
lebih dari apa yang ku lihat hari ini.

memang benar,
bahasa jiwa bangsa,
tetapi jiwa sahaja tidak cukup,
untuk meniti cabaran masa depan,
demi memastikan kesinambungan.

Sinatra_Z - Tunes

I know most of you are somewhat tired of politics,
and it's Friday. I really shouldn't ruin you weekend so I decided to write about something more mellow.

I find it quite tiring to be angry and protesting all the time.
I wonder how some of the bloggers manage to do that all year long.

When I was in primary school, KRU was a huge hit. Especially when I was 11. Girls in my class (and they are kind of cute back then) would ogle and worship Yusry, Norman and Edry. Norman is seen as the leader of the group, the most mature, Norman is seen as the nice looking fellow and of course Edry being the youngest sibling was the cutest. The youngest (anak bongsu) is always the cutest. Trust me, I know.

So the boys and the girls would sing "Parappap AWAS parappap AWAS parapp AWAS kerana kamu wohoooo.." and of course who could not forget Feminin's "Angin bayu membawa diriku, sepintas lalu ku terkenang kan mu memori silam meresap malam..." Admit it, you were singing it weren't you? This were the days Exist were known for their vocalist named Mamat and his famous song "Oh ibu... Kau disiram bayu pagi..." There was no need for Akon, back then Malaysia had Nico, they were still calling themselves "Rappers" at that time.

I do love them,
but when I was a kid, when kids were singing their tunes and chorus I had a rather peculiar taste. Back then, I think I was 11, I fell in love with Jazz and Oldies. I would listen to Louis Armstrong, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and even P-Ramlee. Back then I didn't even know their name, all I knew was their voice and their song. My source of music was Radio 4, this was before they become TRAX fm. Sucks big time!

Their beautiful voices would reverberate in the middle of the night, I would turn off all the lights and just listen to them. I remember buying a 90 or 120 minute blank cassette and record these songs and play them back again and again and again. Back when there was a rewind, forward, play and pause button.

It is interesting to note, that unlike KRU, Feminin, NICO or Britney Spears I didn't know what they looked like. I had absolutely no Idea, reminds me of Elvis, when he first was heard in Radios across America they thought he was black.

Isn't it somewhat romantic that you truly appreciate an artist (singer) purely base on their voice. Without the bias of looks or style, it is quite an honour when you judge and love them purely by their work and it is quite a work for them to do that. Frank Sinatra may look good but how about Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and many others. Remember I don't know how they looked like, the first time I know how Louis Armstrong looked like was when I bought his first cassette.

It was quite a feeling (and still is) listening to What a Wonderful World in the dark, I am open to all sort of Genre's but Jazz have a special place in my heart. It is because unlike others, I get to know them though my ears before my eyes. And even though I may move on to listening to Michael Buble, Pink Maritini, Janet Seidel, Norah Jones and other current jazz artistes, they just can't replace the hauntingly brilliant voice of these evergreen folks.

Have a great weekend folks...

And I sincerely wish you a Moonlight in Vermont.

Sinatra_Z - Insignificant Memories

It is interesting,
to note that our mind can remember the most random thing.

Quite amazing when we wonder about how our minds recollect memories , on how we can not remember some of the most important things in life yet remember some of the most mundane or insignificant events.

For instance I could not remember being born.
Nor could I remember the first time I learn to walk, how did I talk or the first word I said.
I can't remember my first birthday, my first hari raya nor did I remember how did I learn to read.

But I do remember,

Just after Odeon movie theatre while riding Len Seng 191 bus on Jalan Doraisamy there is a small sundry shop called S. Alapitchay. I don't even know who is S Alapitchay in the first place.

I remember that the birthday gift that I treasure most was a Torch Light I got when I was 5. It was an eveready torch light.

The price of chicken rice in school was RM 2.

I can't remember the name of my form 3 math teacher but I know the name of the man who cooks the burger at canteen. His name is Meor by the way.

The king of Siam grant the title Phya Songkeram Rammu Wissit Willis Phya Asmara Phya Perlis to Sultan Muhammad Jiwa to recognise him as the official ruler of Perlis.

I main character in the hit Japanese TV series (when I was 9) Ultraman Ace is Hakuto and Minami.

Shin Chan's father's full name is Hiroshi Nohara. Semashi Nohara is Hiroshi's older brother.

The colour the of slide (which is now no more) in the padang (filed) behind my house is yellow.

The name of the dog that would always chase the kids at the padang is Kacang, his owner home faces the field.

my house uses armitage shanks, the office Johnson Suisse, R&D dept uses Inax, so does FKE UTM's toilet, my friend's house uses american standard while the old toilet at surau permata uses Pakai.

Bata rubber slippers (Selipar Jepun) is the most comfortable, Osaki is abit rubbery, Pacific is quite popular and the size is quite diversed.

I memorize the theme song of Nini cokelat celup.

Ramesh used to have a dog, beagle, named brownie.

In the movie TORA-TORA-TORA on the way to Hawaii one of the Japanese pilot notice that there was a beaufiul son rising amongst the cloud to which he note that it is a good omen. They then captured some beaufitul hawaian hula song on their radio receiver and the captain orders everyone tune to it to signal that they are near to Hawaii.


you got any?

Sinatra_Z - Gentlemen

Seperti yang ramai tahu,
saya sebenarnya ahli Pemuda UMNO Gombak, bagi yang baru tahu, janganlah menjauhkan diri hanya kerana mempunyai pandangan politik yang berbeza. Saya masih boleh duduk semeja dengan rakan-rakan dari bangsa lain selepas aktiviti pemuda saya yakin apatah lagi kita sama-sama rakyat Malaysia.

Memanglah agak sedikit (mungkin lebih sikit lah) kecewa dengan keputusan Mahkamah mengenai Perak tidak dapat dinafikan. Yang pasti Mahkamah telah memutuskan Yang YB Nizar adalah menteri besar Perak yang sah, walaupun BN akan memohon rayuan esok namun buat masa ini yang pasti rakan-rakan BN akan menerima keputusan Mahkamah.

Rakan-rakan dalam BN akan menerima keputusan Mahkamah ini dengan hati yang terbuka, kerana walau apa-apa sekalipun undang-undang perlu dipatuhi demi memastikan negara berada dalam keadaan terkawal, teratur dan aman. BN tidak akan mengambil pendirian untuk memuji atau mengangkat martabat Mahkamah dan undang-undang hanya ketika ianya menyebelahi pihak BN dan menentang, mengherdik dan mengatakan ianya tidak adil apabila keputusan yang dibuat tidak menyebelahi BN. Bukan itu cara BN, kalau kita berpegang kepada suatu prinsip itu maka perlulah kita pegang ia dengan teguh dan tidak mempunyai sikap "Double standard" atau talam dua muka yakni hanya hendak menjerit mengenai prinsip kalau ianya menguntungkan.

Yang pastinya anda tidak perlulah risau,
saya yakin Penyokong BN di Perak tidak akan berbaring-baring di atas Jalan Raya dan menghalang laluintas dan menyusahkan orang ramai. Adun BN juga tidak akan melakukan drama atau cerekerama dalam dewan dengan merosakkan suasana dan tataetika DUN. Speaker BN akan tahu untuk memulangkan jubah hitam dan tidak perlu dipaksa keluar dari tempat duduk speaker. Dia tahu untuk bangun dan pergi apabila masanya sampai. Ketua BN Perak (yang kini menjadi ketua pembangkang) akan mengosongkan pejabat MB tanpa perlu banyak adengan drama swasta air mata air liur.

Walaupun kecewa kerana seolah-olah kata-kata Sultan Perak ini diperkotak-katikkan dan akan menjadi bahan kepada sesetengah pihak namun tindakan seterusnya akan diserahkan sepenuhnya kepada Tuanku Sultan. Sekiranya Tuanku bersetuju dengan cadangan Menteri Besar untuk membubarkan DUN maka BN tidak akan mohon derhaka.

Dari pandangan kasar rakyat rata-rata sudah bosan dengan adengan berpolitik yang berlebihan, apatah lagi pilihanraya di ketika ekonomi negara sedang dalam usaha untuk dipulihkan. Pilihanraya memakan masa, tenaga dan wang. Bukan sahaja Pihak kerajaan (SPR dan Polis) akan berbelanja besar tapi juga keduda-dua belah pihak yang bertanding (BN dan PR), ekonomi negara juga akan terjejas kerana menteri-menteri, ahli-ahli parlimen, menteri besar, exco negeri, wakil-wakil rakyat dan produktiviti berkerja akan menurun secara umum kerana terlalu kesibukan berpolitik.

Maka atas kesedaran di atas,
saya dan rakan-rakan berharap agar tindakan ini yang menamatkan krisis politik di Perak sekaligus ahli-ahli politik kita dapat menumpukan perhatian kepada pemulihan ekonomi negara dari sibuk berdrama politik yang tidak bersebab. Rakan-rakan dalam BN akan menerima keputusan akhir dengan hati yang terbuka.

"There is honour amongst thieves what more us."

Sinatra_Z - Mari Berpantun

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera wahai pembaca-pembaca yang budiman sekelian.
Tatakala di pagi isnin ini pasti ramai yang berasa gundah-gulana ataupun kegelisahan almaklumlah semalam baru sahaja hari minggu dan ini merupakan hari pertama berkerja.

Apa sekalipun elok kita mengambil sedikit masa ketika para pembaca yang budiman yang sedang mengular membaca penulisan saya ini di pejabat untuk seketika, sejenak menceriakan atau menghiasi hari anda dengan seni budaya Bahasa Melayu (atau Bahasa Malaysia).

Seni budaya yang saya maksudkan adalah tidak lain dan tidak bukan Pantun.
Pantun adalah sejenis puisi tradisional melayu yang sangat mudah dan tidak susah serta dapat menceriakan hari anda. Sering digunakan dalam temasya dan keramaian seperti Perkahwinan, Kenduri, Mesyuarat Tahunan Rukun Tetangga dan banyak lagi.

Tidak seperti yang dianggap ramai sebenarnya pantun ini amat mudah, anda hanya perlu memastikan yang hujung ayat berkenaan sama bunyi dengan ayat berikutnya.

Contoh termudah pantun 2 kerat -

Daun pandan daun ketum,

Yeaaa itulah dia dengan mudah sahaja saya telah mencipta pantun dua kerat yang boleh digunakan oleh pembaca sekelian ketika menziarahi rumah rakan taulan. Maka kalau saudara fikir bahawa pantun ini hanya sesuai digunakan pada kenduri kahwin, ucapan PIBG sekolah atau pertandingan pantun peringkat zon hulu langat saudara/saudari silap. Pantun ini boleh digunakan di pelbagai sudut kehidupan. Maka ini saya akan memberikan beberapa contoh lagi yang mana para pembaca yang budiman sekelian boleh menyelitkan pantun untuk lebih menceriakan atau menambah seni dalam kegiatan harian saudara saudari.

Contoh Pantun-pantun....

Pantun ketika hendak berjumpa atau berpisah.

Kajang pak malau kajang berlipat,
Satay Kajang tak cicah kari,
Berjumpalah kita pukul empat,
di restoran satay kajang haji samuri.

Buah dokong buah kelapa,
wah wah lama tak berjumpa.

Kalau ada sumur di ladang,
bolehlah saya menumpang mandi,
kalau tak ada sumur di ladang,
alamat tak mandilah saya.

Yeaa itulah dia pantun yang sesuai digunakan ketika berjumpa atau bertemu dengan rakan lama. Namun tahukah anda bahawa pantun juga sesuai digunakan ketika sedang berpacaran atau hendak menambat hati si dia yang istimewa, ahaaaa tengok contoh pantun ini..

Contoh Pantun Bercinta...

Contoh ini diambil dari filem P Ramlee 3 Abdul

Makan tak kenyang,
tidur tak basah,
mandi tak lena... Pendek kata seminggu
dua ni macam kapal nak masuk dock.

Alah! Kanda borak lah, takkan kanda ingat
pada dinda.

Misai pendek tidak bercahaya,
Ibarat kuda hampir mati.
Kalau adinda tidak percaya,
Operate lah dada, x-raylah hati! (Jejaka)

jikalau kaki tersandung batu,
jatuh selalu tersembab ke tanah,
hmmph orang lelaki memang begitu,
sumpah selalu tunai tak pernah. (Gadis)

Kaki bukan sebarang kaki,
kaki diorder dari egypt,
lelaki bukan sebarang lelaki,
haa ini lelaki abdul wahib. (Jejaka)

jikalau merpati sudah terikat,
jangan terlepas ikatan benang,
jikalau hati sudah terpikat,
lekas lah lekas masuk meminang... (Gadis)

Ahaaa itulah dia pantun yang cukup indah dan memikat. Tapi kalau anda rasa pantun ini terlalu rumit untuk dihafal dan digunakan dalam aktiviti berpacaran anda bolehlah bawa bekal pantun-pantun yang mudah ini....

Kuih karipap Kuih Bahulu,
Sayang I love you.

Gadis bolehlah jawab.....

Kuih Samperit dengan budu,
Sayang I love you too.

Atau boleh ditambah lagi dengan

Bulan ketiga bulan mac,
Sayang I miss you so much.

Bulan febuari datang dulu,
Ahh tipulah you!

Yeaaaah itulah dia antara contoh-contoh pantun yang boleh digunakan ketika sedang bercinta.

Pasti ada diantara anda yang bertanya "Tapi encik Sinatra_Z bagaimana kalau saya tidak bercinta?" Itu ertinya anda seorang jantan sepi patutlah anda datang ke blog ini. Namun jangan risau masih ada banyak lagi pantun-pantun lain yang boleh digunakan dalam kehidupan harian kita sebagai contoh...

Pantun memberi semangat berkerja...

Bermain facebook di waktu pagi,
penyelia lalu berlakonlah kerja,
marilah rajin mencari rezeki,
menyumbang kepada ekonomi negara.

Pantun Nasihat hidup berjiran.

Bunuh Kambing di tepi tangga,
Bakar rumah ketua kampung,
kita ni kan hidup jiran tetangga,
rajinlah kita tolong menolong.

Pantun Budaya Pemakanan Yang Sihat.

Sepak cikgu di tepi kantin,
tumbuk ustaz sampai pengsan,
amalkanlah makan benda berprotein,
kerana ia baik untuk kesihatan.

Maka itulah dia wahai pembaca yang budiman sekelian antara contoh-contoh pantun yang dapat saya mengetengahkan untuk anda menggunakan dalam kehidupan anda. Namun kerana masa tidak mencukupi maka agak terhad jumlah pantun yang dapat saya kenalkan. Namun jangan risau nanti mungkin akan lebih banyak pantun lain yang dapat saya ketengahkan. Maka sebelum saya mengundur diri sahutlah cabaran untuk menggunakan pantun dalam kehidupan harian anda...

Buat cengkudu buah mempelam,
makanan kegemaran encik kera,
Jumpa lagi dan Selamat malam,
Majulah pantun untuk negara.

Sinatra_Z - Life

"To me the unhappiest people in the World are those in the watering places, the international watering places like..uhhh..the south coast of France and Newport and Palm Springs and Palm Beach; going to parties every night, playing golf every afternoon, then bridge. Drinking too much, talking too much, thinking too little. Retired. No purpose.

And so, well I know those who will totally disagree with this and say 'gee, boy if I could just be a millionaire that would be the most wonderful thing; if I could just not have to work everyday, if I could just be out fishing or hunting, or playing golf or travelling, that would be the most wonderful life in the world" ....they don't know life; because what makes life mean something is purpose. A goal. The battle. The Struggle, even if you don't win it..."

-Richard Nixon-

It is sad when I see,

That some of those whom I knew and know,

who had a dream, a vision, something to do or change. These people who could be whoever they wanted or aspire to be...

Succumb to superficial dreams, artificial happiness, vanity, narcissism and shallow temporary love.

You know, like the kid who want's to be a musician because he wants to be popular, spending more time on taking picture of himself than playing the tunes. Or that Multi Level Marketing "executive" whose ultimate dream is to drive in a red imported sports car. That rich kid whose ultimate goal is to get attention from everyone in the hottest night club in town.

Maybe it's just me being melancholic,

or just some random rants at 2 O'Clock in the morning.

But it's absolutely sad, when one navigates through life with a broken compass that does not point north, nor south, neither east and not even west. But keeps spinning around at the same point again and again and again.

And as a witness, I find it..... absolutely heartbreaking.

Sinatra_Z - Berpakaian Hitam

Besok akan diadakan persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak,
ada yang bercadang untuk berpakaian hitam sebagai tanda kemarahan terhadap apa yang berlaku atau akan berlaku esok.

Walaupun saya agak hairan dengan warna yang dipilih,
kerana walaupun tiada apa yang berlaki saya yakin pakaian hitam masih juga akan dipakai oleh orang ramai.

Saya memang tidak akan mahupun tidak setuju dengan pendapat bahawa Sivakumar (Speaker Perak) adalah lebih berkuasa dari Sultan Perak di Negeri Perak.

Siapa Sivakumar tu?

Kenyataan demi kenyataan seolah-olah beliau seorang speaker mempunyai hak yang lebih besar dari Sultan Perak. Saya bukan cuba memainkan isu perkauman, ketuanan atau apa pun, tapi sekali pandang seolah-olah speaker Dewan Undangan negeri ini kalau berdasarkan hujah-hujah yang dikeluarkan langsung tidak boleh disentuh.

Saya hairan bagaimana sekiranya suatu dewan hendak menukar Speaker. Kerana mengikut akhbar Keadilan, Speaker berhak menolak apa-apa usul yang hendak dibentangkan yang beliau rasa tidak sesuai.

Maknanya sekali beliau dilantik seolah-olah menjadi seorang diktator atau maharaja yang langsung tidak boleh disentuh oleh Menteri Besar sendiri sehinggalah Dewan Dibubarkan, yakni pilihanraya baru.

Hebat betul, maknanya katalah satu hari Speaker jadi gila, terencat atau gila kuasa dewan langsung tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa melainkan membubarkan DUN.

Sudahkah anda semua lupa tentang Pilihanraya lepas?

BN memenangi 29 kerusi, manakala selebihnya dimenangi oleh DAP, PKR dan PAS. BN telah bertemu Sultan Perak untuk memohon membentuk kerajaan kerana ketika itu tidak Wujud Pakatan Rakyat namun Tuanku Sultan telah menolak usul ini. Ini adalah kerana beliau berpendapat pastinya parti-parti berkenaan mahu menubuhkan kerajaan campuran jadi Tuanku memanggil wakil parti-parti berkenaan datang mengadap.

Ingat lagi tak.....

Bukankah Tuanku Sultan yang berkeras memilih Nizar untuk menjadi Menteri Besar walaupun mendapat bangkangan DAP?

Bukankah DAP dan PKR berkeras untuk mencalonkan jawatan Menteri Besar Perak kepada Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi yang kemudian dibacarakan atas kesalahan Rasuah dan kemudian keluar PKR?

DAP dan bukan UMNO atau MCA yang hendak memulaukan perlantikan NIZAR JAMALUDDIN kerana SULTAN PERAK telah menolak pencalonan JAMALUDDIN MOHD RADZI!

Punya marah Nizar dari PAS jadi MB.

Bukankah Nizar sendiri berkata yang beliau akan menyerahkan kepada kebijaksanaan Tuanku Sultan samaada dia hendak membubarkan DUN atau Tidak?

Bila Sultan buat keputusan Nizar Mohon Derhaka!

Memang dasar Kacang Lupakan kulit.
Kalau tak kerana Tuanku Sultan Perak NIZAR tak JADI MENTERI BESAR!

Baru bawak Camry dah habis lupa daratan. Memang tak guna betul.
Apa guna kononya baca ayat quran sedap mendayu hebat menjadi Imam kalau baru rasa kuasa sedikit dah lupa asal usul?

Bukankah Anwar Ibrahim Sendiri yang cuba melakukan perkara sama dengan September 16?

Bukankah Anwar Ibrahim sendiri yang berkata kepada Puad Zarkashi dan media yang beliau akan mengadap yang Dipertuan Agong dengan nama-nama ahli Parlimen dan meminta Tuanku melantik Perdana Menteri Baru?

Bukankah Pakatan Rakyat yang mula-mula merampas Adun dari BN masuk ke kerajaan Perak, kemudian bila sudah dapat Nombor yang selesa cuba untuk memecat dua Adun PKR yang ada kes Rasuah dengan menipu mengatakan mereka letak jawatan.

Ohh sebab orang lain berjaya buat apa yang ko tak dapat buat jadi sekarang ko nak marah-marah baring atas Jalan Raya.

Macam Ni lah.....

Saya tidak boleh menerima Idea bahawa Encik Sivakumar adalah Lebih Berkuasa dari Sultan Perak di dalam Negeri Perak dari orang-orang yang beberapa bulan lepas mengangkat dan menyanjung Sultan Perak ke langit tinggi-tinggi kerana kebijaksanaan beliau yang meminta Kerajaan Pusat merombak Kehakiman Negara dan lain-lain.

Dari orang-orang yang hendak memulangkan semula Imuniti kepada raja-raja melayu.


Bila Sultan buat keputusan yang tidak selari dengan mereka....

Ooooh takde, Sultan salah. Mohon Derhaka.

Macam ni lah,

Aku dah penat dengan drama swasta, cerekerama, pilihan raya kecil yang tak pasal-pasal, ceramah, tunjuk perasaan, baring-baring atas jalanraya, akuan bersumpah dengan apa lagi sampah-sampah yang berkenaan! PERGI MAMPUS.

Sekarang Ekonomi Dunia dah mula gawat, harga ayam naik, Dunia keuwangan antarabangsa tak menentu, kadar jenayah Selangor meningkat dan macam-macam lagi.

Dah lah tu buat lah kerja.
Ko dulu ada peluang jadi kerajaan, tapi sibuk tak habis-habis politik curi adun orang lah nak rampas kuasa ikut ahli parlimen BN lah... macam-macam hal lah. Haah padan muka, kena lempang dengan permainan sendiri.

Pakatan Rakyat ada lagi Kedah, Selangor, Pulau Pinang dan Kelantan.

Tumpukan kepada menjadi KERAJAAN BUKAN PEMBANGKANG TETAPI KERAJAAN kepada negeri-negeri ini. Buktikan yang anda mampu mentadbir, membentuk kerajaan dan memajukan negeri.

Tak Gitu? Kalau kerja bagus mesti orang akan undi punya.

Ini tak habis-habis ceramah, ceramah, ceramah dan ceramah.

Aku mungkin pakai seluar hitam laa kot... Kalau korang nak kata aku menyokong bantahan suka hatilah! Seluar aku cuma warna Hitam dengan Biru je. Dulu ada laa warna hijau, tapi masa sekolah laa. Masa sekolah aku tak jadi Pengawas. Paling kuat pun pengawas percubaan.

Sinatra_Z - Eerrrr

Pada suatu hari sedang cikgu bahasa inggeris Puan Lim memerhatikan pelajar darjah lima membuat kerja kelas datang seorang pengawas perpustakaan yang bernama Jenal.

Jenal yang berbaju hijau pun bertanya...

"Teacher teacher, MosQ tu apa?"

"Hah MosQ?" Tanya Puan Lim kembali

"Haah MosQ teacher, apa tu?"

"Apa itu MosQ, mana awak jumpa perkataan tu?"

"Alaa Teacher, MosQ kan English, saya jumpa dalam buku English laa Teacher."

"Ye ke? Bawak sini tunjuk dekat teacher." Jawab Puan Lim.

Jenal pun bergegas ke tempat duduk dan kembali dengan senaskah buku

"Haaa ni hah Teacher, MosQ apa ni?"

"Mos.... Ooooo... Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha." Gelak Puan Lim dengan gumbira.

"Kenapa gelak Teacher?"

"ohh sorry, sorry, Jenal ini Mosque laaa bukan MosQ. Mosque, tu maksud dia Masjid."

"Ooo masjid ye."

"Yee Masjid laa tu kamu salah sebut sebab tu Teacher tak faham." Puan Lim menerangkan.

"Mosque tu masjid ye Teacher.. Ohh saya salah sebut."

Selang lima minit selepas itu jenal bertanya kembali

"Teacher-teacher kenapa salah pulak. Kalau Q U E U E tu queue kenapa Mosque Mosk? Patut MOS-Q lah!"



Sinatra_Z - Al Kisah

Al Kisah....
Maka Tersebutlah Kisah....
Dua makhluk yang berasal dari tanah yang mana pasirnya terdampar di pelusuk alam,airnya sedikit dan angin malamnya dingin. Langitnya pula dipenuhi bintang-bintang bergemerlapan dan suatu masa dahulu lahirnya seorang pengutus yang agung di tanah gersang ini.

Apa kan daya dua makhluk ini, barangkali kerana takdir terdampar nun jauh dari asalnya ke suatu tempat yang pokoknya menghijau, dicelahi liku-liku jalanraya, rumah-rumah batu dan kawasan tanah runtuh. Maka inilah kisah seekor Unta dan Biawak Dab yang bernama Frankie Fernandez yang tinggal di Zoo Negara, Hulu Kelang, Selangot, sebelah dengan bangunan Finas tak jauh dari rumah Yusuf Haslam.

Biawak Dab : Assalamualaikum wahai jiran tetangga, saya baru tiba di sini apakah nama Saudara Unta?

Unta : Waalaikumsalam, nama saya ialah Ariff Iskandariah, sempena bandar Iskandariah. Apa pula nama kamu?

Biawak Dab : Namaku Francis Felipe Fernandez, salam berkenalan.

Maka pada hari itu bermulalah persahabatan yang terjalin antara Ariff Iskandariah is Unta dan Francis Felipe Fernandez si Biawak Dab.

Pada suatu hari sedang mereka berdua bercengkerama....

Unta : Oh Francis Felipe Fernandez, kamu tahu tak bahwa ramai-ramai manusia di sini aku boleh kenal hati budi mereka dengan sekali pandang sahaja.

Biawak Dab : Oh Hebat kau Ariff Iskandariah, tapi ye memang ramai orang hari ini, cuti umum kot? Apakah maksud kau dengan kenal hati budi manusia?

Unta : Kau lihat ye Francis Felipe Fernandez, lihat pasangan itu, aku tahu dengan yakin bahawa pasangan ini sudah lama berkahwin.

Biawak Dab : Mana kau tahu Ariff Iskandariah?

Unta : Kita kena lihat tanda-tanda sekeliling mereka, aku tahu mereka lama berkahwin kerana ada dua anak kecil mengikuti mereka dan lihat dengan mudah aku boleh tahu kerana si suami berjalan di hadapan dan si isteri tinggal di belakang melayan kerenah anak-anak.

Biawak Dab : Ohh begitu.. Habis bagaimana pasangan yang itu?

Unta : Itu pasangan baru berkahwin, mungkin tak sampai setahun kerana mereka berjalan berpegang tangan senyum-senyum , masih romantis lagi. Lagipun belum ada anak jadi sebabtulah mereka begitu.

Biawak Dab : Ahaa maka pasangan yang berpelukan itu pastilah pasangan yang lagi baru berkahwin betul?

Unta: Betul pasangan muda yang berpelukan ini pasangan yang baru berkahwin, mungkin baru semalam, tapi mereka belum bernikah.

Biawak Dab : Hebat betul kau, mana kau belajar semua ini?

Unta : Dulu di tempat aku lahir di tengah-tengah gurun sahara aku tinggal dengan seorang Alkimia (Alchemist leh tu) yang hebat bernama Al-Qali, banyak aku belajar tentang manusia dan kehidupan ketika kami mengembara di celah-celah padang pasir.

Biawak Dab : Habis tu, bagaimanakah kau ada di sini? Mana tuan kau?

Unta : Dia telah berhijrah ke Eropah untuk buat bateri. Aku dijual untuk bayar tambang kapal terbang. Kau pula berasal dari mana?

Biawak Dab : Ibuku asalnya dari Baghdad dan Ayahku datang dari Mosul.

Unta : Ahhh jadi kau ini anak kelahiran Iraq ya? Banyak cendekiawan dari sana.

Biawak Dab : Tak aku anak kelahiran Zoo Melaka.

Unta : Tak mengapalah, nah kau lihat itu pasangan yang berpura-pura.

Biawak Dab : Berpura-pura? Mengapa?

Unta : Lihat, walaupun berpegang tangan tapi si lelaki yang memakai cermin mata hitam memandang ke arah lain...

Biawak Dab : Ohoooo, bagaimana yang itu pula? Dua orang perempuan itu?

Unta : Itu adalah pasangan rakan karib, yang salah seorangnya baru putus cinta dengan kekasihnya jadi kawan baiknya membawa ke tempat ini untuk menenangkan hati lagi satu itu.

Biawak Dab : Oooh sampai kawan pun kamu tahu. Yang itu pula?

Unta : Pasangan adik beradik, yang perempuan itu lebih tua.

Bawak Dab : Eh bagaimana kau tahu?

Unta : Kerana yang perempuan itu merampas ais krim yang lelaki itu, lagipun lihat yang lelaki itu tengah menangis dan yang sedah marah itu adalah ayah mereka.

Biawak Dab: Ahahaha ya lah, ah bagaimana pula dengan pasangan itu, adakah mereka juga rakan karib.

Unta : Bukan itu adalah pasangan Gay!

Biawak Dab : OMG. Sampai itu pun kau tahu...

Unta : Begitulah lumrah manusia, luaran mungkin nampak lain tapi kalau kita tahu tengok dan perhati betul-betul banyak yang tersembunyi. Lakonan untuk menyamar atau pertunjukan di khalayak ramai.

Biawak Dab : Manusia ni.... Macam-macam ada.


Selamat hari pekerja... dah cukup dah tu, pergilah kerja.

Sinatra_Z - A Comeback

I don't watch one in a million.
But I do know that Tomok was in the final 3.

And today,
I heard that he won. So I decided to watch the his performance clip in youtube.

I know Tomok,
he used to be in this boy band malay jiwang sort of outfit called the new boys.
Never heard not remember any of their songs.
But I do know that his band though popular at one time were the most hated band in the most of Malaysia. With their corny songs and hairstyle they were the prime target of cheesiness. If there was a definition of Jiwang karat and Poyo Tomok and New Boyz would be it.

God I hated them back then.
And when I saw his hairstyle in youtube I couldn't help but remember how I loathe those cheesy hatred feelings. As if his band and he was the embarrassment of the Malay music industry.

Early before the show they showed some interview clips,
there was a part where he was crying. My god man.... Don't be such a wuss.
However it is interesting to note that he said that once during performance the audience threw rocks at him. I heard eggs were also thrown and god knows what else. Heck I can understand why.

But here is the thing...
As much bias I may be about this young man with a cheesy nickname, I have to say.....

Being in one of the most perhaps cheesiest band in the Malay music history and perhaps at one time the most loathed male singer after much attention by Mangga, Huzz and god knows what else he went into oblivion. Fallen from grace, forgotten, a shred of memory.

He came back.
He really did.
And he made it.

The road that he takes,
which is a winding and uncertain, often painful for the Malaysian entertainment industry is not easy.

It really is something,
to come back after your big fall with your face in the mud.
To actually fight back your way into the limelight and climb back up to regain the crown that at one time seemed very distant.

I may despise his hair, his fashion sense and his songs.
But I can't help but admire the fight and determination of this young man.
From being the most loathed male singer in Malaysia to the million dollar man.

I may not like him but I'm a fair person and it is fair to say that this comeback is quite amazing in a way.

Kudos to you,
and may you do well in the future.
Perhaps someday maybe there will be a song that I might like.

There was a time when I will never believe I would say these words but here it goes...

Good Job dude,
You deserved it, you did well and of course............. Welcome back!!

Tahniah bang,
memang patut, persembahan yang baik dan paling utama.............. Selamat Kembali!!