Sinatra_Z - Life

"To me the unhappiest people in the World are those in the watering places, the international watering places like..uhhh..the south coast of France and Newport and Palm Springs and Palm Beach; going to parties every night, playing golf every afternoon, then bridge. Drinking too much, talking too much, thinking too little. Retired. No purpose.

And so, well I know those who will totally disagree with this and say 'gee, boy if I could just be a millionaire that would be the most wonderful thing; if I could just not have to work everyday, if I could just be out fishing or hunting, or playing golf or travelling, that would be the most wonderful life in the world" ....they don't know life; because what makes life mean something is purpose. A goal. The battle. The Struggle, even if you don't win it..."

-Richard Nixon-

It is sad when I see,

That some of those whom I knew and know,

who had a dream, a vision, something to do or change. These people who could be whoever they wanted or aspire to be...

Succumb to superficial dreams, artificial happiness, vanity, narcissism and shallow temporary love.

You know, like the kid who want's to be a musician because he wants to be popular, spending more time on taking picture of himself than playing the tunes. Or that Multi Level Marketing "executive" whose ultimate dream is to drive in a red imported sports car. That rich kid whose ultimate goal is to get attention from everyone in the hottest night club in town.

Maybe it's just me being melancholic,

or just some random rants at 2 O'Clock in the morning.

But it's absolutely sad, when one navigates through life with a broken compass that does not point north, nor south, neither east and not even west. But keeps spinning around at the same point again and again and again.

And as a witness, I find it..... absolutely heartbreaking.


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