Sinatra_Z - TOMMY SKY

I have a friend by the name of Encik Soh Kee Yoong!

He is now known as Tommy.

Hi My name is Tommy! You can call me Tom.

I get to know him from school when we were in the same class in form 2, 2 dinamik was the name of our class. Back then he was only known as Soh Kee Yoong or SOH for short.
Once I called his house and his mother pick up..

"Hello can I speak to Soh please?"

"Ehmm... Which Soh?"

Sekali aku lupa laaaa... Nevermind.

Anyway Soh Kee Yoong like many other teenagers were under the influence of Peer Pressure. Back then (and still is now) it seems to cool to have an England (English lah tu) name before your chinese name even though if you are not a christian.

So Soh wanted to be cool as well,
he wanted to follow the footsteps of Hong Kong singers and actors like Jacky Chan, Anita Mui, Andy Lau, Anthony Wong, Leslie Chung and Jay Chou.

2 Dinamik. Soh is behind the teacher. Photo Courtesy of Encik Lim Yik Ting

When we were in form 4 Soh decided to take the leap and get a new name.
So after some thought Soh Kee Yong approached his fellow friends who was also his gambling and betting kaki's and told them of his new name.

"From now on I shall be known as Thomas Soh!"

Damn gaya right!! Well that's what he thought untill his friends replied..

"Thomas Soh? Hahahaha Why not Thomas Cup? We can give you a nickname wei, Badminton Soh!"

Soh was Broken Hearted.
The name that he thought so hard was became a joke to his friends, what more it is also a name of a Badminton Cup.

Encik Lipas and Encik Tommy.

But Soh being the positive person that he is decided to take it as CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.
So he went back and rethink his name. If the old name sounds like a Badminton Cup then he shall Improvise!!!! BERIMPROVISINGKAN!

Next day Soh came back to his friends and he REannounced his new name.

"From now on I am known as Tommy! Tommy Soh!"

Though it sounds as Ah Beng as one can get but Soh being Soh he manage to hit it up a notch when he also declare that his nickname is..

Tommy Sky, bersempena Tommy Soh Kee Yoong = Tommy Sky

OMG!!! If he dye's his hair blond, I swear I am going to buy VCD from him.

And from then on he would usually introduce himself as
"Hi my name is Tommy Sky, but you can call me Tom."

And even though he was teased by his fellow peers for his peculiar name with jokes like Tom and Jerry lah, Tom Yam lah, Tommy Hilfiger lah, Tommy Sky Kingdom lah and many more. Soh Persevered and gung-ho-ly move on with his life using the name that he choose. Tommy.

Now you might be thinking that Tommy is the derivation of Thomas his earlier name right?
You see I thought of the same thing too. If Thomas sounds like Thomas Cup then Tommy lah, at least it sounds less Badminton. But apparently I was wrong.

years later I found out from where did the name Tommy came from.
And that Soh or Tommy is actually a very thoughtful person thought people may perceive him on the other way.

One night in the car (or van) he told me from where his name came from.

The name Tommy came from here..

Tommy and Laura were lovers he wanted to give here everything Flowers presents and most of all a wedding ring He saw a sign for a stockcar race a thousand dollar prize it read He couldn't get Laura on the phone so to her mother Tommy said Tell Laura I love her tell Laura I need her Tell Laura I may be late I've something to do that cannot wait

He choose that name Tommy,
because he wanted to be like Tommy in the song. A person who when falls in love will give all his heart away and never regrets it.

Indeed there was more to Tommy Sky than first it seems.
It may sound like a corny name but actually it's a thoughtful romantic name.

Encik Choong Meng Fook bersama Tommy (Right).
Don't worry girls Tommy is straight, I'm not sure of Choong though.

Oh and by the way.
Like all hopeless romantic, Tom is still single.
He is 25 years old, funny, naive, loves meeting new people and can karaoke very well.

I mean who knows.... You could be his Laura.


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sempat lagi promote! good friend

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