Sinatra_Z - Adik Abang

Kelmarin saya pergi minum.....
Kami duduk di luar.
Di Tepi Jalan....

Maka di celah-celah angin sepoi-sepoi malan dan karbon dioksida dari kereta maka terkeluarlah kisah ini. Bewl (bukan nama sebenar) pernah satu ketika dahulu berkerja di sebuah syarikat telekomunikasi selepas beliau habis SPM. Sebenarnya tugas dia adalah menjawab telefon, tapi ini bukan pusat bantuan pelanggan (Call centre), tugas dia adalah untuk berborak dan melayan dengan pemanggil itu selama mungkin. Alaaa ni yang macam no telefon 600-88-xxxx, kiranya orang yang kesepian nak luahkan perasaan telefon la nombor ni nak borak-borak atau luahkan perasaan dengan harga yang berpatutan yakni 2 ringgit seminit. Dan Bewl adalah tukang jawabnya. Nama samaran dia adalah Cupid1, jadi lelaki gersang pun telefonlah dan diorang dapat borak dengan Cupid1. Tapi ingat ah ini bukan talian seks dan kalau ada ganguan seksual Cupid1 akan memutuskan panggilan anda.

Jadi Cupid1 ni pun berkerja dengan kawan dia lagi sorang nama Angelfire (bukan nama sebenar) dan mulalah malam tu keluar la cerita-cerita menarik pengalaman berkerja dekat sana. Al-maklumlah kebanyakan yang telefon tu takde kehidupan, kawan atau orang berkerja syif malam pakai telefon syarikat saja-saja. Cupid1 ada cerita tentang satu panggilan menarik antara Angelfire dengan seorang pemanggil lelaki ni.....

(Setelah berbual dalam lebih kurang sejam)

Angelfire "ehh apa la buat pagi-pagi ni"
"Takde apa-apa, bosan tu yang call tu." jawab lelaki misteri.
"Awak tengah buat apa tu?"
"Ala tengah cakap dengan awak la ni." bingkas Angelfire
"Ehh adik abang dah bangun lah.."
"Ohh abang ada adik rupanya" Angelfire
"Eeeerr haah..."
"Oh dia dah bangun ke?"
"Haah dia dah bangun ni.."
"Berapa umur adik abang?"
"ehmm ntahlah...... Sebaya kot."
"Sebaya?? ...... ahhh...."


Angelfire Memutuskan talian.

Sinatra_Z - Painful Moments Adoi!!

Everyday I live my life at a breathtaking pace.
The breathtaking pace goes up a notch when I am late for work as I walk to the office and today was especially breathtaking as I had to climb several flights of stairs.

Ahh yes the exciting life of an Engineer.
Chicks, babes and bling-bling things are a daily affair for us,
Checking out hot babes.... Through the internet...
Listening to Gangsta rap through YouTube getting all ghetto and shit. And sometimes it get's so heated up at the office they would turn on loud techno music and we would have a somewhat mini rave party.. Dancing and grooving between the cubicles, capacitors, servers and wearing a pair orange slippers.

By being this kind of a socialite I have compiled through stories and experiences situation when it seems harmless and amount to nothing much on the surface but pretty painful inside for a guy. Words and sentences uttered by a girl in which may seem harmless and even thoughtful which cause more harm than any good. You might not get it for now but I think things would clear up once you read the examples.... On which we call Painful Moments......

Painful Moment 1

Scenario : A conversation over an internet messaging system

Guy : So I heard you broke up
Girl : Yeah I am so tired of these normal ones, find me a playboy?
Guy : What's up with that?
Girl : I want someone that's not too attached to me and are pretty good with sweet talks and stuff.
Guy : hmm.... How about Chayson(not his real name)? He's pretty player and since he knows you well he sure knows how to pamper you and stuff.
Girl : Naah..
Guy : Why?
Girl : Well... We hang our alot and do thing together and I like him. But he is my friend and I appreciate him so I dont want to ruin that you know. He is really nice and stuff.

ADOI PAIN!!! for Chayson. Being Appreciated does not sound sexy! I am pretty sure Chayson would rather
be called a sexy non committed asshole than an appreciated friend.

Painful Moment 2

Girl -
"I really like talking to you, you know what to say and really understand me. I think you are very WISE.."

ADOI PAIN!!! for wise person.
Come on when one say WISE the things that comes to the mind would be long bearded old man sitting on a hill spewing out things using fancy words. When was the last time you heard someone get shagged because he was so wise.

Wise = Gandalf, Yoda and Aristotle. Not Sexy.

Painful Moment 3

Girl talking to another girl
"You know when I was in the dumps he was there when everyone else was gone. He helped find my way back. He is like my rock and he was there listening to me and consoling me like a father figure."

ADOI PAIN!!! Father Figure... Seriously I have not met a chick who liked someone because he reminds her of her DAD! A guy would rather be called an asshole than a fatherly figure.

Painful Moment 4

Girl -
"Thank you for helping me out, you're like the brother I never had!"

ADOI PAIN!!! Unless she is into incest or a hufe fan of a comic series called Super Taboo chances are you are screwed my friend.

Painful Moment 5

Girl : Thank you for helping me out.
Guy : Nah don't sweat it. It's nothing.
Girl : No seriously it's a very nice thing you did for me. You are like the nicest guy that I know.

ADOI PAIN!!! Remember kids, Nice Guys Finish Last. Yeah she thinks you are a nice guy and guess what nice guys get... A thank you card and a heart shaped chocolate with the writing "Friends Forever"

Painful Moment 6

Girl -
"You know, whoever that ends up with you someday would be a very lucky girl indeed."

ADOI PAIN!!! Yes sparky, it's a hint that says "apparently I am not lucky enough." Bad Luck for you.

Other Painful Phrases and term that one should try their best to avoid.. If you have a somewhat feelings to that particular lady.

Best Friend
Someone I can talk to
Someone I really respect
Can't we be friends instead
A shoulder I can lean on
Shopping Buddies

So I hope you have learned something new today and feel free to share any stories or experience feel free to share it here. Either you are at the receiving end or the person who unknowingly dealt a blow of Painful Moment but just realised it today.

Till Then.............

Do you know chicks actually dig guys who can play musical instruments. Unless of course you play the Trumpet or trombone and no, being in a marching band does not count either.

Sinatra_Z - The New Pariah

Just recently Americans have elected a new President whose tag line and motto is Change. Americans are rejoicing and excited at this new change for the first time ever they have elected a president of an African descendant (well partly) when just 50 years ago this would be unthinkable. Indeed the Americans needed a change in policy with two wars going on and a crumbling financial system on the brink. The world praised and rejoiced at this new president in which he stands as the symbol of hope and change and even create a somewhat buzz in Malaysia. However I am not here to write or join this wave of praise, optimism or chant along "Change is here!" No... In fact I am pretty sure you can find plenty others for that nor am I here to give a negative forecast on this new presidency.

It all started one night at a company dinner in which the big boss was commenting on the recent American Presidential Election. It was a minor detail to many but to him (and to me) it is something very significant. I can't remember the exact quote of what my boss said but this is what he observed or noticed amidst the excitement and election campaigns...

Voters did not seem to mind his skin colour, in fact the love him more because of that which is good, they cut through the racial boundary which has been a barrier in many other nations. They did not seem to mind to the fact that his father was not an American but an African because they believe in the American Dream and the fact that Barrack Obama is an true blue American. They did not mind to the fact that he served just one term in the Senate and had very little impact or policy making decisions that changed the nation when compare to his rivals. They wanted a change, they wanted a new fresh face who is not tainted with the politics of capitol hill. They didn't mind all that......

Until people began to point that his Father was a Muslim.
His was schooled once in a muslim nation and the fact that as some pointed out and began jeering his full name as Barrack Hussein Obama.

His campaign had to go all they way in denying vehemently that is influenced by Islam or the fact that his father nor his father's believe had influenced nothing in his world view. They denied vehemently anything that has to do with Islam and some crazy republicans supporter even began to distrust him because they as he is too much of an Arab.

Remember that lady at one of the McCain campaign..

To me it's fine for him to deny and really announce that he has nothing to do with being a Muslim as he should clarify what he truly believe in. He is not a muslim and he should not be tied to something he feels he has no relation to. However I couldn't help but wonder will it cause the same effect if he was a somewhat Bhuddist, Hindu, Atheist or the fact that his father was an Irish Catholic, Jew or even French. I don't think his campaign would go all out in trying to separate his ancestry if indeed his rivals pointed out that his father was a drunken Scotsman who wears purple kilts with yellow polka dots and shaves his leg.

It seems as if,
Perception...... Because in politics perception is everything,
It's fine to have a president regardless of his skin colour, family background or religion just as long as it has nothing to do with being an Arab or a Muslim.

The Muslims are the new Pariah.

Let's take a look at the Muslims around the world. We are either killing each other, poor, being run by a dictator or getting rich by using oil money. The Arabs say that they are against the Israel occupation of Palestine and even some say to the extent of anti antisemitism but they kill more Arabs than any Jew. Sunni and Shiah, Hamas and Fatah, Taliban and Northern Alliance and etc.. Hey you disagree with a politician in Pakistan just kill him, say Allah Huakbar and blow yourself you will be in Jannah my brother because the Mullah says so! We are so pathetic that we are incapable of even making the weapons that we use to kill our own brothers, we have to buy them. So don't be surprised, if we are indeed they new pariah.

The world was getting all excited at this wave of "CHANGE" hoping that things would be different with this new president. Don't hope for a foreign president to change the situation in your homeland it wont happen. You want change, you yourself have to make it. Do not depend on others to it. Barrack Obama can't really solve the hunger and pain in Africa, only Africans can do that. Like it or not Barrack Obama is an American first and foremost, he is the elected President of the United States of America so his top priority before anything else is the American Citizens and for now more than ever with big problems back home.

The truth is...
Muslims are the new Pariah,
Don't pin your hopes at some foreign leader just because he looks different from the previous one.

Change is not measured by the colour of the skin,
Change does not happen through impressive eloquent speeches in campaign rally.
Change happens through actions and policies.

Perhaps it's time we stop with the mullah talk on why this muslim is more islam that that person or debate fatwa's on some ridiculuous tedious things like why can men wear a ring or whether you will burn in hell because you wear baggy pants. I don't think one would be a apostate just because he wears a shiny ring.

It is really pathetic when fellow Sunni's or Shiites kill each other using weapons they buy from the Russians and Americans. In fact I consider an improvement if we can at least make our own gun to kill our fellow muslims.

Notice that 'Santau' or Sihir can only work amongst Malays and Malay restaurants or some dingy small rival sundry shop. I mean if the bomoh or santau is so powerful and dangerous how come they never use it against rivals like McDonals, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Hypermarkets. It seems that a Santau can only from one small nasi lemak stall to another small nasi lemak stall and they both must be malay.

Sinatra_Z - Muhammad, Jesus and Pagans.

I went to the Federal Territory mosque the other day to listen to this funny Texan dude who looked like Santa Claus. He was Yusuf Estes and he was a former preacher. I learned alot about Islam that night and he really cleared things up. How I wish our Ulamaks were more like him.

One thing that really struck a chord with me that night was when he pointed out this tiny point that many failed to notice...

Muhammad was an Arab from the Quraysh tribe. He was born in Mecca and grew up there. The Quraysh as of the rest of the tribes in the Arabian Peninsular at that time were pagans.

He spent most of his life in Mecca except when made the Hijra (migration) to Madinah (Medina). Almost all of his preaching are done in either Mecca or Medina.

In his preaching he told them about Jesus (Isa), his miracle birth, Mary, his miracles, his people and his book (The bible). And how Jesus was preaching the teachings of god and that he was a messenger of god. One of the greatest messengers of god. In great detail.

In fact Muhammad made it very clear that they are to held high respect of Jesus (Isa) that whenever his name is mentioned they would utter "Peace be upon him"

Now here comes the interesting point.

Muhammad was not trying to convert Christians, he was trying to convert Pagans.

So why in the world would Muhhamad preach to these pagans about Jesus when they have never even heard of him nor couldn't care less who he was.

Think about it......

- Interesting point no?

Sinatra_Z - Internet Wisdom

Indeed wisdom can be found anywhere.. In the ripples of the water, the sound of the wind, a wise old man sitting on a hill and even in the eyes of a smelly drunken HoBo. Alas one of the hardest place to find wisdom is the Internet, where it is filled with dumb crap, porn, lame youtube videos, political propaganda websites and dubious statutory declarations. But alas there is a Malay saying that goes "Seek and ye shall find, given if you search for it using your eyes and not your knee you *&#$&$ Moron!" Or you can just google it!

*Explanation : This is a question asked by a person using the nickname Kieran P in Yahoo Answers. In Yahoo Answers Yahoo users can ask random question and fellow yahooligans (yahoo users) will the provide the answers. This note highlights some of the answers given. To see the original post go to :

Original Link =

Kieran P asked :
What's the DEADLIEST martial arts..?
want to know the DEADLIEST martial arts, not the BEST, mainly because i wanna toughen myself up...

My cousin is currently learning Praying Mantis & I understand you need to be 16 to learn because it's so dangerous...

So which is the deadliest..Or what is the best way to toughen myself up..?

Some of the awesome answer :

Dirty D :
Join the Marines. You'll learn all about bein' tough over there and you'll learn the deadliest Martial Art of all, pulling the trigger. What's more since there's a war going on you'll also get to go use what you learned in a reality based enviroment like Iraq or Afghanistan.

Should you survive to come back you'll come back with the knowledge that life isn't all about wanting to be a bad azz mofo and wanting to walk in to stereotypical biker bars doing a Rowdy Roddy Piper impersonation spouting off jibberish about kicking azzes and chewing bubble gum.

Then my friend your education is complete.

L Z answers :
To learn the deadliest martial art, you must train under the worlds most deadly martial artist - Chuck "Beard of Fury" Norris!

P/S -
Takkan lari gunung dikejar melainkan dikejar Dr M!!!
Chuck Norris counted to infinity TWICE!!

Sinatra_Z - Asal dan Akar

Asal dan Roh perjuangan......................

Anak kecil main api
terbakar hatinya yang sepi
air mata darah bercampur keringat
bumi dipijak milik orang

nenek moyang kaya raya
tergadai seluruh harta benda
akibat sengketa sesamalah kita
cinta lenyap di arus zaman

indahnya bumi kita ini
warisan berkurun lamanya
hasil mengalir ketangan yang lain
pribumi merintih sendiri

masa depan sungguh kelam
kan lenyap peristiwa semalam
tertutuplah hati terkunci mati
maruah peribadi sudah hilang

kini kita cuma tinggal kuasa
yang akan menentukan bangsa
bersama berbakti
pulih kembali harga diri

kini kita sudah tiada masa
majulah dengan gagah
janganlah terlalai
teruskan usaha
melayukan gagah dinusantara
....melayukan gagah di nusantara

Sinatra_Z - S Jibeng di malam sepi

Siri Kisah Cinta

Setelah penat berkeja keras menonton anime sepanjang malam dan mencari maklumat-maklumat tidak penting melalui internet saya mengambil keputusan untuk tidur. Pada malam yang sejuk itu baru sahaja selepas hujan turut kedengaran bunyi-bunyian unggas perlahan di balik tabir malam. Oleh kerana asrama saya terletak di sebelah ladang kelapa sawit macam-macam bunyi-bunyian yang muncul di kala malam.

Kugiran Unggas Malam......

Tengah saya baru sahaja nak melelapkan mata, berguling-guling, menggaru-garu dan memeluk bantal secara halus terdengar bunyi lagu melayu mendayu-dayu menusuk di telinga mengusik kalbu. Sial betullah budak-budak nih! Kalau nak main lagu pun tak payahlah kasi orang lain dengar, nasib baik malam itu saya penat dan tiada tenaga hendak pergi memaki-hamun pelajar baru. Tapi sedang nak melelapkan mata, terdengar lagu-lagu yang dimainkan tu... macam kenal je. Saya macam pernah dengar semua lagu-lagu yang dimainkan itu dan lagu-lagu yang saya dengar memang jarang orang pasang.

"Macam datang dari bilik Pon jer?"

Oleh kerana bilik Pon (bukan nama sebenar) masih berlampu saya pun mengambil keputusan untuk menziarah beliau kerana menziarah adalah amalan baik jiran tetangga. Sampai saya masuk bilik pun saya ternampak komputer beliau memainkan lagu-lagu yang diambil dari komputer saya....

Z: "Peh ko no pon, patutlah aku dengar macam kenal je lagu-lagu tu rupanya ko yang main Pon,.. cheh"

"Wei sorry ah kalau aku main kuat, nanti aku perlahankan sikit."

"Alaa rilek ah Pon, bukanya kacau sangat lagipun ko bukan main lagu metal, ko main lagu S Jibeng lah pun buat lagi mengantuk ada laa.. hahaha."

"Aku ambik dari ko gak, tapi layan gak lagu ni..."

"Ni Pon apahal tiba-tiba ko dengar lagu Si Jibeng memalam buta ni?"

"Alah saja je, aku tengah buat kerja ni layan la."

"ko ni ke baru clash dengan awek ni?"

"Clash... Boleh kata lebih kurang macam tu la kot."

"Baik ko slow talk dengan aku ni, apa cerita lah ni tetiba la ko dengar lagu Selamat tinggal pujaan ni.. apa jadi ni pun hebat sangat ke clash ko nih?"

"Ye lah awek aku, yang aku dah couple dah dekat 5 tahun lebih dulu dah clash dah dengan aku.. atau lebih kurang macam tu la."

Hah aku agak dah! (dalam hati)

"Mak aih 5 tahun lebih, dahsyat. Apahal lah clash? Dia dapat tahu yang lesbian ke?"

"Pale hangguk kau!" (Bentak Pun yang tengah melayan jiwa itu)

"Takdelah del, aku... ahhh... ok lah aku bagitau ko lah. Besok, ex awek aku tu, nak.... kahwin."


"Ah terdiam kau"

"Peh apahal lah tetiba je nih?"

"Takdelah awek aku tu mak dia dah bising bila aku nak grad nih, lama tak tahan gaduh-gaduh kitorang putus sebab mak dia dah rekomen dia kat orang lain malas nak tunggu aku."

"Nak buat caman Pun, dah bukan jodoh ko kan."

"Betullah tu, aku faham... tapi dah ribu-ribu dah aku habis dengan dia, belum kira masa lagi."

"Wah apa ko beli dia berlian ke apa?"

"Bukanlah, tapi ye lah SMS lah, calling-calling lah, siap pergi rumah dia lah jumpa family apa semua, tiba-tiba beberapa bulan lepas aku dengar dia nak putus dengan aku. Dia kata dia dah bertunang aku pun apahal lah ni... Aku dah siap bawak dia jumpa mak aku tu."

"Dia tak larat kot tunggu ko."

"Takdelah, aku tinggal last semester pun, sikit je lagi kurang-kurang kasi la aku chan habis belajar dulu lepas tu kalau tak jadi takpelah, ini dah nak hujung dah tiba-tiba potong. Habis usaha aku, tenaga, investment 5 tahun lebih hancur hilang."

"Ko ada cuba suruh dia pikir balik ke lepas tunang tu."

"Mesti lah ada, lebih dari cuba."

"Nanti aku tak faham ni dia tetiba bertunang ni, dia dah ada lelaki lain ke masa korang couple dulu?"

"Bukan ni mak dia rekomen.. Budak kampung dia."

"alaa ko tak bolehlah marah dia, mak dia suruh kan bukan dia yang beria-ria sangat. Ko paham je lah budak perempuan nih."

"Tapi dia boleh kata tak nak kan....... Kalau dia betul-betul tak nak apa mak dia nak buat...."

"Hmm... betul jugak."

Maka buat seketika saya kelu seribu bahasa, Pon yang cukup bijak menyorokkan duka beliau dari orang lain melainkan beberapa yang tertentu. Tapi pada malam itu, mungkin, terlalu duka untuk berdiam diri. Maka saya yang tidak tahu lagi apa nak cakap hanya mampu senyum dan berkata

"Takpelah Pon, takde rezeki, benda ni bukan kita boleh agak sangat pun."

"Aku faham, aku dah lama dah lepaskan dia, tapi macam malam ni alaa saja je la kasi tangkap perasaan sikit."

"Ini memang betul-betul selamat tinggal pujaan ni Pon! hahahaha, ko cuba la try pergi nyanyi lagu ni kat kenduri dia, mesti meriah."

"Meriah sangat!"

Maka saya pun memakai selipar Jepun jenama Osaki saiz 11 dan dengan perlahan meninggalkan bilik Pon, dan dalam sayup-sayup malam Pon memainkan kembali lagu S-Jibeng itu. Takpelah, malam ni biarlah dia main lagu tu..........

Selamat tinggal pujaan
Selamat kau berbahagia
Hidup di samping si dia
Kasih baru yang kau puja

Kini tibalah masanya
Ku tetap bermohon diri
Agar kau tak bercuriga
Pada ku kau lupa saja

Tak guna bersedih
Tak guna kau kenang lagi
Biar ku bersendiri
Membawa perasaan hati

Selamat tinggal puspita
Selamat kau selamanya
Hanya satu yang ku pinta
Senyuman manis yang mesra

Maaflah kalau kisah cinta yang saya tulis selalunya cerita sedih. Bukan saya takde cerita pasal nak tackle awek ke atau cerita yang gembira sikit pasal kawan saya yang player ni. Ada jugak cerita-cerita macam tu, walaupun ada kisah tentang perhubungan lelaki dan perempuan.. tapi cerita itu semua bukanlah kisah cinta.

Sinatra_Z - Duniawi dan Ustazah

Maaflah saya sebab menulis di waktu pejabat. Jangan risau ni kali pertama saya buat macam ni. Jadi jangan marah haa..... Lain kali tak buat lagi. Tapi sambil melihat kawan-kawan memakan asap dekat tempat Tengku Ritaudeen Robertson III melepak telah medapat sebuah Ilham.

Dulu Ustazah selalu marah sebab nak ponteng kelas agama untuk latihan Koir. Dia kata "isk kamu ni semua pergi kejar yang Duniawi. Ni ilmu akhirat dekat sini ha."

Sebenarnya bukan Ustazah tu conservative atau ingatkan bahawa kelab koir merupakan platform Puan Chew untuk kerja-kerja mubaligh penyebaran ajaran kristian protestant dan memperkenalkan kata-kata jesus melalui aktiviti muda mudi. Tidak ustazah saya bukan berfikiran begitu walaupun Puan Chew ketika itu memang melakukan aktiviti berkenaan keatas pelajar-pelajar bukan berbangsa melayu dan mereka turut serta sebab nak mengorat awek-awek dekat church Puan Chew.

Ustazah bengang sebab cikgu mana tak sakit hati bila pelajar dia berduyun-duyun bagi alasan nak ponteng kelas dia. Kata main bola lah, koir lah, latihan hoki lah ataupun kerja-kerja amal. Haii sejak bila diorang ni aktif dalam kegiatan kemasyarakatan, hang heran nye tu aktif bila kelas dia je lah pun. Barangkali yang menambah kebengangan dia ialah apabila Zighraf (bukan nama sebenar) menanya kepada Ustazah..

"Ustazah.. kawan saya kan, bukan saya lah.. dia pergi main kuda kan ustazah, dia guna modal 10 ringgit. Lepas tu Ustazah dia kalah 9 ringgit, dia nak belah dah tapi alang-alang dia habiskanlah baki seringgit tu. Lepas tu ustazah dia menang 30 ringgit. Dia pun pergi kedai mamak lepas tu tukar duit sen seringgit tu jadi duit kertas lepas tu dia ambik duit 10 ringgit sebab tu modal dia. Jadi duit 10 ringgit dia ambik tu halal la kan ustazah?"

kawan aku menyampuk
"Peh ko ingat ko tukar duit kuda kat kedai mamak jadi duit halal lah ye? Pale hangguk ko!"

Ye Uztazah aku memang jiwanya tidak tenang melihat anak-anak muda islam dibawahnya ala-ala yahudi mabuk....

"Isk kamu ni tu semua duniawi tu.."

"Alaa ustazah berak pun duniawi jugak."

ye kawan-kawan saya dulu masa sekolah memang macam sial. Sekarang pun masih sama lagi.. bila la nak insaf. Kami dulu tak jahat laa... cuma Nakal.. Macam Inul Daratista la, dia tak jahat cuma nakal... Auwww....

para penonton
bapak-bapak ibu-ibu semuanya
jangan heran kalo inul sedang goyang
rada panas, agak seksi

para penonton
bapak-bapak ibu-ibu
semua yang ada di sini

ada yang bilang
dangdut tak goyang
bagai sayur tanpa garam
dari itu inul goyang
agar semuanya senang

bagi yang kurang berkenan
melihat inul bergoyang
jangan marah, maafkanlah

para penonton
bapak-bapak ibu-ibu
semua yang ada di sini
goyang yuk


Najis Mughallazah - Najis Berat (najis babi dan anjing)
Najis Mukhaffafah - Najis Ringan (air kencing budak)
Najis Mutawassitah - Najis Pertengahan (najis manusia atau bangkai)

Tambahan kawan aku
Najis MuttawaGeli - ludah, kurik hidung, sendawa lepas tu tiup kat orang dan cabut bulu ketiak dalam kelas.

Sinatra_Z - Tengku Ritaudeen Robertson III

Tengku Ritaudeen Robertson III sedang menggaru-garu pada benda keras.

Nama : Tengku Ritaudeen Robertson III

Umur : 9 Tahun

Jantina : Dalam cerita Jantan tapi silap jantina sebenar ialah "GIRL"

Hobi : Baring-baring, garu-garu pada benda keras, guling-guling dan meniarap perut atas lantai yang sejuk.

Warna Kegemaran : Ungu Lavender

Jenis lagu yang diminati : Dangdut Metal, rentak lagu asli rakyat Finland, Enka dan S Jibeng.

Tempat Tinggal : Depan Pejabat sebelah Pejabat Penulis.

Tengku Ritaudeen Robertson III sedang baring-baring

Tengku Ritaudeen Robertson III sedan meniarap perutnya pada lantai yang sejuk.

Penulis bersama Tengku Ritaudeen Robertson III

Tengku Ritaudeen Robertson III sedang memikirkan tentang masa depan yang silau.

P/S - Tiada kucing sebenar yang dicederakan atau terkorban dalam pembikinan cerita Catatan Seekor Kucing. Tiada kena mengena antara yang hidup dan mati melainkan ilham semata-mata. Jangan saman aku 30 juta.

Sinatra_Z - Quotes of the day

Quote 1 -
Don't worry about it, I'm used to being rejected it's being accepted that I am not prepared for.

Quote 2 -
Bukan soal aku dah ada awek ke belum, Falsafah dan konsep aku lain,bagi aku macam ni, Awek dah ada aku, sekarang apa diorang nak buat dekat aku itulah persoalanya. Terpulang kepada diorang. Aku terbuka takdak hal punya buatlah apa pun saya terima seadanya.

Quote 3 -
Rumah aku memang takde orang pun.

Peh kita bagus la kau, kalau orang lain dah bawak perempuan dah.

Masaalahnya perempuan taknak ikut aku balik.

Hahahahaha ye lah yang kau bawak balik laki, aku pulak tu, kalau gay pun orang tak percaya sebab dengan jambang ni.

Kalau aku gay pun aku yakin ko tak akan diapa-apakan.

Peh sedih sial! Ahahahahaha

Quote 4 -
Peh ko ni memang sial, aku kalau jumpa ko dengan ular aku pukul ko dulu.

Aku ular tak muncul lagi pun dah pukul ko dah. Tak payah ada ular pun.

Sinatra_Z - Catatan Seekor Kucing (Sambungan)

Diari Kak N (Diari buku warna biru beli kat Giant Hypermarket)

16 Jun - Tadi Boss suruh beli kopi cap kapal layar ah menyampah N, kopi tu tak best sebab dia ada tongkat ali, mana sesuai untuk "Girl" minum. Hari ni memang tak best, pagi-pagi orang sebelah boleh pulak bergaduh dekat handphone dengan awek dia yang ke berapa entah pelik pulak nampak budak lelaki pakai seluar pendek rambut kusut masai mata merah pagi pagi dan jerit "Ehh.. Ehh Dengar sini, awak dengar sini, ye Saya Cintakan Awak BABY!" Nasib baik Bobo (tengku ritaudeen roberstson III) ada sejuk sikit hati, hari ni dia manja banyak meow!

18 Jun - Pagi tadi ingat nak buat dokumen office budget tapi tak jadi sebab boss tak datang hari ni, dia MC, jadi N pun terpaksalah call Kak M dan bergossip pasal kononya Ramli ada affair dengan Cik Firra tapi diorang dah clash, tak sangka pulak mula-mula nampak diorang tu macam very der solid tak sangka pulak. Mungkin takde jodoh kot, tapi kak M saspek Ramli tu sebenarnya GAY..... Alahai tak sangka pulak aku...

23 Jun - Hari ni pagi-pagi bobo dah tunggu depan office N, dia nampak macam lapar sangat tak tahulah kenapa. Kesian bobo, ye lah semalam kan N cuti takdelah dia makan, ahh kucing dengan Jejanz sama je bila dia nak sesuatu dia datang lah bila dah puas dah dapat makan hah hilang. Menyampah!

27 Jun - Ehhh berita panas, sangat panas macam karipap ayam yang jual dekat corner jalan masuk depan bank muamalat tu. Norman Hakim dah kena tangkap basah, eeh memang dasar jantan miang, mentang-mentang hensem dan misai lebat sampai hati dia buat kat Abby macam tu. Kalau N jadi mak dia N mesti dah cubit-cubit sepak-sepak Norman tu tau. Dahlah dia ada anak, kalau anak kucing takpe jugak ni anak dah 3 ok tolong sikit!

1 Julai - Tadi lepas N habis breakfast lebih kurang dekat pukul 11.15 am ada nampak orang berkumpul... kenapa agaknya tu? Oh hari ni lupa nak kasi the Cats makan.......

Nukilan Gadis Jaket (

12 Jun - Langit yang menggapai biru dicelahi kepulan awan putih bagaikan gula-gula kapas yang sangat aku ingin makan sewaktu kecil. Gula-gula kapas mengingatkan aku tentang FunFair, pesta ria muda-mudi dan pasar malam. Ah sangat teringin aku menggapai langit biru dan memakan kepulan awam, mengunyah dalam mulutku ini...... Alangkah indahnya hidup sekiranya boleh buat begitu.

17 Jun - Angin panas dan kucing di hapadan pejabat. Kucing putih celorang kelabu ini berguling-guling di atas lantai yang sejuk. Perut tertiarap mencari ketenangan. Menggeliat. Ahh aku sangat teringin jadi kucing. Tak perlu dibebankan dengan perasaan berat. Hanya fikir tentang makan dan guling-guling. Bila penat menggeliat.

21 Jun - Tangisan dalam pancuran air mandi keluar tidak dirancang mahupun diduga. Hatiku terdetik memanggil dia, teringat bagaimana tanganya pernah membelai pipiku serta rambutku. Hati ini terguris, macam gadis emo hendak saja aku menoreh tanganku. Namun aku penakut, aku tak suka darah aku tak berani sakit. Biarlah hatiku menganggu segala sengsara perasaan, memang aku cuba untuk melupakan dirimu tapi apakan daya kau sekali sekala menghantui diriku di tempat tidak terduga di masa tidak tersangka.

25 Jun - Lelaki, walaupun cepat membesar tapi lambat matang, otak macam kanak-kanak riang Tora dan Din-Dang terpengaruh dengan pujukan Mat Sentul membeli coklat tak sedap semata-mata untuk mainan bodoh. Melepak di kaki lima menghisap rokok konon cool macam James Dean, James Bond tak pun paling kurang Jamal Abdillah. Mata konon melilau buat-buat macam pandang tak pandang. Biasalah manusia suka melihat dan memerhati membuat kesimpulan serta pendapat yang aku tak ingin tahu dalam otak lelaki. Berlendir Kuning! Macam telur setengah masak! Tapi aku terlihat yang seorang main dengan kucing itu, walaupun badanya besar tapi mukanya comel seolah lelaki beriman, macam tak peduli, macam budak kecil baru dapat arnab. Malang sekali, aku dengar dia orang kuat Barisan Nasional. Aku benci politikus! Aku berjiwa seni, berhati kuntum dan berperasaan halus.

29 Jun - Aku suka teh bunga, angin malam, kucing depan pejabat dan mandi selepas berpeluh. Aku benci kerja bodoh, asap rokok, traffic jam dan karipap ayam yang tiada inti ayam.

1 Julai - Ahh...... Mengapa duka sering sekali menyelubungi hatiku, pergi dengan tiba-tiba, seperti banyak kisah pertembungan alam dan manusia sering sekali kita (makhluk manusia) merosakkan sekitar. Janglanlah kau pergi, lawanlah, aku ingin melihat kau berguling-guling, berbaring dan menjilat bulumu buat hari-hari berikutnya. Tolonglah, jangan pergi......

Catatan Seekor Kucing - Tengku Ritaudeen Roberton III

14 Jun - Ah hari ni aku jumpa kawasan simen baru yang sejuk, tempat yang sesuai untuk aku menyejukkan perut selepas makan. Ahhh......... He he he.... eh silap ..... meow

17 Jun - Farid kucing kekampungan yang duduk dekat bangunan seberang datang menziarah aku. Kami berbincang tentang masaalah politik sekitar kawan hulu kelang, kononnya dia banyak dengar kisah-kisah tentang kawasan ayah aku. Nampaknya perebutan kuasa kuat antara Megat Iskandar Zulkarnain kucing Parsi dari lorong belakang Haji Tapah dengan Tan Sri Bernard Dompok kucing jingga celorang hitam yang merupakan ketua cawangan kedai makan Deens dekat pos ofis lama. Mereka tengah berebut Jawan Ketua Bahagian Hulu Kelang barat, ayah aku tak nak masuk campur katanya. Farid dengar cerita ni sebab kawan baik dia punya kakak selalu melepak dengan sedara belah mak jiran dia iaitu orang kanan Bernard Dompok. Farid ada terdengar yang kakak kawan baik dia ada cerita kat kawan baik dia yang kakak dia terdengar jiran sebelah punya sedara belah mak yang orang kanan Bernard Dompok tengah risau pasal haritu adik angkat Megat Iskandar Zulkarnain sudah buat hal nak tunjuk kuasa dekat anak lelaki bini nombor 2 Bernard Dompok masa diorang terserempak dekat longkang sebelah MRR2 dekat Flyover simpang nak masuk kat Giant Hypermarket tu. Jadi sekarang sudah bikin panas la kawan... haii... nasib baiklah aku dah keluar dari dunia tu.

21 Jun - Kak N hari ni kasi aku makan perisa lain. Ada rasa macam kambing pun ada, Eh nanti kucing tahu ke rasa kambing? Ah lantaklah janji makanan, jadi aku pun meow lah.

25 Jun - Tadi aku rasa macam nak ubah selera jadi aku pun pergi melepak kat gerai nasi lemak (Eh kucing pun tahu nasik lemak ke?) dekat belakang sana. Aku nampak ada manusia perempuan ni tengah makan jadi aku pun meow kat dia nak mintak sikit. Ada ke dia bagi aku timun, dia kata timun ni bagus untuk kesihatan. Kalau bagus ko la makan, cis dah besar pun tak nak makan sayur! Lepas tu kan dia kasi aku telur, kalau telur kuning pun takpe jugak ni dia kasi telur putih, aku pun bengang lepas tu aku blah dari situ.

29 Julai - Hari ni aku makan, guling-guling, mengeliat, meow dekat kak N, guling-guling, baring-baring, borak ngan Farid, lepas tu meow kat kak orang-orang makan asap tepi longkang, diorang kasi aku biskut manis. Ahh hari yang sungguh produktif dan memenatkan.

1 Julai - Eh ada benda pelik kat tengah tu, apa tu? hmm..... aku pun bau..... apa ni? Macam coklat pun ada.... CHet! Taik si Farid rupanya! Apa ke bangan punya kucing pergi berak dekat tengah jalan.... bodoh.... Eh... alamak.... Apabal benda ni makin laju datang kat aku.. mana aku nak lompat ni kiri ke kanan ............... adoi............ Apahal gelap ni, apa aku langgar...... ehh....

Perbualan Jurutera-Jurutera Sepi (Dialog orang-orang makan asap)

17 Jun -

Zacute : Smokers United!! Jom!!

Carbonara : Pinjam Lighter..

Zacute : Hamilton menang siot..

Carbonara: Ko biar betul,

Zacute : Betul oo Ferarri dan melompat dah seiap celebrate sekali dia potong dari belakang masuk tempat kelima terus tak jadi melompat.. hahahahahaha..... Memang pawn ass!

19 Jun -

Jibone : Ok aku ada satu teka teki

Lipas : Ahh kasi!

Jibone : Dalam banyak-banyak ikan, ikan apa ada escalator?

Carbonara & Lipas : Ikan Yu - Salah, Ikan buntal - Salah, Lori Ikan - Salah, pasar ikan - salah, kilang memproses snek perisa ikan - salah!

Carbonara - Habis tu?

Jibone - Ikano Power Centre.

Lipas tunjuk jari tengah dan masuk balik dalam pejabat.

24 Jun -

Lipas : Ko rasa sapa yang paling lawa la atau Hot kat syarikat kita ni?

Carbonara : Entahlah aku susah nak klasifikasikan Hot itu. Aku rasa takde, ko rasa siapa hot?

Lipas : Nak kata hot atau cantik tu takdelah tapi kalau cute ada sorang kat ofis kita ni.

Carbonara: Siapa?

Lipas : Aku!

Carbonara tunjuk jari tengah dan masuk ofis.

25 Jun -

Zacute : Eh dia pakai jaket warna merah la hari ni.

Carbonara : Tu bukan seluar semalam ke?

Zacute : Recycle maa, tak payah basuh banyak kali. Lagi ok dari ko pakai baju kelmarin konon aku tak sedar la..

Carbonara : Siot la ko!

Zacute : Peh tak sangka aku ada engineer yang hot macam ni.

Carbonara : Mana ko nak pilih antara dia ke atau Abby Abadi.

Zacute: Kahwin ke?

Carbonara : Tak lah, kita nak affair je la..

Zacute : Aku pilih Abby sebab Abby adalah seorang Hot Momma!! Ahhhh...... Barulah scandal.

Lipas : Meow, Meow... MEOW!!!!!!!!!!

1 Julai -

Carbonara : Ko rasa dia masih hidup lagi ke ni?

Lipas : Entah macam nampak dia bernafas lagi ni, apa kata ko bagi dia CPR..

Carbonara : CPR nak pakai tongue ke atau just Lips?

Lipas : damn!

Zacute : Eh dia ni hidup lagi ni.. Nampak perut dia gerak tengah nafas tu...

Jibone : Peh mercedes tu langar dia, kalau kancil tu boleh tahan lagi.

Lipas: Nak kena telefon polis ke?

Zacute : Telefon Ambulans laa....


Sinatra_Z - Of Nation and Astronaut

Note : "Sambungan kepada cerita catatan seekor kucing terpaksa ditangguhkan pada malam esok kerana saya tidak ada ilham untuk meletakkan diri dalam pandangan seekor kucing pada malam ini. Tengoklah kalau besok saya rasa saya ibarat seekor kucing yang comel maka adalah sambungan cerita berkenaan, malah kan bagus kalau anda dapat baca cerita menarik pada hari berkerja terakhir minggu ini (bersempena hadi Jumaat) di pejabat anda (saya tahu kebanyakan anda membaca blog orang di ofis sambil pakai internet pejabat)."

A Nation and an Astronaut

After seeing Barrack Obama elected as the next president of United States I immediately took half day off at work not to celebrate his victory but because it was about to rain and it's nice to sleep in a rainy afternoon, plus I still had 13.5 days of holidays left. I still think Hillary Clinton or Ron Paul would be a better president but hey congratulations nonetheless to you Americans. There is a sense of renewed patriotism there and it made me think of our small nation which shares similar things like the same federal government system and striped flag. Patriotism and nationalism is something very rarely heard these days in our political arena. Perhaps due to the problems faced by our nation the Malaysian people are getting rather cynical these days. Just take a look at our blogs, it's either about some random person who is angry at someone or something, another thinking he has the brains and much more smarter than the political leaders or some yuppie trying to write poetry and artsy fartsy emo sensitive writings.

It's kind of sad when I think about it these days, when I grew up under the Mahathir Administration as which of most of you too, I had a sense of excitement, hope and something big to look forward to. These was the days of Malaysia Boleh in which at that time I really believed that we can do anything, Absolutely Anything if we really set our mind to it. Even though the term "Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia Can)" was coined from a cocoa beverage as a marketing tool it somewhat had a magic touch towards a whole generation. It started personally for me when our family bought a spanking brand new Proton Saga the first Malaysian Made Car, the plate number was WBN 5013 after he sold off his Toyota. I can still remember the lecture he gave that one time when we were driving back to Ipoh during hari raya using the new spanking North South PLUS highway, he said that it used to take up to 8 hours for the journey by road during hari raya and now it's just over 2 hours. These were the days of climbing the highest mountains, winning the Thomas Cup and when people still watched Malaysian Football. Now it seems that nothing much is going around, the sense of negativity and pessimism are high whenever it comes to anything. Everyone is a critic it seems and people are more concerned with Manchester United and Chelsea.

I too contributed to this pessimistic behaviour and I too understand that projects and adventure are not the only measure of hope and dreams. Democracy, Judiciary revamp, national identity are just as important if not more than these national sponsored adventures. Critics tend to say that these national adventures or mega projects are merely just a waste of tax payers money. Notedly the barrage of pessimism and critic when it comes to the Malaysia first Astronaut, in which people were debating whether he really is an astronaut or merely a space tourist. I too back then was cynical at the idea but my point of view changed when I heard this story.

It was a few months back when a friend of mine recalled his experience upon attending the annual maal hijrah parade. He remarked that Dr Sheikh Muszaphar was given the Maal Hijrah award that year to which I replied what in the world for, in which he agreed. Which is why he and his friend did not clap when they announced it then but he noticed that the school children (and female fans) cheered wholeheartedly when they heard the announcement at the annual maal hijrah get together. He told me that the kids really looked highly at Dr Sheikh, kids unlike adults do not read political commentaries not have political leanings or such. All that matter to them is the fact that this man did went to space, they saw it and it was awesome. When I think about it, for once there is actually a Malaysian that went into space. It dosen't matter if he hitched hiked or board on a borrowed rocket it's the fact that indeed now one can actually go to space and be an astronaut.

When I was a kid we had to tell the class what our dreams would be and more than once I heard kids back then saying "I would like to be an astronaut". Even back then I was cynical remarking that Malaysia do not have a space programme and the only way for you to be an astronaut was to be either an American of Russian. Now, whenever a kid says "I wan't to be an astronaut" it would no longer be an impossible dream, Dr Sheikh went and I can't see why you cant..

The thing is critics who lambasted these things as a waste or declare that money should be spent on building schools or hospitals are majority from the opposition party. Being in the opposition they well reject almost everything the government are doing. It's not their fault, it's what opposing parties do, it's democracy. I personally think though if they were to become the government they would still do the same thing. Because if we were to really follow these criticisms back then a friend of mine who as a staunch PAS supporter called the LRT project as a wasting taxpayers money and contributing to the wealth of Mahathir's crony, now he rides the LRT almost every day. When we think about it, hosting the commonwealth games is a waste of money, so does the F1 Sepang Circuit, KLIA, Climbing Everest, Bukit Jalil Stadium, national theatre complex and all these money should be spend more on building hospitals and schools.

But then are we really short of schools and hospitals? Are schools cancelled because we wanted to host the commonwealth games. If we cancelled every so called national adventure project we would have never have F1 fans and racing enthusiasts in Malaysia, we would still ride the bus nor would we have a nice stadium to run in. Yes building more schools, roads and hospitals are good for the nation. But what one must understand that it takes more than just schools, roads, hospitals and infrastucture to develop a nation. A nation needs hopes, dreams and something to look forward to, a nation needs a sense of pride to move forward and become better. A nation needs to inspire it's future generation and sadly it seems that we really lack that these days.

P/S - Kids need more of Sheikh Muzafar and Nicol David, Lee Chong wei? Nope not so much, I don't think getting a datukship right after you got thrashed by Lin Dan in a pansy ass game is something heroic.

Sinatra_Z - Telenovela

Something I found in the old blog amongst the crap the kokkers posted. I think this one should be able to make you smile.. It's a copy from my MSN messenger chat between Sinatra_Z & Perut Macho.

Sinatra_Z Presents

Drama Telenovela Tengahhari Venezuela RTM (Alih Bahasa)

Muchos Hermanas Mercedes Gracicicicos Ramprepas suvoellah betty belafonte....
(Trans : Kehidupan lelaki dan wanita yang membeli ayam di hypermarket berhadapan dengan sekolah)

Scene MSN Messenger.....

Sinatra_Z says:
Sinatra_Z says:
faiz oo faiz
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
aku baru balik low yat la
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
ko kt ne ni???
Sinatra_Z says:
Sinatra_Z says:
wei aku ngan sapik nak buat kerja gila
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
ape die
Sinatra_Z says:
haritu aku ngan sapik berserta arip telah berbincang
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
utk melancap bersame ke
Sinatra_Z says:
dan telah berkata sepakat untuk mengadventurekan diri di kala cuti ini
Sinatra_Z says:
jap lagi aku ngan sapik nak gi jeram jalan kaki
Sinatra_Z says:
tapi keta park kat zoo ke apa ke la
Sinatra_Z says:
beradventure tengah hari buta
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
owh...nampak mcm sgt panas la
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
tp itu sungguh mencabar kejantanan diriku
Sinatra_Z says:
tu yang adventure nya
Sinatra_Z says:
sampai sana bila dah berpeluh jantan
Sinatra_Z says:
lompat ler dalam air
Sinatra_Z says:
petang boleh balik
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
ahhh...kejantanan ku telah terusik
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
membuak-buak kejantanan aku
Sinatra_Z says:
takpe ekspidisi kejantanan ini akan diselang selikan dengan adengan feminism
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
ahhh...sungguh gay
Sinatra_Z says:
ohh itu bukan gay
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
adakah itu namenye persahabatan mulia
Sinatra_Z says:
kerana aku adalah pencinta wanita
Sinatra_Z says:
marilah faiz
Sinatra_Z says:
bukankah adventure serta ekspidisi merupakan romantis lelaki
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
saya berat hati utk mengatakan bahawe...
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
saya terpakse menolaknye dgn berat hati
Sinatra_Z says:
ke berat kaki?
Sinatra_Z says:
ataupun berat perut?
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
kerna sy mahu menghantar kwn saye sebentar lg
Sinatra_Z says:
apatah lagi berat badan
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
berat badan...tummy trim kan ade
Sinatra_Z says:
ahh itu semua tipu
Sinatra_Z says:
smart shop tipu
Sinatra_Z says:
Sinatra_Z says:
wei bila abang ko dah kuar berak suruh dia contact aku pakai msn messenger ini boleh?
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
bro...nnt sy mahu guitar sy kembali buleh
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
Sinatra_Z says:
Sinatra_Z says:
tapi lari tune
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
Sinatra_Z says:
saya cuba tune tetapi tidak menjadi
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
Sinatra_Z says:
saya nak tune huruf C tertapi dia terkeluar bunyi hurul W
Sinatra_Z says:
kenkadang dia jadi X sharp
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
adakah kamu menukar ke-enam-enam tali nye
Sinatra_Z says:
dan kalau hari tak baik dia keluar huruf lam
Sinatra_Z says:
dah aku dah tukar
Sinatra_Z says:
haritu dan aku tune
Sinatra_Z says:
Sinatra_Z says:
beberapa kali
Sinatra_Z says:
tapi semenjak dua menjak ni aku malas nak tune tu je
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
aiseh man
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
abg aku dah abes sembelit
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
dia dah mengasah kejantanan die
Sinatra_Z says:
ohhh bagus
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
dia nampak bersedia dgn aktiviti kejantanan itu
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
dia sedang menalipon kamu
Sinatra_Z says:
adakah dia sedang menggaru perut serta telur dia
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
Sinatra_Z says:
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
kembalikan guitar jantan aku <---pesan arip
Sinatra_Z says:
dah aku sudah bercakap dengan abang kawan aku yang macho perutnya itu
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
wei...adakah sapik kutezz bersame kamu sekarang ini
Sinatra_Z says:
tak nanti dia datang
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
Sinatra_Z says:
rumah aku
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
ko balik skudai bile???
Sinatra_Z says:
oic - organization of islamic countries
Sinatra_Z says:
Sinatra_Z says:
aku telah menjadi pemastautin di kuala lumpur
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
owh...nampaknye psm kamu telah berjalan dgn lancapnye
Sinatra_Z says:
lebih kurang la
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
bile mahu mencari kerje
Sinatra_Z says:
prof suruh aku mengmodify lagi tapi aku dah hantar draf thesis dan membuat lupa serta mengelak untuk mengmodifynya
Sinatra_Z says:
minggu depan kot
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
Sinatra_Z says:
aku ingat aku nak mintak kerja kat melawati la menjadi pelakon drama bersiri
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
anda sudah boleh digelar
Sinatra_Z says:
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
ENGINEER crite hentai
Sinatra_Z says:
Sinatra_Z says:
Degree in Ero Engineering
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
ko kena kaji teknik melancap mengikut care yg betol
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
ko kena kasi daya paduan yg betol bg menggalakkan ereksi
Sinatra_Z says:
aku nak buat MBA - Masters in Bobbies Administration dan PHD - Perverted Hentai Doctorate
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
aku harap ko berjaye dlm kajian ini
Sinatra_Z says:
terima kasih dan keladi serta pandan tak lupa daun terup
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
akan aku doakan kejayaan kamu dimase hadapan
Sinatra_Z says:
Sinatra_Z says:
izinkan saya memohon diri dengan serangkap pantun
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
ahh...jadi sebelom sy balik skudai jumaat ini
Sinatra_Z says:
oh dah nak balik dah
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
ape kate kite raikan kejayaan kamu dengan berkaraoke di pusat karaoke ah tong
Sinatra_Z says:
saya setuju
Sinatra_Z says:
nanti ko roger roger aku
"FaIz-PeRuT" says: dah nak balik skudai dah ni
Sinatra_Z says:
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
kamu mestilah membelanja
"FaIz-PeRuT" says:
itu menandakan kamu bersyukur dgn ape yg kamu dpt
Sinatra_Z says:
belum kerja lagi nak belanja mendenya
Sinatra_Z says:
itu bukan caranya faiz
Sinatra_Z says:
Sinatra_Z says:
Dua Tiga Kucing Berlari, Maka Belarilarilah kucing itu, aku nak kena pegi ni, selamat hari deepavalli
Sinatra_Z says:

Adakah sinatra_z akan berjaya mngadventurekan dirinya? Apakah yang dibeli oleh faiz di low yat? adakah mereka akan mengalami perasaan romantis lelaki? adakah ekspidisi kejantanan mereka akan berjaya, adakah kucing itu akan terus berlari...........

Nantikan sembungan telenovela tengahhari .................