Sinatra_Z - The New Pariah

Just recently Americans have elected a new President whose tag line and motto is Change. Americans are rejoicing and excited at this new change for the first time ever they have elected a president of an African descendant (well partly) when just 50 years ago this would be unthinkable. Indeed the Americans needed a change in policy with two wars going on and a crumbling financial system on the brink. The world praised and rejoiced at this new president in which he stands as the symbol of hope and change and even create a somewhat buzz in Malaysia. However I am not here to write or join this wave of praise, optimism or chant along "Change is here!" No... In fact I am pretty sure you can find plenty others for that nor am I here to give a negative forecast on this new presidency.

It all started one night at a company dinner in which the big boss was commenting on the recent American Presidential Election. It was a minor detail to many but to him (and to me) it is something very significant. I can't remember the exact quote of what my boss said but this is what he observed or noticed amidst the excitement and election campaigns...

Voters did not seem to mind his skin colour, in fact the love him more because of that which is good, they cut through the racial boundary which has been a barrier in many other nations. They did not seem to mind to the fact that his father was not an American but an African because they believe in the American Dream and the fact that Barrack Obama is an true blue American. They did not mind to the fact that he served just one term in the Senate and had very little impact or policy making decisions that changed the nation when compare to his rivals. They wanted a change, they wanted a new fresh face who is not tainted with the politics of capitol hill. They didn't mind all that......

Until people began to point that his Father was a Muslim.
His was schooled once in a muslim nation and the fact that as some pointed out and began jeering his full name as Barrack Hussein Obama.

His campaign had to go all they way in denying vehemently that is influenced by Islam or the fact that his father nor his father's believe had influenced nothing in his world view. They denied vehemently anything that has to do with Islam and some crazy republicans supporter even began to distrust him because they as he is too much of an Arab.

Remember that lady at one of the McCain campaign..

To me it's fine for him to deny and really announce that he has nothing to do with being a Muslim as he should clarify what he truly believe in. He is not a muslim and he should not be tied to something he feels he has no relation to. However I couldn't help but wonder will it cause the same effect if he was a somewhat Bhuddist, Hindu, Atheist or the fact that his father was an Irish Catholic, Jew or even French. I don't think his campaign would go all out in trying to separate his ancestry if indeed his rivals pointed out that his father was a drunken Scotsman who wears purple kilts with yellow polka dots and shaves his leg.

It seems as if,
Perception...... Because in politics perception is everything,
It's fine to have a president regardless of his skin colour, family background or religion just as long as it has nothing to do with being an Arab or a Muslim.

The Muslims are the new Pariah.

Let's take a look at the Muslims around the world. We are either killing each other, poor, being run by a dictator or getting rich by using oil money. The Arabs say that they are against the Israel occupation of Palestine and even some say to the extent of anti antisemitism but they kill more Arabs than any Jew. Sunni and Shiah, Hamas and Fatah, Taliban and Northern Alliance and etc.. Hey you disagree with a politician in Pakistan just kill him, say Allah Huakbar and blow yourself you will be in Jannah my brother because the Mullah says so! We are so pathetic that we are incapable of even making the weapons that we use to kill our own brothers, we have to buy them. So don't be surprised, if we are indeed they new pariah.

The world was getting all excited at this wave of "CHANGE" hoping that things would be different with this new president. Don't hope for a foreign president to change the situation in your homeland it wont happen. You want change, you yourself have to make it. Do not depend on others to it. Barrack Obama can't really solve the hunger and pain in Africa, only Africans can do that. Like it or not Barrack Obama is an American first and foremost, he is the elected President of the United States of America so his top priority before anything else is the American Citizens and for now more than ever with big problems back home.

The truth is...
Muslims are the new Pariah,
Don't pin your hopes at some foreign leader just because he looks different from the previous one.

Change is not measured by the colour of the skin,
Change does not happen through impressive eloquent speeches in campaign rally.
Change happens through actions and policies.

Perhaps it's time we stop with the mullah talk on why this muslim is more islam that that person or debate fatwa's on some ridiculuous tedious things like why can men wear a ring or whether you will burn in hell because you wear baggy pants. I don't think one would be a apostate just because he wears a shiny ring.

It is really pathetic when fellow Sunni's or Shiites kill each other using weapons they buy from the Russians and Americans. In fact I consider an improvement if we can at least make our own gun to kill our fellow muslims.

Notice that 'Santau' or Sihir can only work amongst Malays and Malay restaurants or some dingy small rival sundry shop. I mean if the bomoh or santau is so powerful and dangerous how come they never use it against rivals like McDonals, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Hypermarkets. It seems that a Santau can only from one small nasi lemak stall to another small nasi lemak stall and they both must be malay.


Islam is never a 'pariah'... the religion itself is peaceful, I have always believed in that. It's some certain people that made bad name to Islam. Disgusted to see that Malay Muslim in Malaysia believes in syirik stuff! WTF! And I was told recently that syirik is the no.1 sin by one of my blog commenter.

So, I want to know, and I hope you can reply... susuk, is also considered as 'syirik' or not? or issit just some sort of traditional plastic surgery? I might be wrong, because i wrote in my comment that susuk is syirik.


It is...

Susuk is black magic to make you beautiful and also it is a hit drama on TV3. Even though it's filled with ridiculous stuff but hey it's pretty exciting and filled with suspense.


To my mind,

We can not use 'change'. Hobos can use change. We need real money.

Ignore those brainwashing elements in the media they have against Islam/muslims, whatever.