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Indeed wisdom can be found anywhere.. In the ripples of the water, the sound of the wind, a wise old man sitting on a hill and even in the eyes of a smelly drunken HoBo. Alas one of the hardest place to find wisdom is the Internet, where it is filled with dumb crap, porn, lame youtube videos, political propaganda websites and dubious statutory declarations. But alas there is a Malay saying that goes "Seek and ye shall find, given if you search for it using your eyes and not your knee you *&#$&$ Moron!" Or you can just google it!

*Explanation : This is a question asked by a person using the nickname Kieran P in Yahoo Answers. In Yahoo Answers Yahoo users can ask random question and fellow yahooligans (yahoo users) will the provide the answers. This note highlights some of the answers given. To see the original post go to :

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Kieran P asked :
What's the DEADLIEST martial arts..?
want to know the DEADLIEST martial arts, not the BEST, mainly because i wanna toughen myself up...

My cousin is currently learning Praying Mantis & I understand you need to be 16 to learn because it's so dangerous...

So which is the deadliest..Or what is the best way to toughen myself up..?

Some of the awesome answer :

Dirty D :
Join the Marines. You'll learn all about bein' tough over there and you'll learn the deadliest Martial Art of all, pulling the trigger. What's more since there's a war going on you'll also get to go use what you learned in a reality based enviroment like Iraq or Afghanistan.

Should you survive to come back you'll come back with the knowledge that life isn't all about wanting to be a bad azz mofo and wanting to walk in to stereotypical biker bars doing a Rowdy Roddy Piper impersonation spouting off jibberish about kicking azzes and chewing bubble gum.

Then my friend your education is complete.

L Z answers :
To learn the deadliest martial art, you must train under the worlds most deadly martial artist - Chuck "Beard of Fury" Norris!

P/S -
Takkan lari gunung dikejar melainkan dikejar Dr M!!!
Chuck Norris counted to infinity TWICE!!


LOL... welcome to the world wide web... LOL... alot of pestices and nasty spiders.