Sinatra_Z - Love is Buying FIsh


Sinatra_Z - When the laughter fades away

Indeed twas a lovely day.
With the evening ray,
basking in the green pasture,
of kids playing football.

Windy night cozy reunion,
friends who cheer,
old friend who return,
with jokes, snacks and good old stories.

But when the laughter subsides,
and the night gets quiet,
as one ready for the slumber,
she appear......

It's valentines day.

Good Night folks......

Sinatra_Z - Datin Seri and a very desperate man

And so the nation follows the epic court case between a popular charismatic politician and a good looking young man.

Even though there are explicit gory details of genitalia and other parts of the body that would surely make one squirm (or at least makes most of us) nonetheless the public can’t help but follow these dramatic events eagerly.

Indeed it is such an epic court case that the drama isn’t confined to the court room alone; in comparison it would make Desperate Housewives seemed like a boring RTM documentary about dengue. From shouting slogans and banners in the court halls to protests that attracts less than 30 people; indeed the comparison to “Sivaji The Boss” truly befits our charismatic politician.

A fictional character with ridiculous heroic fighting ability that is obviously fake. Truly a fabricated work of fiction designed to give short term feel-good feelings to its audience.

Sinatra_Z - I really thought I could....

I grew up with names like

Sapok Biki, N Mohandas, M Magendran, Misbun Sidek, Rashid Sidek, Razif Sidek, Jalani Sidek, Foo Kok Keong, Azhar Mansor, Cheah Soon Kit, Soo Beng Kiang, M Kumaresan, Muhammad Hidayat, Shalin Zulkifli, Kenny Ang and many more...

I saw Kedah Defended the Malaysia Cup from Singapore.

I saw Thomas Cup being lifted,

I saw Malaysians

Climb the highest mountain.

Sail the far off sea.

winning medals.

I saw our first car, damnit we can actually make cars! Turns out we can make cartoons too (Usop Sontorian).

I saw the world tallest building, a bloody long bridge, a train with no driver, big roads, stadiums, buildings, planes and many more.

Turn out Malaysians could make, create, run, sing, climb, jump, build, fly, sail and even win.

To think that a motto,
first coined by a cocoa based drink had so much impact on us, even on me.

Malaysia Boleh.

I truly thought, I could do anything absolutely anything.

I mean they can, who would have thought two Malaysian Indians who has never seen snow can actually climb the highest and one of the most precarious mountain in the world.

Bloody hell,
I really did think that I could do anything, or that Malaysians could do anything.

to think that these days,
in the name of politics everything is ridiculed.

I don't care if they called it "Bolehland" because when I was growing up, the word Boleh was truly the theme.

Boleh apa! Kenapa tak boleh, kalau tak cuba mana tahu!

That old man,
that legendary old man really did make us think that we could do anything now didn't he.

Amongst those names mentioned above, I guess none can beat that crazy loud mouth doctor named Mahathir.

And you know what,

Even though I have grown up and no longer a kid,

I still believe that,
Malaysians (and even I) can do anything if only we would try.

Sinatra_Z - Butterflies of the night

Interesting enough, had several chat with some friends and acquaintances,
somehow I learn a lot about GRO's.

Don't ask me who or how I know it, but rest assured someone as cheap as me will not spend money at night clubs to go karaoke with some "girls".

Guest Relation Officers,
As the saying goes, money can't buy love.... So rent it.

These men know that perfectly, some just want to have some fun, while some just want to relive some memories of their younger days. So they go there, and these girls merely provide a service.

But don't be mistaken,
they are not prostitute, you don't pay them for sex, you pay them for their company. While some may charge you something extra for 2nd base, most of them will do you for free if they fancy you.

Oh yes,
they do give you something extra if you're nice to them, if you know what to say or how to treat these women nicely. They give you many things, in fact almost anything, anything but Love.

"Diorang ni macam jinak-jinak merpati la, dia datang kat you lepas tu dia manja-manja, sekali you dah sangkut dan cakap I love you je dia, terbang la pergi."

Butterflies is when you go there without booking, they will come to you if you buy them a drink and give them some pocket money, to accompany you sing. But if the other table offer them better, they will walk away, counter offer with something sweeter they will stay.

While booking, which may cost much-much more, gives you the guarantee of their company for the whole night.

"These are normal girls you know, most of them do send back money back to kampung. Lying of course by saying they work at some factory or what. They make good money here, they can have fun and help families back at home, win-win situation. Hari raya nanti pakailah baju kurung."

It pays much higher and easier (and fun too) then say working at a factory.

"They make good money?" I asked

"Oh yes, yeah, I once followed one of these girls to go collect their salary, you would be be very impressed I tell you."

"So they live comfortably eh, kaya lah! Work hard then retire early."

"Oh no, they make good money all right, but they spend it good as well."

"How so?"

"Their business may be squeezing money from men. But there will always be that one man, that one arsehole, who in turn squeeze money from them."

"Serious? Like a pimp?"

"Something similar, but unlike a pimp, this one promises her that once his business takes off she can leave everything and they can settle down together. That sort of a man if you know what I mean. With sweet words and empty promises."

"These girls... Shouldn't they, of all the people could see that from a mile away."

"Alah, diorang tu, macamana pun, akhirnya..... Perempuan jugak."

like butterflies,
are easily attracted to sweet words and honeyed hopes.

To think that I have an article pending. Oh well, good night folks.

Sinatra_Z - Penulisan Terbaru di TMI


FEB 4 — Hello, fellow readers. Chances are quite high that you are reading this in an office on a lovely working day; thus based on this assumption, I wish you good morning and good day.

Let us take out some of that productive working time of yours to focus upon something other than work or the usual exercise of blaming Barisan Nasional for all of your woes.

I’m pretty sure the company won’t mind you spending some time using the Internet to read this article, after all it takes only a few minutes and it eats up much less bandwidth (and time) than watching porn or playing Farmville on Facebook.

Dreams by definition are a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep. Or in a simpler explanation, that drama you saw while you were sleeping which are nice or scary while some are rather… wet in nature.

However, it is not that sort of dream that we are going to be discussing today. Indeed it is still the same succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through your mind, but instead of during sleep, it happens when one is wide awake.

The dream that is associated with words like aspirations, goals, yearning and “if only”.

When I was a young boy back in primary school, students would have to fill in their information on a yellow academic card which was the size of an A4 paper.

Sinatra_Z - Perjalanan

jalan yang kita pilih,
yang berdasarkan tiang pendirian,
boleh jadi suatu jalan yang sangat sunyi.

bukan mudah,
namun kita perlu berpegang,
bahawa akan tiba nanti sepanjang jalan itu,
rakan-rakan seperjuangan yang setia menemani..

memang kadangkala,
kita manusia,
tak terlepas merasa,
sangat sunyi.

jalan yang kita pilih,
inilah yang perlu ditempuhi.

Sinatra_Z - Rakyat Malaysia dah nak cecah 30 Juta

Pada suatu hari....
Saya dan Shuib memandu pulang ke Tawau dari Arah Semporna menaiki kereta Waja.
Kami baru sahaja pulang dari berkerja di Semporna membantu rakan sekerja kami menyiapkan beberapa perkara. Kami meninggalkan Semporna pada lebih kurang jam 6 petang. Untuk pengetahuan para pembaca sekelian di Sabah jam 6 petang sudah pun gelap dan menghampiri waktu maghrib.

Jalan antara Tawau dan Semporna adalah jalan 2 hala yang agak kecil namun keadaan turapan yang agak baik. Ianya sesuai dipandu dengan selamat di waktu siang cuma ketika waktu malam ianya sedikit bahaya kerana tidak mempunyai apa-apa "reflector" atau pelekat peka cahaya untuk menunjukan jalan. Dahulu orang tidak berani menggunakan jalan ini di waktu malam kerana sering ditahan Lanun di tengah jalan tapi sekarang dah selamat.

Boleh pulak tengah-tengah aku pandu tu aku tak nampak ada "roundabout" kat depan sebab almaklumlah reflector takde, bangang punya JKR. Sedar-sedar kereta dah langgar bonggol divider sebelum roundabout kereta terbabas kekiri, shuib tengah baru nak lalok tidur terjaga dengan cuaknya tiba-tiba kereta melompat dan bunyi tayar meletop. Nasib baik aku rock steady berjaya mengawal keadaan sempat tekan brek dan berenti dekat tepi jalan.

Nasib baiklah takde apa-apa berlaku, kereta semua ok takde bocor ke pecah ke apa ke. Yang ada cuma tayar je pecah. Jadi aku dengan Shuib pun siap-siap laa nak pasang tayar "spare".

Tengah-tengah dok pasang

"Eh tayar ni ada angin ke?" Aku Tanya.

"Kalau tayar ni takde angin, baik jangan panggil dia tayar Spare" jawab shuib dengan nada yakin.

Dah siap pasang, sedar-sedar tayar takde angin.

Dahlah baru lepas terkejut kemalangan, penat dok pusing jack angin pulak tadak... Hampagas!

Jadi kitorang kenalah melepak dekat satu kedai runcit dekat tengah-tengah hutan tu, telefon project manager mintak bantuan hantar tayar spare, dia kata orang sewa kereta tengah dalam perjalanan.

Kedai runcit tutup kitorang pun melepak la kat Masjid sebelah. Boleh pulak masa tu Azan Isyak bunyi jadi aku pun masuk la sekali jemaaah.

Dekat depan tu ada pakcik pakai kain isap rokok dengan kopiah, mungkin dia tunggu azan habis baru dia join kot.

Masuk je dalam Masjid yang kecik tu diorang tengah sembahyang, satu imam, tiga makmum, semua makmum tu budak kecik umur lebih kurang 9 ke 12 tahun.

Habis je Isyak sampai la pakcik tu masih melepak kat luar isap rokok. Aku dok salam dengan tok Imam muda tu, baca doa dia pun keluar bawak bebudak tu dengan isteri dia dekat luar. Rupanya pakcik tu adalah bapak kepada tok imam sebab diorang balik sekali.

Pakcik tu hanya "dressed for the occasion" tapi tidak terlibat.

Jadi melepaklah aku dengan Shuib dekat Masjid kecik tu berdua tengah-tengah hutan kelapa sawit, nasib baik Masjid ada lampu.

Papan tanda masjid berkenaan.

Tengah senyap sunyi sengal sambil tengok beberapa budak kampung main dekat tengah-tengah jalanraya kitorang pun tercegat la situ buat sejam lebih.

Lama bila budak tu semua dah balik aku pun naik bosan dan sunyi. Jadi aku pun pergi bukak laptop aku bawak dan seterusnya timbullah dialog ini..

"Eh ko dah tengok Inglorious Basterds belum?" Aku tanya Shuib


"Ko nak tengok tak? Best ooo aku ada dalam laptop ni."

"Tak mau."

"Apesal, citer ni best ooo.."

"Ko paham tak, aku tak pernah terfikir mahupun bercadang untuk tengok Inglorious Basterds dekat Masjid yang terletak dekat entah mana-mana ntah ni tengah-tengah hulu hutan smana ntah malam-malam buta terutama sekali dengan kau!"

Aku pun tergelak besar...

"Ko tau tak, rakyat Malaysia dah nak sampai 30 juta dah, dan dalam 30 juta tu, dengan engkau aku tersangkut dekat sini. Kalau dengan awek takpelah jugak."

"Eh ok what! Kurang-kurang aku ada Inglorious Basterds, awek tu belum tentu ada."

"Inglorious Basterds bukanlah perkara yang mustahak di sini.."

Shuib di Masjid Berkenaan.

Tatakala dah dekat 2 jam lebih menunggu bantuan nampak ada satu kereta berhenti depan Masjid. Kitorang pun keluarlah ingatkan kawan dah sampai... Yeayyy... rupa-rupanya ada orang berhenti sebab nak tukar pemandu, aku dan shuib yang malu buat-buatlah baca papan tanda nak cover.

Ingatkan bantuan rupanya pakcik nak tukar driver.

Kemudian telefon aku berbunyi dan kami mendapat berita bahawasanya bantuan kami dalam perjalanan.

Jadi aku dan Shuib pun meninggalkan masjid dan menuju ke kereta dan naikkan balik jack untuk bersedia menunggu tayar baru. Setelah 40 minit dok tunggu tengah-tengah gelap tu dapat lagi satu panggilan telefon..

"Aku kami baru nak jalan keluar dari bandar Tawau ni.... "

Kitorang pun duduk tercegat dalam gelap dekat bawah satu pondok yang dipercayai gerai buah pada waktu siang.

Tengah-tengah bosan aku kutip kayu kawan berhampiran dan buat unggun api.

Aku ajak Shuib main campfire dia kata dia tak mau sebab dia akan berasa tersangat kecewa berada di tengah-tengah hutan gelap bermain camp fire dengan seorang lelaki.

Tengah-tengah tunggu bantuan beberapa perkara menarik berlaku...

1) Kemunculan beberapa Warga dalam gelap berjalan kaki menuju pulang ke rumah. Di sini tak perlu takut kalau nampak orang jalan kaki malam-malam sebab banyak rumah dekat celah-celah kelapa sawit dan orang memang biasa jalan malam-malam sini.

2)Boleh pulak tengah tunggu tempat sama ada dua orang naik motor eksiden terjatuh dengan tiba-tiba tempat sama kitorang langgar divider. Rupanya mamat tu mabuk minum tapai, dia kata dia nak pergi orang kahwin, apa kejadahnya orang kahwin pukul 11 malam bang (macam pukul 12 malam).

Pandangan luar dari Masjid yang berlampu itu.

Dan yang paling menyedihkan sekali....

Bila baru lepas kejadian yang teruja seperti kemalangan macam ni biasanya seseorang lelaki tu akan mahu mendengar suara perempuan bagi mengubat terkejut dan kebosanan di waktu malam.

Malangnya dua Bujang sepi ini tidak membuat sebarang panggilan luar... Shuib ada mencuba malangnya semua yang dia berjaya telefon adalah lelaki.

Yang perempuan samaada tak jawab telefon sebab sibuk, mandi atau berdating dengan lelaki lain.

Akhirnya Shuib berjaya mendengar suara perempuan bila dia telefon Pqot (Office Administrator kitorang) untuk tanya gaji dah masuk ke belum.

Pqot pun Pqot lah.......

Ye Kemalangan mengejutkan,
terutama bila nak kawal kereta terbabas, terkaku kejap lepas kereta berhenti.... Nasib baik tak apa-apa.

Namun apa yang lebih mengejutkan adalah apabila kami,
Di tengah-tengah antara Tawau dan Semporna,
Di tengah-tengah persimpangan nak ke Lahad Datu,
Di Tengah-tengah Hutan dan kelapa sawit,
Di tengah-tengah Malam buta,
Di Tengah-tengah kegelapan dan sunyi,

kami menyedari,
bertapa sedihnya kehidupan kami ini.

Ah Sedihnya.............