Sinatra_Z - Keris and the Chinese Blood (Original Title)

So what was that about the keris and Chinese blood?

June 24, 2010

JUNE 24 — Malaysian politicians say the darndest things. So says a book by Amir Muhammad recollecting some of the most infamous and inglorious quotes ever spewed by our politicians.

Looking at our political scenario I wasn’t at all surprised when he managed to compile two volumes of it, and looking at how things are going now perhaps a third book is on the way. It includes some of the most epic (fail or win) quotes like:

“Malaysian men are easy to service, (their) libido lasts only five minutes. A shorter period would mean more customers and that makes it more lucrative for the sex workers to conduct their activities here.” (Dr Khir Toyo, Malay Mail 14th February 2003)

As much as I would like to rebut his statement or even query how he managed to get that fact (experience perhaps) judging by the number of ads hanging by the road which have taglines like “Ubat Lelaki Kuat” and the large market for “Tongkat Ali” beverages, I would have to admit there is some truth in what he said. Perhaps if there was an Olympic event for it, we’d probably have our very own Usain Bolt, nine seconds flat baby!

However, there is one quote that is conspicuously missing and it involves our current prime minister. There are many stories on the Internet when it comes to the current PM, from photoshopped pictures of him and a deceased Mongolian model (published by an MP amazingly) to the alleged statutorial declaration in which he is actually a Hindu and not a Muslim. Now one of the most infamous stories involving Najib Tun Razak allegedly said “Bathe the keris with Chinese blood” at a rally in Kampung Baru during the heydays of 1987 to 1989. Now indeed this is quite serious. Imagine a prime minister of Malaysia who is supposed to be the leader of all Malaysians uttering such a sentence for political gain.

So why is it not mentioned in Amir Muhammad’s book? Or will it be featured in the third volume?

How did it surface?

If I am not mistaken it was first mentioned by Raja Petra Kamaruddin in one of his articles (

From then on it was picked up by several people and somehow it became a fact and by that I mean it was mentioned (until recently) in Wikipedia. Apart from dodgy Internet sources and an encyclopedia open for editing by anonymous users, this alleged quote was also recently featured in the Hulu Selangor by-election.

In a speech ( made by former Perak MB Nizar Jamaluddin at Kuala Kubu Baru: “Itu Najib, sikalang dia jadi satu Peldana Menteli satu Malaysia, itu hali masa dia jadi Najib Pemuda Umno, sana stadium di kampung baru dia bagitau sama Pemuda

“Umno Melayu, dia angkat itu Umno punya keris itu karat punya keris tada pakai sikalang, itu chinwu (??) stadium dia cakap kita mesti basahkan keris ini dengan darah cina, ni siapa cakap itu? Najib! And then dia boleh kata kita mesti bajirkan pekan Kuala Lumpur dengan darah Cina.”

Apart from the bizarre Apek slang by Nizar Jamaluddin, either he was thinking the KKB folks can’t understand proper Malay or his BM oratory skill has been deteriorating lately,

there was some inaccuracy in his statement such as the “keris” which he was referring to. If indeed it is the keris of Pemuda Umno, which is known as “Keris Panca Warisan”, it did not exist during Najib’s Pemuda Umno days. The Pemuda Umno keris “Panca warisan” was first unveiled during the “reign” of Pemuda Chief Hishamuddin Hussein.

Between fact and fiction

So did Najib really say that? Let us do some homework and differentiate between fact and fiction. First and foremost, there is not a single reference point apart from some blogs or Malaysia Today article.

There are no links, newspaper cuttings or quotations from the year 1987 to 1989. Now the thing is, this is during the heated days of Operasi Lalang so if indeed Najib said those words at an open rally, it would most definitely have been mentioned in the papers.

If some were to argue that it was not reported by the mainstream media then at least it would have been mentioned by the Chinese papers. It would have been on the front page especially when Chinese politicians were at loggerheads with young Umno right wing politicians then.

Secondly this issue has actually been brought up in Parliament by none other than DAP chairman Karpal Singh. On 15th June 2009, Karpal Singh did pose a question in Parliament about whether Najib Tun Razak uttered those words and whether he was ready to issue an apology to the Chinese community.

“If it was true, are you prepared to ask for forgiveness from the Chinese community?”Najib replied: “The incident did not take place. I have never said that. The one who should apologise is the YB concerned, not me.” (Malay Mail June 17, 2009)

“I wanted to know if he said it, and he gave his answer, let’s just leave it as it is, the matter should not go on further,” Karpal said. (Malay Mail June 17, 2009)

If anyone would be kind enough to point out to me any credible links, articles or sources please do so because failure to do so means that after all this while, some of these Pakatan Rakyat politicians have been fanning racial tensions by quoting misinformation for the sake of politics.

Operasi Lalang

Now based on the absence of proof and the statement by Karpal Singh, one has to wonder what incident triggered Operasi Lalang? Now we know there was no threat with the keris, but if there is one thing that we are very sure of it’s that there was indeed a mammoth rally and it was that rally which triggered Operasi Lalang. Interestingly enough I found an interesting article which says:

“UMNO Education Minister Anwar Ibrahim announced the holding of a mammoth rally in KL to celebrate its 41st Anniversary, which it was claimed would see the attendance of half a million members. The proposed UMNO rally was the ostensible reason for the Inspector General of Police to precipitate the 27 October crackdown. Had the rally been held it was not improbable that racial riots could be sparked by the incendiary speeches of UMNO politicians.” (Aliran Monthly, 1988, Vol. 8:3)

Please note that it was taken from Aliran Monthly, a magazine which is quite known to be pro-DAP.

Fiction: Najib said “To Bathe the Keris with Chinese Blood”

Fact : Anwar Ibrahim triggered Ops Lalang.

Not happy with my logical deductions? Write to Aliran then!


The thing is racial politics is fanned by both parties in this nation. It is sad to think that our politicians and MPs base their speeches on baseless accusations with racial overtones. The thing is we Malaysians are a lazy lot, we take what is being said at fiery “ceramah” as the truth without even bothering to check its validity.

This leads to the popularity of politicians who give speeches not based on facts but rather on what can give the most fiery and entertaining moments.

While some may wonder if indeed our PM uttered those words, there is no denying Umno was fanning the racial fire back then. I admit that indeed back then there were some Umno leaders who were very racist. But we have learned from our mistakes and have gotten rid of those politicians who refer to non-Malays as “pendatang.”

And for the sake of reference and historical accuracy, here is the link ( ) in which racial politics was rampant in Umno’s heydays in Biro Tata Negara.

Sinatra_Z - Ketika Aku Kecil

Ketika saya kecil raksaksa dari angkasa lepas akan menyerang bumi (biasanya Tokyo) sekurang-kurangnya tiga kali seminggu. Nasib baik bumi mempunyai pasukan pertahanan yang handal seperti Ultraman Ace, Flashman dan Kesatria Baja Hitam. Selain dari menonton dengan penuh perasaan tentang nasib keselamatan bumi yang disiarkan oleh Radio Television Malaysia, saya juga bermain polis sentri,menangkap berudu di dalam longkang dan menggali petroleum di depan rumah.

Sinatra_Z - Origins of Father's day

2 Years ago I wrote this... Just felt like sharing it again.

Happy farter.. fathers days to all fathers out there including my father.

My father likes to fart and he used to play the infamous pull my finger joke when I was a kid. Someday when I become a dad I too would want to fart on my kids, that would be insanely fun.

Back to fathers day. Unlike the glamour of Mothers day where Oprah and Hallmark channel goes on a feminism frenzy fathers day usually goes by pretty calmly. Well this is not particularly the media's fault, hallmark and Oprah does go on a fathers day propaganda campaign but fathers in Malaysia are more busy with belching while watching Euro 2008/Worldcup 2010. While other fathers who areb't bothered by football are to busy worrying about fuel hike or politics.

Alas on father's day I would like to share with you a story, regarding the origins of father's day. Yes I read about it when I was a kid.

Fathers day is a holiday derived from an old Nordic tradition.

Once upon a time there was a Nordic viking king name Thor. Thor's name was taken in honour of the lightning god for the Nordic people. Like his name Thor was a very strong warrior king, when Thor was a young man he began a campaign to unite all of Scandinavia under his rule and with his ruthlessness and fighting ability he managed to achieve his dream.

Alas Scandianvia was at peace as there are no more war mongering warlords fighting each other trying to gain supremacy. One might thought everything was peaceful and pleasant but Thor was an evil and mean king. Apart from beating up random peasants while walking his wolf Thor would demand presents from all of his subjects once every year during his birthday. This day he declare was Thor's Day, and no one is to be excluded in giving presents on Thor's Day.

As the peaceful years gone by (hence no exercise) Thor kept on wining, dining and making love to his hairy Scandinavian wives. This activities has taken a toll on Thor's body. Thor once known for his solid rocky six pack now has a one cushioned wobbly One PACK stomach. Long gone are the sexy Scandinavian viking stud and now there's this Fat Lazy King. So the peasants now began to take a snipe on the viking king and began calling Thor's Day as Fat Thor's Day.

One day as Thor was strolling down a river he stumbled upon a bridge. On the other side was this handsome young Swede swordsman was already half way through the bridge. Since Thor is such a fat bastard one of them have to give way by getting off the bridge. Thor being a king ordered the Swede Swordsman back off to which the Young Swede refused. So they decided to have a duel right there on the bridge.

Sadly though Thor now was no longer that great of a warrior thanks the calories he gets by eating too much Elk meat. Hence during their intense sword fighting the Young Sweede accidentally cut off Thor's penis thus became what was known to be the first recorded Sex Change operation. So now not only did Thor lost his pride but also his family jewels.

Once news of this spread across the country peasants began to joke about it whether to call Thor a King or a Queen and as a result of that Fat Thor's Day was then changed to Fat Her's Day to coincide with the new status of the monarch.

And thus tells the history of Father's Day.

Sinatra_Z - Pilihan Lagu Karaoke Melayu Jiwang Karat

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera wahai para pembaca yang budiman sekelian. Pastinya hari ini, hari jumaat anda berasa sedikit bergembira kerana hujung minggu sudah hampir tiba, apatah lagi cuti sekolah sekarang ini bolehlah membawa anak-anak ke zoo negara melihat unta. Namun pastinya ada antara anda yang mahu pergi berkaraoke bersempena hujung minggu ini maka tahniah buat anda kerana penulisan ini ditujukan khas buat anda. Apa? Anda tidak menyanyikan lagu-lagu jiwang karat? Sudah-sudahlah, janganlah anda cuba bermuka-muka konon dalam “playlist” dengar metal, rock, hip-hop atau grunge tapi bila sampai pergi karaoke, lagu dipilih semuanya bab tangkap sayu.

Sinatra_Z - Why I Love reading comments at TMI

So I wrote an article,
I point out some discrepancies between Nik Aziz's statement before and current ones. In the article I wrote sentences like -

Perkara pertama saya biarkan kepada pendukung dan penyokong parti PAS untuk menjawabnya sekiranya mereka mempunyai sebab, saya juga ingin tahu.

So I was hoping some arguments or reasoning comes out to explain on why the Murshidul Am said what he said and why he is right. But what I got was this...

Nickname - Hash
apa kata saudara jumpa terus TGNA dan tanya beliau sendiri tentang isu yang saudara bangkitkan.Saya jamin saudara akan menulis dalam perpektif yang berbeza sekiranya saudara berjumpa Najib.Selamat maju jaya.

Nickname - John
berhentilah kamu dari menulis. menulis hanya untuk menyesatkan. belajar lebih sikit berkaitan dengan agama islam kalaupun kamu taknak mengamalkannya. berguru lah dengan yang alim bukan dari syed azidi.

kamu akan dapati..perbezaan arak dengan judi dalam islam.

Nickname - just wondering
saudara utarakan persoalan..kenapa tidak cari jawapannya? kami pembaca tidak mahu membuat andaian sendiri kerana kami tidak cukup ilmu untuk mempertikaikan sesuatu perkara..saya lebih gemar jika saudara cari jawapan kepada persoalan yang ditimbulkan saudara...bertanya kepada TGNA contohnya...dan tulis kembali apa yang saudara dapat.Selamat maju jaya

Nickname - Umar Al-Khatab
Apa nama penulis ni?Ermm...banyak yang kamu kena belajar dan saya sarankan kamu pegi sekolah balik la..saya kecewa ada umat melayu yang pada nama nya islam menulis artikel yang sebegini bodoh!..saya tak nak ulas panjang cuma ketawa sendiri bila membaca....akhir kata..woi..ingat la mati...ingat la mati....insyallah kamu akan sedar ....kamu ni solat 5 waktu cukup ke??cuba tanya diri kamu ..jangan menipu sebab Allah pikir la sendiri

malaysian insider
please consider to take someone with credibility and full of facts to right,not another writer who noes how to cut and paste only
u shoul seriously considered this,as long as u wan to maintain ur professionalism malaysian insider
i am agree and willing to disagree, but wif sumone writing dis kind of article,its a shame for ur portal
please change or review ur columnist,we need quality,n not dis kind,of course


a) Unable to provide an argument and substituting it with "Pergi tanya Nik Aziz sendiri" is not a good rebut. Kalau hang tak tau awat tak tanya sendiri, ni menyokong buta tuli apahal?

b)If one says that my facts are wrong then by all means do point out which one.

c)When one says "Awak perlu banyak belajar lagi" baguslah,saya budak baru belajar, kalau salah tolong tunjukan, tunjuk le, ni tak tunjuk.

Man I should write an article about these comments.
Pretty funny, it has been a rather pleasant day.

Good Night Folks!