Sinatra_Z - Cinematic Adventures

There used to be a time,

going to the movies would make me quiver.

Days where we would buy empty VHS tapes and set the timer on the VCR to record that movie playing over Mega Movies on TV3 or Final Countdown on TV 2.

Of course there was that P Ramlee reruns on TV 1 as well.

But somehow, these days the spirit is gone, I somehow lost it. Perhaps I am against the idea of spending time participating in a passive activity, by which I merely sit there and receive whatever the director has dictated and listen to whatever that state of the art sound system vibrates through the air.

Perhaps it's the inability to focus, to actually sit at one place and concentrate at something for two hours.

Maybe it's the fear of disappointment, the disappointment of paying a 13 bucks to watch yet another predictable cinematic CGI effect action pack Hollywood flick showcasing pretty women and men who somehow find time to have sex in between explosions and intense car chases.

Unless of course, it's something really good that I know of, something Tarantino.


Rambo 1 was great, it was all about a lost soldier who was pushed to a corner. It was realistic, it had soul, it had emotions and real action, logical awesome actions and explosions. Rambo 4 on the other hand was all about Rambo getting on a big machine gun and everyone shit brix, game over folks, Myanmar soldiers can just wait for their turn to get their head blown off.

Maybe I'm getting old,

it's hard to have movies stirring my imagination anymore. Maybe it's movie fatigue,over exposure of media content. Sadly though and I don't really know why, cinemas or movies no longer had that effect of transporting my mind and absorbing my subconscious into the reality by which the director had laid bare on the screen.

But there is an exception though.

And that is PIXAR

It seems quite ironic,

that the most humane movie that I can most relate to,

comes from animated pictures.

Probably because,

unlike normal movies,

when one minuses the stars, the glamour and hype. All that is left is storytelling.

And isn't that what movies are all about in the first place.


Good Night Folks.