Sinatra_Z - Khairy Jamaluddin Selepas Tsunami

NOV 30 — Khairy Jamaluddin suatu ketika boleh dikatakan antara orang yang paling dibenci dan dimusuhi dalam arena politik Malaysia. Dilihat sebagai anak menantu kepada Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Perdana Menteri Malaysia ke 5, Khairy menjadi sasaran utama pihak pembangkang yang mengambarkan bahawa dia merupakan individu yang mempengaruhi hampir kesemua keputusan kerajaan. Tidak cukup dengan itu Khairy juga mendapat tentangan sengit dari dalam Umno apabila persepsi umum ahli parti menganggap Khairy sebagai salah satu faktor utama kekalahan teruk Barisan Nasional pada pilihanraya umum yang ke 12.

Penulis diminta oleh penyunting untuk menulis sebuah analisis tentang perubahan suasana politik semenjak berlakunya tsunami 2008. Namun kali ini, sedikit luar dari kebiasaan, saya ingin melihat kembali dan merencana perjalanan ahli politik muda yang sering mendapat perhatian. Setelah dipukul teruk oleh gelombang perubahan politik tanah air kemana telah dia tuju dan berada sekarang. Inilah kisah perjalanan saudara Khairy Jamaluddin selepas tsunami dari sudut pandangan penulis.

Sinatra_Z - Honesty isn't always the best policy

Honesty is a trait that I really admire.

In fact I have been told by many it is something that is quite synonymous with me, by that I am the sort of person who finds little qualm in expressing his honest opinions.

But as I have learned along the way,

though Honesty is an admirable trait it may not be the best policy in certain situations.

Sometimes we have to tell white lies to give people some sort of encouragement and morale boosting,

I get that, I really do.

It's just that sometimes I get caught in those tricky situation, it's as if I was answering a tricky multiple choice question and pick the wrong answer and the end I feel really guilty about it.

I have learned my lesson, mostly the hard way, so today I am going to share it with you folks so that you may not repeat the same mistakes as I did.

#Lesson 1 -

When a girl is telling you something, usually a rant or an explanation of a certain situation, please don't get the illusion that she wan't to hear what you think about it.Though she may term it as "someone to talk to" or "Seeking advice" but she doesn't really want any form of advice or you talking back. Rather what she really want is for you to nod, sympathise and repeat what she says in a lower sombre voice.

#Lesson 2 -

If you're Malay and someone invited you to an event that you don't really want to attend, just say "Insyaallah".

#Lesson 3 -

When a girl ask a question like "If I were an animal what do you think I would be?" It's wise to pick something something that is either cute, majestic and proportional in size.

Good Answer - Cat, Rabbit, Tiger, Eagle, Dolphin, Lion, Horse etc..

Bad Answer - Elephant, Giraffe, Salamander, Gecko, Python etc..

#Lesson 4

When someone asks, what are you attracted to and by which they mean "the opposite sex" it's wise to pick something that is based on personality and always include in the word "chemistry".

#Lesson 5

When someone asks "So what did you do this morning?" It's wise not to tell everything.

#Lesson 6

When a someone asks "So what do you think of me?" What she really want it for you to tell good things about her.

#Lesson 7

"Am I such a (insert negative trait) person"

Good answer - "Of course not! Yes, sometimes you may be perceived as such but I think deep down inside you're really a...... "

Bad Answer "Yes"

#Lesson 8

You know the comment section underneath that "status update" isn't really about commenting. Why do you think there's only a "like" button?

So far that's all I could think of tonight.

Feel free to add some of yours.

Sinatra_Z - Want and Need

In life Human beings have expectations.

Once they have acquired the basic needs such as food, water and a roof over the head we have this need to achieve things, having goals and dreams.

It's quite normal to have those,
in fact some say that it's good to dream big, to demand from oneself something truly worthy and that we should set high standards on ourselves for us to test our limit. There's a saying that goes

Aim for the moon, that way, even if you miss you'll still be amongst the stars!
W.Clement Stone

But sometimes,
we tend to expect things that we think would make us happy, but in truth it's not what we really need in terms of realisation, completing ourselves or in the simplest form of being happy.

Perhaps the influence of our surroundings, the illusion of our imagination coupled with our own vanity that acts as a catalyst it somehow distorts our aim in life.

we seem to be confused with what we WANT with what we NEED.

We think that what we want is what we need, but in truth more often than not, what we want and what we need are two very different things.

We may want to go fly away at some romantic windy place, underneath an oak tree in springtime reading books and learning at some old respected famous learning institution.

But what we really need to do now is to concentrate and graduate at this local college and get that damn degree before we could go anywhere.

Often men seem to think that the love they yearn for and dream about who would fill their hearts desire and bring happiness to their lonely nights.

When in truth their judgement is distorted more by the beauty of what they see rather than what they feel.

We want a big beautiful house, but what we need is actually a home.
We want a great adventurous romance, but what we really need is love.
We want to change the world, but what we really need is to change ourselves first.

Of course,
this is easier said than done, for your's truly frequently confused with what he needs to what he wants.

On several occasion I purposely set in my mind that the thing that I want is actually what I need when deep in me I know that this isn't true.

It's not that I'm discouraging you to dream big,
it's just that in life, time is limited and so do resources and energy. So don't go on wasting it all in chasing something that in the end proves to be of very little worth.

Perhaps before we go on setting our goals,
it's best for us to be honest to ourselves and clearly define the things that we need and the things that we want.

Of course,
this is easier said that done.

I amongst all can be the testament to that.

Just some thoughts on a quiet cold night that I thought worth writing about.

Till Then...

Sinatra_Z - Pecah Kaca Pecah Gelas

18 NOV — Bercinta zaman sekarang ini adalah jauh lebih berbeza dengan sewaktu dulu, ketika mana telefon bimbit, SMS, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook apatah lagi Email masih belum wujud.

Kalau ada pun itu adalah melalui “modem dial up” 56k yang disediakan oleh Jaring. Juga, MIRC, itu pun tak ramai yang ada. Pada suatu ketika surat berwarna warni ditulis dengan menggunakan pen Kilometrico sambil disematkan kedalam sampul surat lalu diletakkan bawah meja si jantung hati sewaktu masa rehat.

Cinta remaja zaman sekarang memang mudah, yang perlu hanyalah untuk mendapatkan nombor telefon bimbit gadis yang diminati lalu dihantar pesanan ringkas (SMS) dengan ejaan yang seolah-olah huruf konsonan tidak lagi wujud.

“Hye, kte nak Knal dgn awak ble x?” (Terjemahan : Apa khabar, bolehkah saya berkenalan dengan saudari?)

Sinatra_Z - Berkorban Apa Saja

I know there's not many of you,

So to those few who is willing to spend a few minutes reading random insignificant thoughts from this cockroach I would like to wish...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

I know that I haven't written much,
been quite busy lately. Or Lazy, either one.

But my black notebook is still here.

Do tell me if you feel like having coffee yeah.

Juice is fine too.

Since it's hard to find any Hari Raya Korban song,
I'll leave you folks with this instead.

Follow more of my random thoughts at

Till Then...

Sinatra_Z - Zaid Pun Melayu

Latest Article in The Malaysian Insider

Zaid Pun Melayu

NOV 12 — By now it should be quite clear that I am not a fan of Parti Keadilan Rakyat. I do not look highly upon their de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the future prime minister of Malaysia. Thus it should come as a surprise that I, Encik Pemuda Umno, am moved to write a piece that is somewhat favouring Anwar’s blue-eyed boy Azmin Ali.

Here’s the thing, as much as I am amused by the developments in PKR’s party elections, and am having a field day sniping about the irregularities and circus of this so-called “most democratic” party elections, I have to be honest. Even I can’t stand the drama that Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is playing.

After reading some of the commentaries and opinions of self-proclaimed intellectuals and political scientists about how PKR is missing out on a bright new way of politics and how it has reverted back to Umno politics by backing Azmin, I am confused. How is choosing Azmin over Zaid similar to going back to the Umno days? Really? Being the Umno supporter that I am, I have to disagree. In fact, if you ask me, if you were to compare these two individuals side by side based on their track records, Zaid is the archetypical Umno politician.

The Zaid that you see today is the former law minister who resigned from his Cabinet post due to his stand over the Internal Security Act. Perceived as the liberal and democratic politician who is against oppression and dictatorship, he couldn’t tolerate the Umno regime, so he had to leave, or be fired. If indeed he was vehemently against the ISA and thought that the judiciary was truly flawed, where was Zaid back in 1998? Back when Anwar was incarcerated, ISA was at its peak, and the judiciary was supposedly conspiring with the then-Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (I don’t believe there was such a conspiracy).

According to Wikipedia, he joined Umno in the year 2000 and in 2001 he became the division chief of Kota Baru. Now I highly doubt the fact that he joined Umno that late and it is interesting to note that only a year after joining Umno he became a division leader. It is as if the editors of that page tried to erase his involvement in Umno pre-1998.

“In 2001, I won the contest for the post of Umno division chief for Kota Baru. Took me three attempts and 10 years to do that but I did it.”

That was taken from Zaid’s blog during the eve of the Hulu Selangor by-election. For your information, the issue was that Zaid was once convicted of money politics in Umno and was suspended from his post as division leader. He had joined Umno long before 2000 and during the darkest days of democracy Zaid Ibrahim was busy contesting for the Umno divisional leader post.

For an anti-ISA liberal democrat he sure seems comfortable serving under the stewardship of Dr Mahathir yet out of the blue moon seemed to think that the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi regime was way more dictatorial. So much so he just had to resign.

I am quite annoyed when people comment that a rejection of Zaid and the choosing of Azmin harks back to the days of Umno. First and foremost, they were both from Umno and if anything, Zaid is a far more established Umno man than Azmin or Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim combined. A graduate from ITM (a truly Malay institution), Zaid later founded ZICO (Zaid Ibrahim and Co), the biggest Bumiputera law firm in the country.

It hugely benefitted from the 30 per cent Bumiputera policy in terms of corporate conveyancing work and seeing that he was from Umno, it surely helped a bit. Of course, he would vehemently deny it. The ironic thing is, this vocal critic of the NEP is the shining star and a true product of the NEP. Perhaps he should consider a sequel to “Saya pun Melayu” titled “Saya pun DEB.”

As much as I hate to admit it, I personally think that Zaid actually belongs in Umno. I’m not saying I like him or anything but his character, that archetypical NEP success story, that rich bangsawan Malay who owns horses and races them, that sounds very old-school Umno if you ask me. Plus PKR is a party for activists, socialists and Anwar fanboys and Zaid is none of those.

It comes as no surprise that he is frustrated with PKR. If anything, Zaid doesn’t even belong in Pakatan Rakyat. When he was the divisional leader of Kota Baru he was the arch nemesis of the Tok Guru (Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat) and caused quite a stir when he sued the Kelantan government for trying to implement hudud law.

But come on, a man who recently joined the party with barely any track record with the movement suddenly guns for the second in command and expects to win it? Even I think it’s too much. I don’t know where Zaid will go next — some say that Zaid actually belongs in the DAP but I think deep in his heart he is too Malay for the DAP.

Perhaps he will start a new party with Haris Ibrahim and Raja Petra Kamarudin. But as much as I like to criticise him, I have to say that he sure has the guts to honestly tell those PKR fanboys the hard cold truth and that PKR needs to move on from Anwar and expose the long hidden hypocrisy that has long infested the party.

Zaid was right though when he said PKR isn’t ready for Putrajaya. He wasn’t being a pessimist, he was merely being a realist.

I wish Zaid well in whatever adventures that he decides to pursue next, be it the DAP, a new party or perhaps even PKR should he choose to stay. I wouldn’t even mind if he rejoined Umno, it should be interesting to watch that. But personally, I think that Zaid should join an NGO instead, something non-political, something like Perkasa.

You know, maybe he could shift Perkasa from that ultra right-wing movement to a moderate Malay NGO that fights for the rights of the Malays and acts as a watchdog for both BN and Pakatan Rakyat. Why not Perkasa... after all, “Zaid pun Melayu.”

PS. Zaid Ibrahim and Ibrahim Ali have a lot in common. They’re both from Kelantan, former Umno members, left during Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s presidency and both highly favour Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

Sinatra_Z - How UMNO loses votes

Was in the car a few months back with a fellow Pemuda UMNO man,

somewhere in his mid thirties an easygoing, funny, friendly man who has this penchant for well, err, slightly mature ladies.

You know the one that likes Janda and Datins sort.

I mean who am I to judge, whatever tickles his fancy.

Known to be quite the player (amongst these err ladies...) I had the chance to witness his game this one fine night,

we were in my car, I was driving he was texting.

"Siapa la ko sms bro?"

"Takdelah aku sms ni haa sorang ni, dia nak jumpa aku kat KL ni tapi aku macam malas la del, sibuk sikit la aku pun nanti takut rasa bersalah, ko maklumlah kalau dia nak jumpa mesti dia nak punya... Sekarang dia dah merajuk la"

"Tak paham aku dengan kau ni"

Teet teet! Teet Teet!

The he reads it out loud in a Kelantanese English slang

"Dia reply del"

"Eh hello, whose number is this? I don't know you"

"Aii Takkan you dah sampai delete number I?"

Teet teet!

"Sorry, I dah takmau tahu siapa you! I nak lupakan you, tak sanggup lagi ditipu. You dengan I dah takda apa apa hubungan."

"But I still love you dear"

"Ko biar betul bro nak hantar tu?"

"Ahahaha mestilah"

"Haha ko memang sial, dia tengah-tengah nak tidur confirm dah tak boleh tidur lepas ni."

Teet! Teet!

"No I takmau maafkan you, I dah tak sanggup lagi dipermainkan."

"apa la ko buat kat dia bro?"

"Takde apa pun bro!"

"Takpe apa apa?"

"Langsung tidak mengapa apakan dia, tu yang dia marah tu"

"Hahahahaha siot!"

To which our friend replied

"Dear maafkanlah I"

Teet Teet!

"Ah you tak boleh dipercaya, ni yang I benci dengan orang Politik ni, cakap berdegar-degar tapi masuk angin keluar asap, semuanya janji langit bumi tapi takde apa-apa, berpolitik memang pandai."

"Haa ko tengok ko bro! Kita dah hilang satu undi dah, confirm dia dah tak undi kita lagi dah lepas ni semua ko punya pasal"

"Itu yang aku tengah berusaha untuk mendapatkan balik undi dia ni Del."

These days folks,

every votes count, even from your disgruntled scandalous mature girlfriend.

Sinatra_Z - Batu Sapi Blitzkreig

On Sunday with a 30 minutes notice I was asked whether I would like to hop in with the Pemuda UMNO's entourage to Batu Sapi the next day. Since Galas Gua Musang was a wee bit too calm I thought to myself, well why not. So on 3 pm Sunday, drove back to KL, unpack, repack and monday morning 4 a.m shoot out to catch the first flight to Sandakan.

The task was easy, just follow Khairy Jamaluddin's programme for Batu Sapi for two days and write about it. Little did I know however, how tiring and fast everything can be. Let's just say when Politicians do their rounds during by elections, there's more than just shaking hands and giving speeches. Let's let the pictures do the talking.

11 am touchdown on Sandakan Airport

Greeted by BN Youth Machinery (UMNO, PBS, LDP and etc...)

4WD convoy (Saudara Lokman Adam in front seat)

First stop was Tanah Merah where there was a short briefing on the statistics and stratergy by PBS in order to capture the votes in that area. It's a 'kampung air' with a predominant Chinese community. Most of them are fishermen.

Briefing on voters registration in that area

visiting fishermen

Ikan Masin :P nasib baik tak terpijak

Tongkang Association (sounds funny :P)

The usual "Hi, how are you, undilah barisan nasional"


Next stop was Kampung Gaas, the place where PKR candidate Hj Ansari fell into the sea twice, thankfully there was no similar incident. Officiating the opening of a new takraw court and the usual visit to the kampung folks.

From Taxi Driver to labourer.

Much to the amusement of the local youth.

KJ was here.

Penceramah Tersohor En. Lokman Adam

Salam salam undilah BN

Dedicated Photographer

After a brief stop at a nearby mosque for Zohor prayers the entourage heads for a Giat Mara workshop where a brief certification ceremony was held followed by a short ceramah.

To Be Continued....