Sinatra_Z - Ughhh

Always beware of what you wrote at 3.30 am in the morning.

Jeez get me a tampon.

Feelings are for fags.

Sinatra - A thought

If things were supposed to be easy,
then I guess it's not that worthy.

Good things are hard to get,
that's how they're supposed to be.

Something I keep reminding myself repeatedly,

but damn,
sometimes I just wish it would be easier.

Oh well life is like that,
you can either complain about it or just swallow, get up and take it head on.

"Never go back on your word ... and never give up, no matter how bad it gets. That's your ninja way ... and I'm supposed to be your teacher ... I can't go out like this! Because I ... the student's ninja way should be the master's too! Right, Naruto?!"

Jiraiya The Toad Sage, Legendary Sannin, Legendary Pervert, one hell of a character, one hell of a character.

Sinatra_Z - Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

I use the standard Malay spelling rather than Eid,
I'm somewhat of a traditionalist I guess. Typical me.

Aidiladha is remembered for the sacrifices made by the Prophet Ibrahim, in which he was ordered by god to sacrifice his son Ismail. Though hard and bitter it may be, he nonetheless went through it, but Allah the merciful merely wanted to test Ibrahim's will and replace his son with a sacrificial animal instead.

Made me think,
The sacrifices made by Ibrahim and his son Ismail and other prophets before and after them.
They held onto their faith, their principle even when it is hard and tough. At the most crucial moments they never let go of it.

can be defined as
a set of fundamentals that a person uses to chart their lives with. It can act as a guide when it comes to making a decision or determining which path to be taken. A principle is like a red X on a map, when one is lost or stumble upon a junction, one can always refer to the map to determine which direction to go in order to reach the final destination.

But the thing about principles is,
it would only be worth something if the person holds on to it.
A principle would be worthless if the person changes them easily.

Personally I prefer someone who holds onto a set of principles.
Even if I disagree with it, at least I know what that person stands for or where is he/she heading for. It means that person knows where he/she want's to go and I respect that. Very much.

But the problems with principles is,
when you decide to have them, you must uphold it at all times.

Principles are not tools to be used and talked about at our convenience.
We cant merely prescribe to it only when it is beneficial to us and decide to scrap it when situation doesn't give us the advantage.

If that is the case then there's no point in having any.

Even when it's hard, tough, unpopular and does not benefit you at the time being,
if you believe in your principles with sound reasoning then by all means god will not take the excuse of you ditching them because it is simply inconvenient.

Then again,
this is easier said than done.

But like Ibrahim and Ismail,
Because they managed to hold onto their faith, they did not go astray.

As years go by,
our surroundings, situation and people will have an influence on us. Amongst these many variables that affects our lives, it's hard to keep our principles constant.

So at least once a year,
let us remember what it really means to hold onto something. Let us remember, like Ibrahim and Ismail, as to what we stand for, why we stood for it and where should we be heading.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

Maaf Zahir Batin.

Sinatra_Z - Because I like doing it.

So Art Harun was somewhat unhappy with some of the comments at Rocky, so he decided to write another one.

And me being me decided to answer him once again. So here is the answer.

I disagree, I don't think, freedom brought us up where we belong, or at least to me freedom is not the main contributor that brought us up where we belong. It helps but it's not the major factor. I think economic prosperity is what brought us up where we belong. We enjoy good economic growth and improvement in education ever since Merdeka. It has elevated our quality of living. Since we have more income and expertise we improve our education system in which then makes our people are more knowledgeable, able to think critically and they have time and energy to pursue a higher goal. From these we create professionals, thinkers and intellectuals, and these professionals due to their education and exposure are more critical in their thinking. Like the Maslow's theory, if we do not have these necessity first there's probably we don't really care much about democracy.

60% Indian work force comes from farming, this is not an assumption it's a fact -

The farmers remark came from the Indian election result in 2004 where the communist party and the Congress had big wins. The communist party had the biggest winning margin in history now what does that tells you? In case one may fear I make an assumption again here's the reference

So the logic trait goes something like this - Farmers were hit hard, farmers go to election, farmers vote for communist party, communist party hates democracy, meaning farmers don't really give a flying about it. They are more concerned about their livelihood, like the maslow thing.

And regarding this quote :

"In fact history would show that Malaysia imposed more limits to democracy than Singapore did in the 22 years of Dr M’s rule." I'm pretty sure J.B. Jeyaretnam would disagree to that, then again maybe I am making an assumption here and we may never know because he is dead.

If we were to contribute freedom "as the main factor" to where we are today i.e citizens with critical thinking yet at the same time say for 22 years plus (apparently Badawi is a dictator too to some) we have no freedom at all, isn't it contradictory? If we had freedom for 22 years and got to where we are today then yeah that sounds right, but according to you we were oppressed. So I think there's probably something else that contributed to this. If I'm not too lazy, I'll probably write an article on this. If not then too bad, life goes on.....

I know there are more things I could write about.
But it's late and I'm woozy over the medicine I took just now.

Good Night folks.

Sinatra_Z - Angin Selatan

Teringat kisah lama malam ini,
Kisah ketika belajar di Skudai Johor Bahru dulu,
masa tu saya tinggal di sebuah asrama yang terletak di atas bukit,
Asrama yang seakan-akan "apartment" yang mempunyai 9 tingkat. Jadi malam-malam hendak pulak kalau musim hujan sayup-sayup macam sekarang ni memang dingin, kalau ada rezeki angin akan singgah sebentar ke bilik.

Bila rasa bosan atau tekanan pada satu ketika dulu,
saya akan suka singgah bilik "senpai" atau "senior" saya Lan (radzlan) dan Ijan orang kuat kelab Go Kart.

Kira dua orang ni masa tu macam pelajar terlajak laaa, tapi memang Gerek Seh bak kata orang Johor.

Sebab saya suka pergi sana ialah kerana Lan akan memutarkan radio lamanya di waktu malam kepada frekuensi radio Best 104, sensasi selatan. Radio kepunyaan dan kebanggaan warga Johor.

Setiap malam lepas pukul sembilan, Best 104 akan memainkan tanpa henti lagu-lagu keroncong jadi selalulah saya datang singgah duduk mendengar sama lagu keroncong. Memang susah nak cari orang muda yang minat keroncong ni apatah lagi yang ada rakan sebilik yang tak berapa kisah mendengar lagu zaman-zaman tok kadok.

Selalunya bila datang sama ada kami akan berborak, main permainan daun terup "Chor Dai Dee" atau hanya duduk diam melayan perasaan. Selalunya Ijan akan kata
"Eh tetamu dah datang ni, kenalah kita buat teh."

Jadi kadang-kadang saya teringat akan waktu melepak di bilik mereka berdua ini, meminum teh-O sambil mendengar lagu-lagu keroncong. Rasa macam dekat tepi pantai yang indah pun ada.

Orang selalunya bila bercerita zaman belajar teringat akan kisah terjumpa cinta sampai ke pelamin laa, ataupun aktiviti pergerakan pelajar ke tak pun waktu "berparti" liar zaman-zaman muda mudi.

Saya pulak teringat akan teh-o, keroncong dan kain pelikat.
Bosan bunyinya.... Tapi takpelah, saya ni memang orangnya bosan sedikit. Suka dengar lagu-lagu orang dah mati.

Itu yang bila dah berada di Kuala Lumpur ni,
Di tengah-tengah kotaranya, teringat pulak dekat angin selatan. Rindu pun ada. Nostalgia pun ada.

Walaupun Pantai Lido tu menyedihkan, tapi Johor Bahru tetap saya kenang.

Angin Selatan, Gerek Seh. Rindu gua dekat lu punya keroncong, lu punya angin dengan kawan-kawan gua.

Selamat Malam.....

Sinatra_Z - Buat Musim Hujan

Bersempena dengan musim hujan ni,
hendak pulak tengah hujan malam-malam ni. Nah buat layan di kala hujan waktu malam-malam.

Sinatra_Z - Sauna and Manliness

There's something really manly about Saunas..

a bunch of 3 quarter sweaty naked men, with nothing but towel sitting inside a steamy hot room yet not a word can be spoken.

You come in, you sit, you do nothing, you say nothing and when you're done you leave and no one says anything about it.

No talking, no touching, feeling and what not.

Let me define sauna -
A place where half naked sweaty men sit together in a totally heterosexual manner.
In fact even a gay dude would automatically turn straight once he enters a sauna.

It's like a gentlemen code and Sauna is a sacred place where you just sit and sweat.

It's a guy thing.

Sauna = Serious Business

Sinatra_Z - An Answer

Art Harun wrote this in TMI

And I answered -

I'm pretty sure,
those starving hard working farmers in India who has to fight drought and fertilizer prices don't give a damn about freedom of speech or expression. It is those comfortably well paid lawyers with some extra time on their hands who are more concerned about these things and write about it.

Before you talk about democracy perhaps it is wise to first elevate the people's (rakyat) quality of living, because like the maslow's hierarchy of needs there are more important things to fulfill before they get to the self actualization level.

India has one of the most open democracy in the world yet the people are still racists. Now what does that tell you, democracy does not make you less racist, education is. In fact during the times of Soviet Union Russians aren't racists at all because communism knows no colour, yet now in a democracy they have the biggest population of skinheads and nazi groups because of economic factor.

If given the chance to an Indian labourer on whether he would prefer to go to Shanghai and lose his democratic rights yet get a good job and stay in Bangalore and be paid peanuts yet he can vote, I think we can pretty much guess the outcome.

And yes Dr M says China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan will lead the charge.
Japan has been ruled by the same party for over 50 years before, South Korea and Taiwan was once ruled by dictators who are horrible in human rights but spur fast economic growth and efficiency during their time.

There is such a thing as too much democracy, look at Pakistan, apart from cricket the national's favourite past time is politics and it is dominated by lawyers, look how screwed up it gets.

On the other hand, China is being ruled by a group of Engineers and they are flying high.

Dr M is a lousy philosopher yes I agree, and that's why people like him because Philosophers will only talk and do very little while technocrats (like Doctors) do more and talk less. Philosopher ini macam Anwar Ibrahim.

Sinatra_Z - PAS dan Negara Islam

Penulisan terbaru di The Malaysian Insider

PAS merupakan parti pembangkang yang terbesar dalam arena politik Malaysia, walaupun mempunyai jumlah kerusi yang paling kurang di dalam Parlimen dan nampak seolah-olah terpinggir dari segi kepimpinan dalam Pakatan Rakyat. Suka atau tidak kita perlu akui yang PAS merupakan parti yang mempunyai ahli terbanyak dan mempunyai kedudukan keuwangan yang paling mantap.

Dari segi keutuhan parti, tidak seperti rakan mereka PKR dan DAP, belum ada satu pun ADUN PAS yang melompat parti kerana kecekalan mereka membuat bai’ah. ADUN PAS lebih mana sanggup menceraikan isteri mereka tiga dari mengkhianati parti, begitulah dapat kita gambarkan keutuhan perjuangan mereka. Malah kehebatan jentera mereka ternampak jelas apabila diadakan perhimpunan atau demonstrasi jalanan yang mana sebahagian besar datang darinya adalah dari ahli atau penyokong PAS dan sangat kecil dari datang dari rakan-rakan PR.

Sinatra_Z - Thoughts

I'm trying to finish up my TMI article so no stories for your monday blues.

But nonetheless here is some random thoughts I had during the weekends.

On Writing -
When I write I would sleep late = less sleep.
In a way writing is detrimental to my health.
But hey, I like writing and I consider it as an indulgence, like chocolates or cigars to some. Thus indulgence is always bad for health no?

On Son In Laws
Once there was a blogger who declared war on UMNO because of Pak Lah and his Son in Law thus using the nickname kickdefella. He then joined PAS and became a huge fan of Nik Aziz. Now kickdefella got kicked by the fella he least expected, Nik Aziz, because of his confrontation with Nik Aziz's Son In Law. Life is ironic isnt' it.

On Singing
I'm not a singer, I'm a crooner. Go google crooner.

On Prime Minister.
Zaid Ibrahim proposes Nik Aziz to head Pakatan Rakyat. Does this mean Anwar Ibrahim is not going to be PM if PR wins? Hurricane Hattie of PR strikes again.

On Subtitle
Saw Mahathir's documentary on History Channel, they interviewed a bunch of people including Lim Kit Siang. Apparently they only subtitled Lim Kit Siang. Kesian. I mean his english is not that bad what, maybe got slang a bit lah.

On being an 'artis'
Saturday went crooning at Superstar karaoke and sunday went to Celebrity Fitness. Ahh so Glamour likat that. Macam artis. hahahaha.

On Selangor
Anwar declared war in Selangor to combat UMNO's plan to retake the state. You know instead of declaring war in Selangor how about PKR proves it's worthiness by governing Selangor which it has yet to do.

On matters of the heart.
Someone said that we should be honest to our heart. I say, people are always honest to their heart it's just that people usually are not honest to the person who they have heart for.

On Pall Mall
Pall Mall Cigarettes apparently means Peluk Abang Lama Lama Membutakan Abang Lemah Lesu.

That's all folks.

Sinatra_Z - Living Life To The Foollest

It's interesting on how you find things at the most unexpected places.

I was reading some of the comments they posted on Low Yat (which is an online forum) and this guy with the nickname "Ah Wang" wrote "Live Life to the Foolest"

I can't remember why he wrote it but I remembered that line. Although he wrote it as a jest but it got me thinking, perhaps it can serve as a pretty good life motto.

Think about it,
"Live life to the foollest"

Because many times in our lives we avoid on doing something because of the fear that we might be seen as someone foolish, a fool. Be it dancing on the stage, public speaking, asking for directions, pretending to understand a certain conversation, learning how to ski and many-many more.

But think about it.

When one falls in love he or she tends to do foolish things right? And I am pretty sure we have fallen in love least once in our lives. Though you might not notice it but if you have fallen in love, had a crush or like someone chances are you already have been a fool once.

When arriving or visiting a foreign country or even a new place like a new town you must have looked like a fool when you got lost not knowing which road to take and keep going in circles. That seemed quite foolish no?

The first time you tried to make a new dish and the curry tasted more like burned charcoal, how about the time when you first learn how to drive, the first date you had or the time when you asked the shopkeeper which one of these leaves is a spinach.

Without realising it, You have been a fool many times before and guess what you came out fine and no one seems to remember it. Well at least most of it.

Many of us have dreams,
dreams on achieving something, dreams of doing something and dreams of changing something.

I have a dream,
and I too have been ridiculed for it, called names because of it and even doubts from many people. Some say it's too much, some say I have false hopes and that I am a fool for even thinking on taking that path.

it seems tough, but that's what dreams are all about. They're supposed to be hard, only then it is worth dreaming about.

I don't mind if I seem to look like a fool for believing in it,
I don't mind if I fail in trying to get it,
I don't mind doing things that might seem foolish for it.

I have made myself look like a fool many times before,
but every time I did that I would always discover something new, be it good or bad.

Because in the end, I'd rather try achieving something and look foolish doing it then just sit by the road, complaining all my life and pretending to be cool.

So I look like a fool sometimes, but I don't mind it, and you shouldn't too.

You are not a cat, you only got one life, so why worry so much on what others might think of you, it's not going to affect your savings account or anything.

I mean, what's a little dent on the ego and a slight scar on the reputation.

Life is like that.

Try to be a fool sometimes ok, you might discover something new.

So here's to living life to the foollest.

Sinatra_Z - Cerita-Cerita Rakyat

Dah lama tidak saya mengarang dengan Bahasa Melayu.

Ohh maaf Bahasa Malaysia ye, Bahasa Melayu itu perkauman.

Nampaknya penulisan yang berjudul "The Look Of Love" telah mendapat sambutan hangat dari gegadis, bekas gadis-gadis, lelaki yang bermuka ganas tapi berjiwa gadis dan juga gadis yang marah atau kecewa dengan kisah cinta lampau.

Ah begitulah resam kehidupan,
sesungguhnya Chenta itu adalah suatu perniagaan yang tidak mengenal siapa pelanggan siapa pembeli.

Cheh boleh tahan jugak lah ayat aku ni dah macam penyair sepi de lereng bukit, boleh buat skrip untuk drama swasta Yusof Haslam ni.

para pembaca sekelian untuk meningkatkan semangat anda di pagi hari rabu (ye saya tahu anda banyak membaca karangan di waktu pejabat) maka terimalah kisah-kisah pendek cerita rakyat yang saya kumpul di sepanjang minggu lepas.

Kisah I

Sedang kami duduk minum-minum di kopitiam mak saya pun teringat kisah lama lalu diceritakan mengenai "Honey Moon" masa baru kahwin dulu.

Sepanjang hari duduk di dalam hotel di Cameron Highland ayah saya yang dah bosan duduk dalam bilik sahaja pun cakap...

"Eh jom kita pergi jalan-jalan, bosanlah duduk dalam bilik je."

Jadi Mak pun dengan gembira kata "Eh seronoknya, romantik la jalan-jalan dekat Cameron highland, boleh tengok bunga semua."

"Ahh memang, boleh jalan-jalan tengok pokok bunga."

Dia ingatkan nak pergi pasar ke tengok bunga segar, atau ladang teh tengok pokok teh menghijau tak pun pergi ke tempt tinggi tengok kabus di celah-celah gaung dengan pepohon menghijau.

Sekali keluar bapa saya bawa dia pergi padang golf, rupanya jalan-jalan tu bermaksud jalan-jalan teman dia main golf. Dia pinjam Golf Set dari Kelab.

"Haa tengok tu pokok bunga cantik."
Katanya sebelum dia memukul bola golf dengan batang Iron nombor 5.

Kisah II

Kawan yang tengah baca Suratkhabar...

"Peh Khalid Samad kata kalau nak masuk bertanding untuk PAS kena buat Baiah, kalau buat hal kena cerai isteri."

"Mak aih, apahal?"

"Diorang tak nak wakil PAS lompat masuk UMNO."

"Ooh itu macam ka, kalau lompat masuk UMNO kena cerai isteri, habis kalau UMNO lompat masuk PAS macamana pulak?"

"ahh itu dia kena Kahwin lagi satu."

Kisah III

Kawan yang sedang membaca soccernet di pagi isnin

"Peh MU kalah siot."

"Hahahah MU Kalah macam Kelantan."

"Ko tau tak orang paling sedih pagi ni orang apa?" tanya Zaki


"Penyokong MU dari Kelantan."

Kisah IV

"Peh ko takkan takde gadis yang ko suka?"


"Habis tu apa tunggu lagi ko ni pun"

"masaalah lah, leceh sikit"

"masaalah apa, kalau ko dah suka tu apa lagi masaalahnya?"

"Masaalahnya dia tak suka kat aku. Itu je, kalau masaalah tu aku berjaya selesaikan dah lama dah aku masuk."

Kisah V

"Eh apasal orang Melayu, isteri dia panggil suami dia Abang ah?"

"Perempuan Melayu mana panggil suami dia abang lah."

"Eh ye lah, kan diorang panggil suami diorang abang."

"diorang tak panggil suami diorang abang la."

"Habis tu diorang panggil suami apa?"

"Dia panggil Abaaang.."

"ohooo, abaaang, ok kenapalah dia panggil tu?"

"because it rhymes with the word that is used for numerical coefficient of cylindrical objects, stiff and long. Probably that's why."

Sinatra_Z - The Look Of Love

Being a writer,
or at least someone who like to write (Since I consider myself as an Engineer) you will have this habit of seeing things in a third perspective.

It's like being a spectator in a chess competition and noticing the flaws that the players make, yet you will not see them if you're in the game itself.

This habit of mine,
I tend to jot it down, usually it's just your usual mundane daily things, but like what is written on the right side of this blog that in between these mundane random things that you encounter in life, sometimes you find something meaningful, a treasure of sorts.

Last Saturday I was invited to lunch at a friends house, his wife had just gone through a surgery safely and he just found out that he is about to be a dad. So he invited a bunch of friends over for some "makan-makan" at his home, pretty low key but cozy nonetheless.

So I went there with a friend and there we met some of his friends from work, all Engineers, age around 24 to 27 and recently married, the stable sort of people unlike his friends from hometown who are the "bujang trang tang tang" funfair folks. They talked about work, football, being married but mostly about work, pretty mundane to me. Didn't join in the "married" conversation instead I joined in the "bujang senang" folks and started talking cock on one side.

Then this newlywed couple came, one of their friends from workplace and he was bringing his wife for the first time to meet his friends here. They got married in less than a month and it seems that they have not met him for quite sometime. The usual "selamat pengantin baru" greetings.

So the husband was surrounded by his "guy" friends while his wife was sitting on the opposite side of the living room looking at their lively conversation. The husband was explaining to his friends on his life, about his new job, his new home and what happened after they left the company and etc.. It seems that he has been doing quite okay, he got a better offer and he tell them stories of his new career path. He didn't brag about it but you can see his enthusiasm when he talks about his new work.

What grabbed my attention in that scene was the wife who was sitting on the opposite side. From the start of the conversation where her husband is being probed by friends to the end she just kept looking at him and mind you this is not just looking at the whole conversation but more like focusing on her husband.

From her eyes and her slight smile in her lips you can tell that there was a mixture of happiness, admiration, pride and a bunch of other feelings. With her palm on her cheek it seems that she really enjoyed looking at her husband in a new light, her husband with his friends. Probably the first time she saw him in this manner. That look that she had on her face, no one saw it but I did and I think it is best described as the look of love.

It was quite something,
that gaze of her's. It's not like the loving gaze that one have over looking at his/her crush/love from afar. It's more like the gaze of someone who knows that this is the person whom she loves, and that he is her's and that she can't help but feel happy and grateful that they are together here right now at this place doing this utterly normal, usually mundane thing. The gaze of someone whose love has been answered.

I don't think the husband realised it thought, takes someone from outside to notice it. But it was there all right, in the middle of it all, quite secluded, partly hidden in a way and I saw it. Like a sight of a really rare bird in between the trees.

Do I feel envious about it?
Not really, but I sure do feel grateful that I managed to see that.
I think that it's a very rare sight,
wanted to snap a picture of it but I decided not to, didn't want to ruin the magic.

Frank Sinatra once sang...

I've seen the look of a jockey on a winner
I've seen the look of a fat man havin' dinner
I've seen the look of those spacemen up above
But the look that closes the book is the look of love....

It's thunder, it's lightning, the gentlest breeze
It's friendly, it's frightening
And more surprising than an elephant's sneeze

He was right all right, man he was right.

Sure did found something valuable on that Saturday afternoon.

Sinatra_Z - A Short One

It's quiet night like these,
that's really hazardous to me.

It's because at times like these,
is when my heart does the thinking and my head sleeping.

Wherever someone thinks of you, that's where home is."

I'm a bit like Jiraiya.

Sinatra_Z - The Tree of Democracy, Cendol and Rojak

The Tree of Democracy, Cendol and Rojak

NOV 4 — As many of you should know, I am rather biased when it comes to writing about Malaysian politics.

Which side you may ask? Well my previous article should give you some clues so let’s just say you won’t see the word “rakyat” being mentioned much in my articles. But hey, at least I don’t go pretending on being all neutral or non-partisan like many of you out there, right here and right now.

My fellow readers please be aware that Zaidel Baharuddin can be somewhat biased, at least he dares to admit it and that probably makes him the only columnist here who has balls. Although, I have to give credit to Dina Zaman for she has balls too, and no I am not saying that she is actually a man; I mean she breaks fasts with some gangsters for the sake of orphans and that shows that she has more balls than many of us here who just sit behind the computer ranting and weeping about our woes and blame everything on Barisan Nasional. (Note from DZ: Okaylah Zaidel, I’ll be your cougar!)

Read more at -

Sinatra_Z - Feelings eh?

I don't mind putting my Ideas forward,
my thoughts or my views, I write them in the open.
I accept criticism, discourse and opinions.
One could say I am very forward when it comes to my thinking.
I share them and I try to explain them, proactively.

But the exact opposite when it comes to my feelings.
I don't share much of them in public,
be it in the form or writing or talking about it.
I try not to show them in the form of expression but occasionally it leaks.

Well I am human.

Which is why you don't see me write much about rants, complains or have random emotional outbursts towards friends, colleagues, family or acquaintance. I don't do that. To me the matter of the heart is something private, something that is best shared with someone you really trust or god. I'm not the type that have public emotional outbursts or the kind that would put emotions before logic when it comes to my writing.

But when I write, I do try my best to evoke the readers emotion, but it is mainly guided by logic.

Perhaps it's the male mechanism I have in my brain that says talking about your feelings makes you a wuss, pussy and other words one can refer in the thesaurus. In fact I really do have this thinking in my head.

So yeah,
a friend commented that

"I am extrovert when it comes to my thinking but very much introvert when it comes to feelings."

Maybe it's a guy thing,
Maybe I'm just a focused and objective person,
Maybe I am the type that like to avoid drama.

Or Maybe,

Because only those who dare to question himself may find the true answer...

Maybe I am just afraid.

One can argue with logic when it comes to an idea,
one can even conclude and have a pleasant discourse on it.

But when it comes to the matters of the heart,
it get's a bit tricky.

Pretty troublesome.

They say it takes a big man to cry,
Then they say it takes a bigger man to make him cry.

Oh well, it's just a random thought.

Good Night Folks.

Sinatra_Z - hmm....

Dah seminggu aku tak tulis apa-apa rupanya.

Apa nak tulis pun tak tahu.

sekadar peringatan buat diri sendiri,
biar jauh mana melangkah pergi,
biar pelbagai perkara aku lihat dan jumpa,
jangan sesekali lupa,
siapa diri sebenarnya,
kenapa aku di sini,
dan mimpi...

Selamat malam....