Sinatra_Z - Why I Support Learning Math and Science in English.

Recently there is a lot of support calling for the reversal of teaching math and science in English.
Much of these support comes of intellectual who has never studied any form of science or math in their respective college or University.

Take for example the recent PPSMI forum which was supposed to be attended by Anwar Ibrahim but was replaced by Syed Husin ALi.

Syed Husin Ali is a Professor of Anthropology and Sociology from University Malaya. What science or mathematics is there? In fact I had to look at the dictionary to understand the meaning of Anthropology.

The anthropologist Eric Wolf once described anthropology as "the most scientific of the humanities and the most humanistic of the sciences."

Zaidel describes Anthropology as a major you take in Uni if you can't do Math well but want to seem smart by having fancy words on your degree.

And Anwar Ibrahim? Degree in Malay Studies, Oiyoooo the only Math they have in Malay Studies is to calculate the amount of credit you take per semester which isn't much of a problem for Anwar because during his Uni days he spent most of them shouting slogans on the street and getting angry for no apparent reason.

Why I say getting angry for no apparent reason? Because later he Joined UMNO!!

Back to thw reason why I support the damn thing.
I came from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and trust me when I say this that a few years back this was the most Bahasa Kebangsaan University than any other local universities combined. Let's just say the first 3 years of my Engineering days were filled with Bahasa Malaysia/Melayu jargons. Just to show you what I mean take a look at some of these examples..

Engineering Term
Capacitor - Pemuat
Resistor - Perintang
Impedance - Galangan
Current - Arus

Others include : Momen Lentur, Tegasan, Terikan, Pepejal, Dinamik Haba and etc...

I mean those Engineering Lecturer took the extra mile to translate every single damn thing into Malay and I greatly respect this. As oppose to my sociology lecturers who like to screw up the Malay Language by prostituting English words into BM.

Take for example this term "Dekadensi Moral" When I first saw that term I was thinking what the hell is dekadensi moral, a type of resistor or something? Turns out Dekadensi comes from the English word Decadence. Dekadensi Moral means Moral Decadence direct translation where as you can simply translate it into "Kemerosotan Akhlak/Moral" which is much more clear. But NOOOO he had to use dekadensi so that he would seem smart and people won't question his Associate Professorship. Then you would have other words like kompak, visi, misi, infotainment, naratif kecil, naratif besar and penkek.

At first the Lecturers (Engineering) seemed to get it all good, they managed to translate the English term to BM very well and with very clear meaning. Then Things started to change as the subject get's more complex and you get newer terms. Take for example this Subject..

"Motorolla 68000 Microprocessor"

Which translates to Mikro Pemproses Motorolla 68000"
Sounds fine....

But then as you go deeper into the subject you will find more interesting terms. For instance

Timer - The clock cycle chip you use to send timing signals to the processors. It acts like a stopwatch to the processor.

BM Translation - Pemasa. Which is fine.

Then we have things like this -
Bistable Multivibrator - Dwimantap Penggetar Pelbagai. Apo Kobondo tu Jang?

Then in microprocessor you have this term call "Interrupt" and like it's name it means to interrupt the normal cycle of the processor and tell it to focus to doing something else. Kinda like the phone rings when you are cooking, you stop cooking and answer the phone.

The Malay Jargon Interrupt would be Sampukan. Interrupt Pin - Pin Sampukan.

Sampukan? Sampuk ke? Sejak bila Mikropemproses ada pocong atau Jembalang dalam dia? Ini Electrical Engineering ka Bomoh Engineering?

Masked Interrupt - Sampukan Bertopeng.
Handshake Interrupt - Sampukan Jabat Tangan. Ko salam dengan dia lepas tu ko kena sampuk, kira dia ni macam santau laa.

Then you have this thing called "Latch" which is an output chip.
Latch in Malay is Selak.
Selak as in Selak pintu, Selak Pagar or Selak pintu Jamban.

Mula-mula baca dulu saya ingat Selak dalam erti kata Selak Kain.
Contoh - Angin bertiup kencang lalu baju kurung Fasha Sanda pun selak sikit lalu Zaidel pun telah menerima ganguan emosi akibat dari kejadian itu.

Naah see,
And it gets interesting when it comes to "Electrical Power" Subject. In there there is this chapter where they talk about CoEnergy in power transmission. Coenergy in malay is translated to Kotenaga.

Which is why when he gave the lecture my lecturer would loudly proclaim KOtenaga compare to the students who prefer to pronounce it as KOTEnaga.

3 phase Coenergy in power transmission would then become
KoteNaga 3 fasa dalam penghantaran kuasa. OIYOOOOOO, kalah Anakonda!

Just for fun here are some other Technical Jargons you can play with...

Transformer - Pengubah
Decoder - Penyahkod (Mak Nyah kot)
Multiplexer - Pemultiplex
Polarity - Kutub
Instruction Set - Set Suruhan
Components - Peranti (I bet you didn't know that)
Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) - Penghantar Penerima Pemasa Serentak Am

Now try translating this
Connect Your Joy Stick into the server Port, you should find little problem with the Joystick as the server has Plug and Play mode.

Masukkan Kayu Ria anda ke dalam lubang pelayan, anda sepatutnya tidak mempunyai banyak masaalah dalam memasukkan kayu ria anda kerana pelayan ini mempunyai fungsi masuk dan main.

Hambik kau!
Tu belum dia kena sampuk ke selak ke nak nak pulak ada kotenaga.

By the time I was in my 4th year,
Everything was taught in English.... SENANG!

Sinatra_Z - Something Other than Politics

My status updates in facebook has been filled with pot shots against Pakatan Rakyat lately.

And during breakfast I drank coffee and read the newspaper. 

I never read the newspaper during my morning coffee.

I only read the newspaper when I am in the toilet.

That way I can immediatly process the crap I am reading and get it out of my system at the same time. 

So for once let's steer away from the problems of politics, power struggle, half naked pictures and cows. Something slightly more humane and random one could say. 
Which is why it was somewhat bizzare to play chess at Palate-palate when at the same time loud techno music is blasting right above my head. I am amazed at the power of my concentration at that moment, I take chess seriously sometimes and I was really proud that I won. Unlike Futsal, football or badminton I actually have a pretty good chance in winning in this game. As you might know by now I am not really moulded to be good in sports.

Ironic though,
I am bad at sports when I posess a body of a sportsman. Sumo that is. 

So there,
an ode to the mundane things in life, 
like buying green tea wash or a new bottle of mouth wash, the art of slipping into groups of people to take a piece of chicken at some Nasi Campur stall or the feeling I get when I just woke up after an afternoon nap that had gone above 4 pm. I feel like there is sea water in my brains. 

Maybe it's the drowzy flu pill I that I took about an hour ago. 
Maybe it's just me being mellow. 
Chances are it's the pill....

Under the stars and the mood beside the roadside smelling the wonderful aroma of carbon monoxide I learned something interesting today....

Sinatra : "So what is your MSN status lah?"

Jayson Chua : "Girl, help me get out of Lonesville!"

Gan Yeow Hock : "Damn Jiwang wei... From some oldies izzit?"

Jayson Chua : "Nope I made it up myself."

Sinatra : "That is something to be proud of. Good for you. Now you can make up your own Jiwang lines and that is is an act of epic proportions of win!"

Gan Yeow Hock : "What's Lonesville in Malay ah?"

Sinatra : "Kampung Kesepian"

Gan Yeow hock  : "Oiyooooo Jiwang Sial..."

Sinatra : Translation -"Wahai cik adik, saya ni sesat, boleh tak anda tunjukkan saya jalan keluar dari kampung kesepian ini..." 

My New pick up line. Courtesy of Jayson Chua. Who is a tad lonely these days, especially when the girl he likes started kissing someone else. 

You poor bastard. 

And now some words of wisdom,
"We usually hear of abuses against women and children as these are visible to the eye. But emotional abuse against men are not so visible. We can't concentrate while praying and we cannot sleep in peace. This is how men are emotionally abused, but not many will discuss this in an intellectual manner."
-Nik Aziz-
Harakah - Saying that women's revealing dressing constitute a form of emotional abuse towards men. 

I got from Malaysian Politics say the Darndest things vol. 2

I just learned something new today,
apparently I was abused emotionally for years. 

That explains alot of things. 

Sinatra_Z - So okay maybe I am racist (just a bit, I mean like really tiny)

Yeah recently I had an epiphany,
I was sitting in the toilet reading confucious when a series of insignificant events flashed through my head followed by a string of logic. Apparently, I am somewhat racist. You know those folks who can themselves "Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia" to signify the concept of a colour blind definition of the Malaysia Citizens, you will never hear me say that. I prefer that my fellow countrymen has different colors, it's kinda nice, reminds me of ABC.  

So no if someone ask's me Adakah anda Anak Bangsa Malaysia? 
My reply is.. Bukan saya bukan anak bangsa malaysia! Saya adalah anak Encik Baharuddin. Anda salah orang.  

Now come on, we all like to think ourselves as those liberal yuppie I love everyone love peace Obama god loves us all equally sort of thing but truth be told we are all (Malaysians) and yes I mean YOU are somewhat racist. It's not to say that we all have a Nazi ideologist in deep in our heart but we as human beings are so used to profiling and categorizing that we tend to do racial profiling subconciously.  

Zaidel's Standard Racial Profiling Malays - Lazy, Idiots, Rempits, believe in bomoh than in doctor, are more concerned in buying new gold bracelets than paying the electric bills, gossipers, easy to bribe with money or women, tendency for divorce/afffairs/messy love situations and slow government servant.  

Chinese - Ah Long, complain about the police being corrupted but when they get caught doing something wrong in traffic without any remorse offer bribe to officer, Lala, blond hair Fengtau, gamblers and ultimate dream in life is to migrate to Australia or New Zealand..  

Indians - Gangsters, Illegal parking attendants, drama queen, drunkard, curry, overreacting in stories good dancers and excessive usage of the word "Macha" and "Bro". Yes indeed I am somewhat racist. 

For instance the other day I noted that my friend Joe Lee was smoking dunhill to which I replied "Apahal ko Isap Dunhill nih? Ko ni Melayu ke? Ko sepatutnya isap Malboro Light!"  
Again another general racial profiling Malay smoke Dunhill, Chinese Smoke Malboro Light and Indian Drink Beer. 

In fact thanks to years of propaganda I now automatically adress Malay first, then Chinese and lastly Indians. Even though there are also other ethnicity in Malaysia, I am not bothered to type them here, too much just pick one of the main three. Senang! Tak payah nak Sikh ke Iban ke Murut Ke, Baba Nyonya ke Eurasian ke apa ke. Kalau ko tak nak jadi melayu, cina atau india maka secara automatik engko Indon.  

And then of course I am close to my OCBC friends. OCBC = Orang Cina Bukan Cina. No these are not the Bananas white fella wannabees who talk to you with an american slang but these are fellas who can speak cantonese fluently but know jack shit about Mandarin. They can't even read characters. I suspect the only reason they learn cantonese is so that they can order Pork from the Chinese Restaurant. Kalau dia tak tau cakap cantonese nanti dia seganlah nak makan kat kedai Cina tu jadi dia kena pergi kedai Melayu. Kedai Melayu takde Babi jadi tak best!  

Oh come on man, ADMIT IT, 
even you are somewhat racist aren't you? 
If a Malay student get's a scholarship it's because of NEP, if prices go up it's the Chinese fellas fault and a drunkard fell into the river? Must be an Indian fella. Again note that only the 3 main components are used, sorry Iban fellas, you either have to be a Malay, Chinese or Indon. Indian quite hard lah.  

But fear not, 
I have come to the conclusion that all Malaysians, regardless of what race they are, generally are lousy idiotic suicide drivers who will speed up when the traffic light goes yellow, tailgate because they believe every inches count and seem not to realise this thing call signal lights. Kudos to my fellow Malaysians who become retards whenever they are on the road with the exceptional few who are much more civilised (like me). 

Yes I admit it, I am somewhat racially perturbed sometimes, not often but yeah it does happen. And I am sure most of you out there share this problem. But look, stereotyping is bad but as long as we keep it harmless I think we are okay. If we can joke about it then I think were quite fine. Yes we can't help to have these little thoughts but don't translate these thoughts to hatred. Because once it transcends into hatred then we would have a really big problem. It's good to be honest, and honestly I am sorry that sometimes I can't help but do these things. But I promise you that in the end it doesn't really matter, Look I don't hate you because of the colour of your skin, I hate you because I think you are an Idiot whose brains are so retarded that you spew out dumb illogical opinions that is best to be shared with Bill O Reilly.  

But..... If there is one thing that I have totally erased any form of Racial Profiling it would be.......Ladies. I am totally Liberal in that way. You know how some prefer a nice Malay girl or a polite indian girl that is good with the family, me I am open to any... Let there be Iban, Caucasian, Indian, Malay, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, Jewish, Arab, Presian, Martian, Anime Japanese character with blue hair and ridiculous body proportions... I promise you that I will always keep an open mind.  

Technically, When it comes to women I am totally non racial. 
I am only racist to Men. 
So that means that I am either a Feminist or a Lesbian. 
Which is fine both ways for me..........  

My New Pick up line. "Hai nama saya Zaidel, Saya bukan anak Bangsa Malaysia, Saya anak Bangsa Bangsa Bersatu..."  


Sinatra_Z - Dua Sen Saya

Kita semua sudah ketahui, 
Drama yang kini sedang berlaku di Perak, Sultan Perak telahpun bersetuju dengan penubuhan kerajaan baru dan tidak memperkenankan untuk membubarkan dewan undangan negeri Perak. Walaupun ianya tidak dipersetujui oleh Menteri Besar Perak dari Pakatan Rakyat YB Nizar. Barangkali baginda berpendapat bahawa untuk mengadakan pembubaran dan pemilihan raya semula merupakan suatu pembaziran wang yang besar apatah lagi ketika keadaan ekonomi sekarang.  

Yang anehnya, golongan yang mengangkat kadaulatan Sultan Perak apabila baginda mengesyorkan perbuahan dari segi badan kehakiman negara dan sebagainya adalah orang yang sama marah serta tidak berpuas hati dengan baginda Sulta kerana tidak membuat keputusan yang menyamai kemahuan mereka. Kita semua ketahui yang 2 Adun PKR ketika itu menghadapi kes Mahkamah Rasuah dan sekiranya mereka disabitkan maka dua kerusi DUN akan kosong. Sekiranya BN memengangi kedua-dua kerusi ini maka kerajaan PR Perak akan tumbang kerana perbezaan kerusi PR-31 BN-28. 

Maka Adun Bota adalah "insurance" sekiranya berlaku perkara tersebut, dengan Adun BOTA maka PR masih mempunyai majoriti satu kerusi. Namun mereka terlupa, tidak sedar dengan kelemahan pakatan mereka sendiri. Dari tindakan segolongan pihak Chauvinis yang berjaya menimbulkan tidak puas hati segolongan besar rakyat Perak dan Sultan Perak sendiri golongan ini juga berjaya meminggirkan suara-suara dalam Parti mereka sendiri. Nizar dilihat sebagai Adun yang dikawal oleh golongan ini. Maka tidak terkejutlah sekiranya Sultan tidak membernarkan mereka masuk mengadap baginda tuanku.  

Sudahkah kita lupa yang perlantikan Nizar itu sendiri pada mulanya dipulaukan oleh mereka ini. Bukankah Pakatan rakyat yang memulakan segala drama dan kemelut ini dengan menarik Adun Bota untuk masuk Pakatan Rakyat? Saya tidak boleh lupa bagaimana kurang dari seminggu dahulu Anwar Ibrahim menjaja tindakan ini dalam TV dan ceramah dan beliau mengatakan Adun Bota lompat kerana prinsip. Adakah kita terlupa dengan janji ketua umum PKR dengan lompatan Sept 16 yang mana akan berlakunya pertukaran kerajaan pusat. Jadi kini pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat marah, mengatakan tidak demokratik, menunjuk perasaan, membantah kerana Barisan Nasional berjaya melakukan apa yang mereka cuba lakukan sepanjang tahun namun tidak berjaya. Inilah dia asas kepada konsep Talam Dua Muka. Berani buat, beranilah tanggung.  

Malah kini mereka melanggar titah Tuanku Perak yang mana boleh dianggap seolah-olah menderhaka. Bukankah mereka juga merupakan orang yang menganjurkan BERSIH yang meminta bantuan Sultan untuk memastikan pilihanraya adil. Bukankah mereka golongan yang mengangkat Sultan Mirzan kerana menolak calon MB UMNO Idris Jusoh. Saya rasa PR tidak layak untuk menangis, meronta dan marah-marah dalam isu ini.  

Namun, Pada pendapat saya.. 
Seseorang itu perlulah mempunya Prinsip dan asas perjuangan yang kukuh. Orang yang tidak mempunyai prinsip bukanlah seseorang yang boleh dipercayai. Orang yang sentiasa berubah prinsip untuk kepentingan diri pula adalah orang yang tidak berguna. Memang sepatutnya saya gembira kerana BN berjaya mengambil alih pemerintahan Perak dari kerajaan "Half Past Six" PR yang dipimpin oleh MB boneka tanpa kuasa. Namun saya percaya bahawa terdapat perkara yang lebih besar dan penting dari kegilaan hendak memegang kuasa. 

Janganlah kita terlalu tergilakan kuasa sehingga menentang asas-asas perjuangan seperti yang berlaku dengan kerajaan PR sekarang yang mana Menteri Besar enggan menerima kenyataan yang beliau tidak mempunyai majoriti dan mengingkar titah Sultan. Sesungguhnya asas negara kita ini ialah Kerajaan yang dipilih oleh rakyat, bukan pakatan rakyat tapi rakyat. Saya merupakan salah satu yang tidak bersetuju dengan tindakan janji kosong lompatan sept 16 Anwar Ibrahim yang merosakkan negara hanya kerana Individu yang gilakan kuasa.  

Memang benar ini pernah berlaku, Barisan Nasional berjaya menarik ADUN dan menumbangkan kerajaan di Sabah. Ketika itu tindakan ini diketuai oleh Timbalan Presiden UMNO dan Menteri Keuwangan Malaysia yakni Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Sama seperti mana dia menumbangkan Tun Ghafar Baba. Namun orang berkenaan telah meninggalkan BN dan biarlah budaya yang buruk itu turut dibawanya meninggalkan BN juga. Saya lebih suka sekiranya MB BN baru ini akan memohon kepada Sultan untuk membubarkan Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak untuk pilihanraya baru.  

Saya yakin BN boleh menang dengan Majoriti yang lebih baik atas tindakan kerajaan PR yang diketuai oleh MB yang tiada kuasa dan dasar chauvinis yang meminggirkan segolongan besar rakyat Perak dan ahli-ahli mereka sendiri. Dan sekiranya BN gagal maka itu adalah kemahuan pengundi-pengundi dan kita sepatutnya belajar dari situ. Sekiranya BN berbuat begini bukan saja gabungan ini berjaya menjauhkan diri dari permainan yang dimulakan oleh Anwar Ibrahim sendiri akan tetapi berada dalam kedudukan moral yang lebih tinggi. Biarlah dalam parti apa sekalipun kita berada, Janganlah gadaikan Prinsip. Orang yang asyik berubah Prinsip ikut tahun demi kuasa macam Ular adalah orang yang cukup tidak berguna.