Sinatra_Z - Painful Moments Adoi!!

Everyday I live my life at a breathtaking pace.
The breathtaking pace goes up a notch when I am late for work as I walk to the office and today was especially breathtaking as I had to climb several flights of stairs.

Ahh yes the exciting life of an Engineer.
Chicks, babes and bling-bling things are a daily affair for us,
Checking out hot babes.... Through the internet...
Listening to Gangsta rap through YouTube getting all ghetto and shit. And sometimes it get's so heated up at the office they would turn on loud techno music and we would have a somewhat mini rave party.. Dancing and grooving between the cubicles, capacitors, servers and wearing a pair orange slippers.

By being this kind of a socialite I have compiled through stories and experiences situation when it seems harmless and amount to nothing much on the surface but pretty painful inside for a guy. Words and sentences uttered by a girl in which may seem harmless and even thoughtful which cause more harm than any good. You might not get it for now but I think things would clear up once you read the examples.... On which we call Painful Moments......

Painful Moment 1

Scenario : A conversation over an internet messaging system

Guy : So I heard you broke up
Girl : Yeah I am so tired of these normal ones, find me a playboy?
Guy : What's up with that?
Girl : I want someone that's not too attached to me and are pretty good with sweet talks and stuff.
Guy : hmm.... How about Chayson(not his real name)? He's pretty player and since he knows you well he sure knows how to pamper you and stuff.
Girl : Naah..
Guy : Why?
Girl : Well... We hang our alot and do thing together and I like him. But he is my friend and I appreciate him so I dont want to ruin that you know. He is really nice and stuff.

ADOI PAIN!!! for Chayson. Being Appreciated does not sound sexy! I am pretty sure Chayson would rather
be called a sexy non committed asshole than an appreciated friend.

Painful Moment 2

Girl -
"I really like talking to you, you know what to say and really understand me. I think you are very WISE.."

ADOI PAIN!!! for wise person.
Come on when one say WISE the things that comes to the mind would be long bearded old man sitting on a hill spewing out things using fancy words. When was the last time you heard someone get shagged because he was so wise.

Wise = Gandalf, Yoda and Aristotle. Not Sexy.

Painful Moment 3

Girl talking to another girl
"You know when I was in the dumps he was there when everyone else was gone. He helped find my way back. He is like my rock and he was there listening to me and consoling me like a father figure."

ADOI PAIN!!! Father Figure... Seriously I have not met a chick who liked someone because he reminds her of her DAD! A guy would rather be called an asshole than a fatherly figure.

Painful Moment 4

Girl -
"Thank you for helping me out, you're like the brother I never had!"

ADOI PAIN!!! Unless she is into incest or a hufe fan of a comic series called Super Taboo chances are you are screwed my friend.

Painful Moment 5

Girl : Thank you for helping me out.
Guy : Nah don't sweat it. It's nothing.
Girl : No seriously it's a very nice thing you did for me. You are like the nicest guy that I know.

ADOI PAIN!!! Remember kids, Nice Guys Finish Last. Yeah she thinks you are a nice guy and guess what nice guys get... A thank you card and a heart shaped chocolate with the writing "Friends Forever"

Painful Moment 6

Girl -
"You know, whoever that ends up with you someday would be a very lucky girl indeed."

ADOI PAIN!!! Yes sparky, it's a hint that says "apparently I am not lucky enough." Bad Luck for you.

Other Painful Phrases and term that one should try their best to avoid.. If you have a somewhat feelings to that particular lady.

Best Friend
Someone I can talk to
Someone I really respect
Can't we be friends instead
A shoulder I can lean on
Shopping Buddies

So I hope you have learned something new today and feel free to share any stories or experience feel free to share it here. Either you are at the receiving end or the person who unknowingly dealt a blow of Painful Moment but just realised it today.

Till Then.............

Do you know chicks actually dig guys who can play musical instruments. Unless of course you play the Trumpet or trombone and no, being in a marching band does not count either.