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Check out my article at FMT folks Malaysian when convinient

Got some pretty angry response, especially from the typical rabid PR people that frequents FMT's liberal comment section.

However at the same time,
the article has surpassed 450 recommendations,
Meaning, those comments don't really reflect reality.

I'm supposed to write a respond, so here's a short one.

"OOOoooo Butthurt.... LOLOLOLOLOL!!11!!!"

But seriously...

"It seems that the comment merely strengthens the article itsels, serving as a proof that indeed my hyphothesis is correct, especially many quickly jump to the gun of NEP and Policies when they seem to fail or refuse to acknowledge this part of the article..

Thus the example above encompasses the massive irony of being Malaysian. Truth be told, many of us only want to be Malaysian only when it is convenient for us. We want to be Malaysian only when it comes to discussing the New Economic Policy, meritocracy or various other government policies. Though I agree to amending or scrapping some of them, it doesn’t really help much in terms of promoting a national identity.

Sure we do want to change this age-long affirmative action policies, but that is because we want a better economy and a system that works, we rather have a more efficient and effective method of wealth distribution that covers all Malaysians and secure a better future. Getting a 7% discount when buying a house or participating in an open tender, though good for the economy, doesn’t really make Ah Chong and Ahmad closer. The answer lies in the citizens themselves.

and so I end this retort with a quote from one of my favourite online character, Master Chief


Meh.... It's a Sunday, should commence on to my afternoon nap soon.