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I found an interesting article in NST (my office subscribe it) which I would like to share with my no life readers. Yes just in case you began shouting liberal slogans nonsense on which why should we take note of an article written on the blatant liar government propaganda machine let me make some things clear.. Yes it is a government propaganda but that dosen't mean everything on it must be discarded, I know it NST isd very biased and Syed Nazri being the chief of it his words must make your eyes bleed upon reading it. Fear not if I someday find some interesting articles from the truthful, non propaganda, unbiased and balanced stories of MalaysiaKini, Harakah, Malaysia-today, Utusan Malaysia or URTV be assured I too will post it here.

So what do you think of it?

SYED NADZRI: Point taken, point made and other surprises
LIFE'S little ironies have been coming at us quite relentlessly the past few days. Not just from the pile of straight-laced political twists of the season but also from less-likely origins -- like the picture of Miss Malaysia we saw on Saturday.
Levy Li Su Lin, representing Malaysia in the Miss Universe contest in Nha Trang, Vietnam, looked ravishing in the country's traditional costume in the news photos, complete with songket shawl and a tall, glittering headgear.

Look closer and, lo and behold, she was also waving a kris.

Maybe it escaped the attention of most people amid the deluge of hot news on other fronts. But yes, our beauty queen was brandishing the kris in one of the official presentations during the competition. The only thing that appeared a little out of place perhaps was her high heels. Otherwise she did it, as someone quipped, in true Umno Youth style -- waving the unsheathed dagger in her right hand.

Now, was that a ceremonial or combative ritual?
How amusing indeed, it was pointed out, given the typhoon that resulted after Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein made a similar gesture at the party congress previously.

Then there was another irony in the form of what was des-cribed as a wild party in Kota Baru which police broke up on Saturday.

According to news reports, 103 people who took part in the party on the premises in Jalan Long Yunos, Tanjung Chat, were rounded up in the raid at 5.30pm; one of them was a 23-year-old woman.

It seemed that police had been told earlier that some immoral activity was taking place on the premises involving local and outstation youths, including college students. They were being investigated under Section 27 of the Police Act for holding an assembly without a permit.

One news report quoted a participant as saying he arrived for the party at 1pm from Kedah and had been informed about it through emails by the organiser.

The admission fee was RM15 per person, he said. "I came to watch the band which was promoting its album."

The lone woman picked up by police said she came from Jertih, Terengganu, and was at the party since morning as she had to bring three friends who wanted to attend. "I am just a driver. Someone else was supposed to bring them. But when the other person did not turn up, I became the substitute driver," she said.

Wild party? In Kelantan where women are not even allowed to wear lipstick to work and where there is gender segregation in cinemas?

How ironic. Probably such activity is part of the backlash we get out of a suppressed society.

But then again how "wild" could the party actually be since it was raided at 5.30 in the evening when the crowd was just swinging away to the music? In Kuala Lumpur, we call it "tea dance".

Probably the "wild" factor arose because there was only one woman among 102 men -- which put paid to gender-segregation arrangements, I suppose.

To add to the ironies of the week was a statement by Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew that the island republic is the target of a conspiracy, especially by human rights groups which criticise the country's governance.

"There is a conspiracy to do us in. Why? They see us as a threat," Lee, 84, was quoted as saying in news reports over the weekend.

Now THAT is a big irony. This is so since the statement came barely a week after Reuters reported that Singapore was considering buying 100 Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II jet-fighters. It quoted United States Air Force F-35 programme executive officer Major-Gen Charles Davis.

A hundred state-of-the-art aircraft? Not too long ago, the US Defence Department said it was planning to sell to Singapore 84 precision-guided bombs for its jet-fighter fleet.

So who is the target of whom now?

P/S - It's ok maa she wave keris, she's just being a Malaysian not a Malay.