Sinatra_Z - Poetry

Name : Zaidel Baharuddin
Class : 4 Gemilang
Subject : English Literature

Write a poetry describing a situation in your life.

Oh when the sun rises,
I sat and bear witness,
inhaling angst and anger,
drama.. distorted facts,
filled with hope and fear
my soul reacts.

mundane things,
important significant event,
stories from a far away land,
places I have never seen,
Places I had never been.

Pictures, words...... even numbers

But I cleanse myself,
my body forces me too,
though sometimes my soul is not willing,
but I know this must be done,
for only the cycle is complete.

So I let it all out,
with intense feelings,

and when it's all gone,
into the abyss,
a certain calmness,
a steady state,
I know it's going to be okay.


I rolled my paper,
cleaned my arse,
and now I can confidently say
Let's start a brand new day.....

Quote :
When asked about the news that was printed on the STAR newspaper regarding him Lim Keng Yaik answered

"I don't ask my wife to buy toilet paper"


Uh... correct me if i'm wrong, but the poem is about pooping? LOL