Sinatra_Z - Snippets

I used to like watching movies,
at the cinema. My first movie (the one I can remember) was Jurassic park and I watched it at Alpha Angle cinema which is now closed. Then there was XX-Ray 2 at Odeon in Jalan TAR, also closed.

I somehow,
I don't know why... have lost the interest, passion, excitement, joy or wonder of going to the cinema.
Or watching movies in general.

I wonder why.....

In fact these days I even don't know what I really like to do during my free time.

I am watching Max Payne tonight, with some friends (not this cockroach is not that sepi)
in somewhat reluctance. Oh what the heck, I might like it later.......

Sinatra_Z do however knows for sure that he likes
Ice blended green tea, blueberry cheesecake, Jazz, nice wide green fields, stars, telling stories, reading stories, a windy night, sunset, rain, frank sinatra, p ramlee, cats, nice furry dogs with minimal sliver, the colour blue, brinjal, interesting anime, a barefoot walk in the field, biscuits, lime juice, the crack sound when the barber twist my neck, combed hair, shower, live orchestra performance, politics (yes I admit it!), birds chirping, the sound of a swaying tree, the word "stupendous", nice black tall songkok made from baldu, strawberry ice cream, malta, Bayern Munich, reading the newspaper in the toilet, fried mushrooms and a dry toilet seat.

Yes indeed,
like most of my writings,
the things that I like.......................
Are little Insignificant things.

P/S - And yes, Sinatra_Z likes girls as well... Just in case you're wondering. I dislike men, they have too much hair.