Sinatra_Z - Hari Raya

So here was how first Raya went.
Try and imagine this..
You have been fasting for a whole month which is 30 days.
Meaning your stomach is used to be empty at the morning and afternoon.
Then all of a sudden you have this Buka Puasa Buffet only the difference it that it lasts for a whole day. That way you can take your sweet time to dine.
Kinda like an orgy...
And to add drama to the scenario, not only do you suddenly eat a lot after 30 days of fasting, you actually eat the spiciest food all year round. Things like Lemang, kari Ayam, ketupat with kuah kacang, sambal tumis and rendang. Things you don't even eat on normal days.
Plus you don't just drink water oh noo Sir not hari raya.
You have to drink Sweetened water, The more carbonated the better.
If you do serve cold water people might think you're a bit stingy.
So empty stomach for the whole month meets spicy food and carbonated water.

It was like Disco in my stomach.

Another good metaphor to describe my stomach that day would be rugby. Yeah it was fun rasslin around trying to grab the ball but you have that uncomfortable feeling when you know you are in a game where sweaty big men are hugging each other.

So they asked me, where did you go during Hari Raya.
To which I answered "The usual place, but mostly the toilet."

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