Sinatra_Z - Blogging

Back then it was just about things that you do on your free time.

A space for you to rant, have an opinion or simply camwhoring.

Some use it as a creative space, posting up stories and pictures. Back then, blogging was a very personal thing.

Of course it was filled with menial rants of teenagers who is angry with society, or a place to bitch about your superiors. Sometimes it even shocks me at how vain people can be by reading what they write and god forbid if you have an opinion about it, prepare for a long counter post.


No matter how corny, cheesy or overly dramatic those blogs may be, it was quite interesting. The fact that back then people treated blogs as an online diary, a place where you share those hidden thoughts. It's like a window for you to peer upon other people's lives. I had loads of fun scourging through the net reading about life, especially when in University, I had none whatsoever. I'm not being overly dramatic, it was seriously that bad. A typical saturday for me would be waking up at 11, lunch, anime, afternoon nap, wake up in the evening with a headache, head towards the lab with a can of coffee surfing the net reading on things.

It was like a cheap substitution for non fiction books.

Nowadays it's all either about politics, making money online or reviews of something. Blogging itself became a buzz word, when people ask questions like "are you a blogger?" I would always find it hard to answer. One could say that I am a blogger, after all I do own a blog and occasionally write things on it. It's just that, I know what they really meant and I hate it how the term 'blogging' has somehow been hijacked, even if it was unintentional.

I guess,

I just miss blogs that is very personal in nature, something quite rare these days.

Hell even I have to admit,

these days I keep on using it as a place to post articles I write for TMI.

I was asked once "Where is your funny blog?"

I know what she meant. I could say that tis is the season to be melancholy with all the rain and what not. I could say that I can't be funny all the time.

But truth be told, the real answer to that question is

"I don't know, I really don't know where it's gone to."

So yeah...

Maybe blogging was a bit more dumber and immature back then.

But at least it was raw and it was real.

And it was very personal.

And I missed it.

Good Night Folks......


..I do not know about you.,.:)..but it has always been personal with me..and, maybe,a lil bit dumb, too..but, heck, where else can an old coot pour his heart out?? would be ridiculous doing it at warong and kopitiams ..cheers..and haapy new year..


that's something to think about. hm.


ive been missing your ROBERT since its death.


when i first came across your blog..the latest post was the insanely funny rambling on ppsmi. i was at the school library, and i laughed too loudly. almost got into trouble with one of the kakak library. haha. but it was funny. and i think i fell in love with the way you write since then, hehe.

i think i wondered too, sometimes. where have your funny-ness gone too.

but i guess people change. =) maybe in your case it wasn't much of a change. just a pause. hehe.

btw, it's Nani Othman. this is my pen name..for my fiction blog.

malas nak logout.

keep writing~!


and i've linked to you! =)