Jelajah One Malaysia #JOM - Circumcision Day

Yours truly is currently in the entourage of Jelajah One Malaysia #JOM, a people centric programme initiated by Pemuda BN. Basically in this series of JOM, BN Youth will go on a whirlwind tour of 5 states (Terengganu, Pahang, Johor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan) taking part in various community based programmes.

So today, were going to witness one of the most interesting event that is rarely seen these days in cities and towns but alive and well in rural malay village a typical kampung mass circumcision.

Circumcision is a medical procedure in which the foreskin of a penis is removed and is practiced in the Islamic faith. It's also a coming of age procedure for a young male muslim by which it is considered the first step in a transition into manhood.

The boys, they all seem brave now but wait till they see all the needles.

Right, the idea is that to make the whole circumcision procedure smoother it is best that if the penis is, well, shrink first and the best way to do that is by showering cold water in early in the morning and what better way to do that by having the local fire brigade spraying their hose on you.

And there it goes.

Imagine cold shower in unholy morning hours, only this time around, you do it in public.

Now once the showering is over the boys would change over to a sarong, now the reason for the sarong is that sarong, being a single cloth, is quite flexible in well, one having space for your penis to have some manouver and at the same time easily removed and wear before and after the procedure.

As you can see here, this young man is all gung ho and putting on a brave face because his family is standing outside and his friends all around. But wait till he see the needles below.

Even I shievered a little when I saw those.

Fear not, this is not some barbaric procedure and before anything is cut, clipped or sewed the err organ is... sedated, that's the word I think. According to the medical staff (and experience as well) basically the boy wont feel a thing and it's mostly a psychological issue. But try telling that to a 9 year old who just saw a bunch of scissors and knives about to go to his penis.

It only takes one kid to start panicking before the whole pack begins to crack and I had quite an adventure in pinning them down and at the same time convincing that it's all quite allright. I have to admit, it was quite amusing nonetheless. let's just say, I had never expected that I would be in a situation where I had to hold down a pair of legs while looking at his penis being circumcised while convincing him everything will be allright. It's like trying to sell a fridge t0 an eskimo.

These are Pros, trust me I have seen them in action.

The next batch.

Instead of the usual fiery ceramah or some political rally, which in the end divide people rather than achieving much other than political mileage having community based programmes like these, in my opinion is much more beneficial. Kudos to BN Youth for organising this, I for one never expected this in the first place, it was quite an experience. Anyway, it's late now and it has been a long and wet day (It's poring here) so I'm going to call the night. Check more updates tomorrow, for now, Sinatra_Z signing off from Kuala Terengganu....