#JOM - Anwar and Wikileaks

The JOM crew arrived at Pontian tonight which happened to be the parliamentary constituency of Dato Ahmad Maslan the Information Chief of UMNO. Together with the Public Speaking unit (Unit Pidato) of Pemuda UMNO led by Lokman Nor Adam the JOM crew attended a ceramah programme known as Pentas Pemuda.

It's like any of the usual ceramah, first Lokman Adam spoke about the issues in Selangor followed by Dato Ahmad Maslan who explained what happened in parliament during the Apco fiasco and how Anwar lied while explaining on several Felda issues. However what struck me most personally was when UMNO/BN Youth Chief, Khairy Jamaluddin talked about Wikileaks.

Several weeks back, Sydney Morning Herald an Australian based newspaper published an article entitled "Caught in Political Sex Trap". It's an article based on leaked US Diplomatic cable communications between US Embassy in Canberra and State Department in Washington DC. The leaked document is basically a report about what was discussed between the diplomat and the ONA (Office of National Assesment) Australia's Intelligence service.

What struck out in that report was the short paragraph about Malaysia. The cable, dated back in Nov 2008 had this to say about the current (at that time) political situation in Malaysia
'The Australians said that Singapore's intelligences services and [Singaporean elder statesman] Lee Kuan Yew have told ONA in their exchanges that opposition leader Anwar 'did indeed commit the acts for which he is currently indicted'.''

The acts by which he is currently indicted as mentioned refers to the sodomy court case brought by Saiful Bukhari, Anwar's personal aide (at first he was just a coffee boy). Quite startling when one think about the fact that the Singaporeans can confirm that indeed Anwar is the sort of man that have that sort of sexual preference. But what is even more worrying is what is written after

The document states the Singaporeans told ONA they made this assessment on the basis of ''technical intelligence''

Technical Intelligence, defined in the term of intelligence work (spying) are information or proof of a certain event that is considered as quite solid. In this case "technical intelligence" would mean either they have proof in the form of pictures, videos, intercepted communication or maybe audio recording.

Now imagine this, the Singaporeans has "technical intelligence" on the Anwar Ibrahim, and let's just say that Pakatan Rakyat won in the next general election and Anwar Ibrahim became the Prime Minister. Upon being the Prime Minister one of the first country that he would negotiate with would be Singapore since we both have many outstanding issues, don't you think that the Singaporeans would use this trump card of theirs. There is no way PAS is going to allow a homosexual be the Prime Minister not with their Islamic State and Hudud.

Anwar Ibrahim would be caught in a quandary, what would stop him from conceding sensitive things like Sand, Airspace and water. This is the man who lied to the whole nation about Sept 16, blatantly lied to not only every single Malaysian but even the rest of the world as well with his botched up plan based on imaginary list of jumping MPs. This is a man who would not think twice in sacrificing the nation's sovereignty in order to save his political ambition. After all, he has done it many times before.

Of course they brushed it all off by saying that this is all a "conspiracy" and that the document is fabricated. But here's the thing, the document's source is from wikileaks the same source of 250 000 other diplomatic cables that was leaked and by now it has been confirmed even by the United States Govt that indeed their sensitive documents got leaked.

Second, up till today, we have yet to hear any statement by the Singaporean Govt nor the Australian Govt denying that the information in those cables were false or fabricated. Singaporean Foreign Minister George Yeo made no attempt to hide the authenticity of the cables that were reported by The Sun-Herald newspaper in Sydney but said “the views must be respected”.

Basically what Khairy tried to convey was that if indeed Anwar Ibrahim did become the Prime Minister of Malaysia, indeed we would be royally screwed. Now in the spirit of facts and figures, after all we're not from Pakatan Rakyat, here is the link to the actual cable by which was leaked to the Sydney Morning Herald


Search for the cable daved Novermber 2008, for simple search for the word Malaysia.

Excerpt -

17. (S//NF) Turning briefly to Malaysia, the Australians said that Singapore's intelligence services and Lee Kuan Yew have told ONA in their exchanges that opposition leader Anwar "did indeed commit the acts for which he is currently indicted," citing unshared technical intelligence. ONA assessed, and their Singapore counterparts concurred, "it was a set up job-and he probably knew that, but walked into it anyway.

Happy Reading folks.


DSAI salah ke tak seharusnya di mulut Khairy atau BN ttp Mahkamah, berikan hak kepada DSAI untuk membela diri sebagai mana hak seseorang individu untuk membela diri. ttp sekarg nampak sngt mahkamah berat sebelah..smpi bila mahkamah Malaysia nak jd bahan lawak.. org kene bom kambing hitam je di penjara kepala di lepaskan...correct3


Oh lupa, pasal mahkamah, tapi pelik pulak masa kes ni mula-mula keluar, takde pulak DSAI atau mana mana pendokong beliau sebut pasal Sub Judice atau mahkamah apabila dia menjaja satu Malaysia dalam Siri ceramah beliau dalam kes peribadi beliau ini.



kalau macamtu betul la najib letup altantuya

pasal tu tanah ktm kena rembat, jambatan bengkok paria mamakthir tak boleh buat, kena ugut rupanya. Malang nasib beruk2 umno kena tipu siang malam... Kah kah kah


satu lagi dol, lu kena paham, jangan bodoh sangat... Yg khairy cakap mengenai wikileaks tu sebenarnya dia sindir nak najib, jgn lupa bagi jawatan menteri dlm kabinet..... Rahsia najib ada kat pak mertua aku gak kata khairy....malang beruk xdapat jadi menteri sebab paria mamakthir hidup lagi....ugut banyak kali pun tak jalan