Sinatra_Z - Siri Bercakap dengan Tommy Sky dan Ekmal

That night Soh (Tommy) was inhaling large amount of Sisha smoke.
Whenever Sisha is involved Soh would always get somewhat Philosophical.

It's either the Tea, the arabian carpet, the chicks on the next table or just large amount of Carbon monoxide.

Soh bersama gadis tidak dikenali. I told you he was straight.

But that night he was a Philosopher...
I mean if Greece had Socrates then Malaysia has Sohcratis.
After blowing a large puff of smoke...

"You know... Love is like playing Chess...."

"Apa kejadahnya ko ni SOh?"

"I mean right.... playing the game of Love is like playing the game of chess."


"You see right when you play a game of chess, you are so concentrated in it that you don't realise your surroundings. What happen around you. You are so concentrated in winning sometime you don't see what other people see. That's why people, the audience usually see the mistake that the chess player does and not the chess player himself. Many times we can see the mistakes the chess player makes when we are the spectator and not see it when we are playing it. It's the same with the game of love, sometime you need a third person to see the things you cannot see."

Bloody hell he starting to make sense....

Untill I got thinking.

"I agree yeah but for a completely different reason. The game of love is like a game of chess is because like chess, the queen dominates the whole thing while the king is pratically hopeless."

Alas Soh is not the only Philosopher friend that I have. Meet Ekmal. (Ikmal Halim Jahaya)
Ekmal like Soh is also a wise person.
Like Soh Ekmal is still single too.
Because being Wise is not sexy.
Wise = Yoda, Gandalf dan The turtle in kungfu panda. Not Sexy.

Plus Ekmal is also a brilliant ConSultan when it comes to love. They call him Mekanik Chenta.

Ekmal ahli falsampah yang tersohor.

For it is Ekmal who coined the term Hampagas.

eg . "Ah siot la ko ni memang Hampagas"

Hampagas defenition...

"Kecil hati" leads to "Sakit Hati" leads to "Sedih" leads to "Keciwi" (kecewa kecil) leads to "Keciwa" leads to "Hampa" and ultimately leads to "Hampagas"

Eg. "Sejak Ramlan Carbonara putus Chenta dia memang seorang yang Hampagas."

Hampagas - Tahap kekecewaan yang terlampau mengalahkan Tapir.

Hampagas can also mean inactive/lazy/boring/slow/sedentry

eg. "Pemalas sampai tahap Hampagas"

Thesaurus for Hampagas - Gas Nadir, mencapai kestabilan oktet, tidak reaktif, ketenangan dan ketenteraman abadi, lemak paus dan tapir masak asam.

I know I know it's a little lame.
But hey tonight I feel Hampagas. So this is the best I can come up with.


Apsal muka ekmal tu ada iras zambry?


Wei... Ekmal tu cute la! Ada gambar lain tak?


ikmal is not dat bad....when its came to love, mybe hes da jerk or sometimes he can be such an adorable romantic person...

ikmail ex gf