Sinatra_Z - An Observation

One thing I notice about the Malay politics.

An UMNO supporter no matter how loyal he is,
from the very start he has accepted that his leader is Imperfect.

On the other hand,
The PKR or PAS supporter from the very start he has accepted that his leader can never be imperfect.

My general assessment.

Feel free to disagree.


i do agree with u because first we are childhood friend and i do believe that to err is human but to forgive is devine...

we human are imperfect except for our prophet Muhammad SAW



erm... this may sound heretic, but do keep an open mind here.

i've read somewhere that stated Rasulullah is also, only human. 2 times that he has been so angry that he almost (read: ALMOST) took judgment onto his own hand.

one of the cases involving someone who has done a VERY sinful act (dosa besar tak ingat, tapi tak sampai murtad) and confessing to Rasulullah, asking him what to do. Rasulullah got so angry that he said to the man his sin is unforgivable.

then Allah turunkan wahyu kat Rasulullah, saying that (in effect) who is he to deny forgiveness to a man? he is not the judge of all human beings. only Allah has the power to forgive all makhluk. Rasulullah realized his mistake and... hmmm... i forgot how the story ends...

anyways, the moral of the story is, no human is perfect. no makhluk is perfect. only Allah is perfect. however, to err is human. and the only way to achieve perfectness is by improving ourselves daily. Rasulullah (and 10 of his friends) is guaranteed a place in heaven, but this does not hinder them from aiming for a better tomorrow.

and yes, Rasulullah is the model of a perfect human being. there's no arguing that.


apa ni sinatra z stereotyping.

macam tu aku nak cakap, semua lelaki yang hensem macam aku, semua gay!

wuish im such a homoist!