Sinatra_Z - A reply

Sorry fellow readers,
it's just that I have been rather busy this week to not much update from this cockroach. But I have something that we all could ponder upon. Recently there was an article on Sin Chew and featured in Malaysian Insider

The title -
‘Useless’ Chinese dailies need direction from Malay publishing group?

Written by -
Tay Tian Yan

you can read it here

To which i commented -
written by Zaidel Baharuddin, June 27, 2009
I disagree,
Malay editorial groups should not write or start nor run a Chinese newspaper.

This is Malaysia,
Why should we even have a mandarin based newspaper. This is not China, how can we have a Bangsa Malaysia if "Malaysians" don't even want to use Bahasa Malaysia.

Instead of sniping and cynically remarking Malay vernacular editors why not Sin Chew and others write everything is Bahasa Malaysia. That way everyone can read your newspaper and understand you point of view.

I mean you complain about the Malay dailies and their readers of not understanding the "Malaysian Chinese" community yet you write your frustrations, ideas and issues in a language that only your group of people would understand.

It seems to me,
people only want Bangsa Malaysia only if it is convenient or beneficial to them. I mean how Malaysian can you be if the NEP was abolished yet at the same time insist on reading Sin Chew at home, watch Astro Dragon package on TV, goes to a vernacular school, work in a single race based companies, listen to a mandarin radio show with songs from Hong Kong and only use the national language during government official paperwork (even that has mandarin translation).

Intergrate lah a bit, mingle.

You want Malaysians to understand your frustrations then write in Bahasa Malaysia lah....

And I got this for a Reply -

written by Aries, June 28, 2009
I wonder if Zaidel Baharuddin has any Chinese friends, or if he really mingles with non-Malay friends with ease and comfort?

If he doesn't, then he just have to eat his own words as above!

He would then probably be a typical Malaysian Malay racist, who could not comprehend whatever that is beyond his own backyard, let alone the multi-ethnicity, multi-religiosity, multi-culturalism, pluralism that define Malaysia.


tsk tsk tsk ......

Merely asking people to write in the National Lanuage so that people too can understand and read the same thing as well makes you a racist. Let me stand corrected a Malay Racist.
Even talking about integration and pointing out very obvious fact makes you a Malay Racist.

I guess that is just the Norm these days. The popular thing to do you know. Malaysian is equal to being less Malay. The lesser the better.



kita sokong pendapat awak.
kalo mereka tu nak kita paham, maka tulislah dalam bahasa yang kita paham.
jangan dok pot-pet-pot-pet dalam bahasa H1N1 pastu kata melayu takde semangat bangsa malaysia.
apa salah tulis dalam bahasa melayu?
semua wajib ambik masa SPM kan?


pergh. bakar sial.

suka hati je cakap orang melayu racist. lepas tu suruh orang melayu buat paper bahasa cina.

rasa macam nak ngamuk je.


Well.. does this aries person mingle and be friends with at ease with Malays?

I doubt so and that's why he will never understand the point that you are trying to address or chose not to respect the point that you are addressing.

Truth be told, we have a looooooonnnnnnnggggggg way to go to get to the 1Malaysia. Since I am already 40, maybe not in my life!!