Sinatra_Z - Tree Naming Session

As many of you should know,
I am rather biased when it comes to writing about Malaysian Politics.
I am quite one sided, the side that is awesome of course. The Barisan Nasional emblem on my blog is a dead giveaway. But then again, I everything I write is one sided, mostly from my side.

So we're cool yeah.

Aaanyway...Pakatan Rakyat recently put a plaque under the tree in Perak where they had the recent state house sitting. They even call the it the Tree of Democracy and even amazing after the tree house session was over they decided to refer the matter to the Sultan of Perak whom just a few weeks ago was flamed and was told that HRH was wrong in not making a decision not in favour of Pakatan Rakyat.

Anyway it's up to them really, I am not really against Nizar seeking the Sultan's consent, whatever rocks his boat is fine by me (though it seems ironic).

I am however have one small problem with the whole fiasco of which the naming of the Tree...

The Tree Of Democracy.

You see just because they held a meeting under a tree and talk about politics now the tree is known as the tree of Democracy. I on the other hand have conducted many meetings under a tree to talk about politics and yet to honour any of those tree's. In fact I even go further by having a bowl of Cendol jagung and sometimes a plate of rojak while discussing about politics and democracy under the shady tree at Taman Melawati Khan's cendol. And I have been doing this for years long before the Pakatan Politicians ever thought of doing it.

Thankfully the Perak Meeting was held under a tree and not other places like... say beside a big drain. If not we would have a plaque there written "The Longkang Of Democracy" or "The Bumbung Tempat Letak Motorsikal Staf Sahaja of Democracy."

So now I Zaidel Baharuddin declare that the Tree located at Khan's Cendol beside the main road of Taman Melawati as .....

The Tree of Democracy, Cendol and Sometimes Rojak...

It shall signify the time when I and my fellow part time politicians practice our freedom of speech, freedom of blind accusation, freedom of gossiping, decision making and making valid point based purely on perspectives, statutory declarations and what the taxi driver said while on the way back from Sungei Wang.

Then again this leaves me on a quagmire...
You see apart from the tree in front of Khan's Cendol I also have many memories and discussion beneath other trees and one very significant one in Taman Permata. While Khan may be a place for Politics the Tree at the Permata Football Field however is where discussions were held almost on anything but politics and that itself makes it significant. For it was under that tree is where Me, Joe Lee, Anthony Cheang and Peter Jambu, under one starry night with tropical winds blowing had that discussion on True Love and instead of Cendol we had Limau Nipis Ais.

Thus I Zaidel Baharuddin declare that the Tree located at the left most (if facing from Jalan Permata 4)Padang Belakang Taman permata which is also the place where ONE's burger once stood as...

The Tree Of True Love...

Years shall go by when the tree shall become a legend and it shall be a popular spot where people confess their love under that tree.

And just like the Perak Incident I too shall name the nearby tree's to commemorate other significant events that happened around the the area. The Second tree after the Left most tree (facing from Jalan Permata 4) shall be named the Tree of "Just because I don't masturbate dosen't mean I would Pancut (Ejaculate) like piss." To remember the incident where Soh Kee Yong was justifying his case of not doing the act after all these years.

The third tree will be named as The Tree of Chelshit and Liverfool to commemorate the time when Elhan Ambia and I witness the Epic vocal battle between Khairul Khushairie a hardcore fan of Liverpool and Farid Donat the diehard fan of Chelsea.

The Fourth Tree shall be named as The Tree Of Ko Pangkah BN tak Del? to commemorate the event of 9th March 2008 when a longtime Barisan Nasional supporter asked me this question when he was stunned by the massive defeat of BN during that election.

And Finally the tree that is located in front of Restoran Mak Jem Taman Permata shall be named Pokok Datuk Lee Chong Wei to commemorate the time when Arip and Me saw Lee Chong Wei being Pawned by Lin Dan in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Arip could not stop swearing the whole match.

Apparently I have a long way to go. There are many other tree's which is yet to be recognised.

Would anyone be willing to meet me under the tree of true love... Oiyooo..... My New Pick Up Line.


is sitting under the Lemon Tree...

I wonder how, I wonder why,
Yesterday was a blue-blue sky...

OMG, I can't believe I still remember that tune!





cayalah bro. blog lu memang kelakar dan kacis barbat. reminds me of me and my friends (my friend and I).


"Would anyone be willing to meet me under the tree of true love... Oiyooo..... My New Pick Up Line."

Sorry to say this, boys and their lame pick up line, at least to me.

Anyway, dude, I love your blog. Even better than your pick up line


Pickup Line are supposed to be lame..

The lame they are,
the more awesomeness of epic proportions they get.

In fact here's one for you..

Are you Jamaican?
Cause Ja Maican me crazy....


Yea...yea, the tree of democracy ('demokrasi terpimpin' - busy dividing the inheritance whilst the father was still fighting for his life!!). Its the tree of whatever. Just call what they want. The truth is, they don't know what they are saying! Easy to say than to practise and implement what we'd promised to do. Promise...promises...