Sinatra_Z - Sunset

Went to a Naval Base recently located in Lumut.

Saw Something rather interesting....

Just before sunset ends each day,
each ship will assign a personnel to stand in front of the national flag (or at least the ones that is docked in Lumut),
it is hoisted at the bow of the vessel.
They stood there silently for about ten to fifteen minutes.
And just as the sun about to finally set,
several whistle were blown.
They simultaneously lower down the Jalur Gemilang and fold it off from the pole.
Without the flag touching the ground.

As if everything were timed to perfection.
A few seconds after the last flag was hoisted down,
Azan Maghrib filled the breezy air.

I haven't been to many places,
Probably not as far as you.....

But I have seen some interesting things.
Mundane and normal to you maybe....
But if you look closely and carefully,
You might be surprised.

It's not how far you went,
But what you saw...


camner yek rupe lipas yg sepi
klu sepi dier mkn ke x?


i truly miss the point of this article. care to repeat the point in point form?

But i admire your article on teaching of maths/science in bahasa.


Salam Ziarah Sinatra_Z,
Sebenarnya ada satu lagi bendera di bahagian buritan (stern), bendera "Naval Ansign". Keduanya akan diturunkan serentak pada waktu matahari terbenam setiap hati.
Bukan whistle yang digunakan tetapi "Boatswain's Call".
Bendera2 itu pula dikibarkan pada sebelah pagi tepat jam 8.oo stiap hari, sebelum memulakan kerja pada hari tersebut.


Ada perasan jugak bendera Naval Ansign tu diturunkan.

Red1 -
Naah too lazy to do so. Let's just assume it's a mindless rambling with no important point.


enjoyed reading ur writings ... got ur address from ...

keep it up owez! (i mean ur blog and writings .. bukan yg itu!) ..



me got ur blog addrs frm chedet too...ha8
gelak pecah perut ^_^

by d way,'bout jenama sinki,i used to use armitage shanks as nickname,no one recognized it ha8
even though they stared at it everytme they brush teeth,wash their face etc3...


yea..its not the destination that matters..but the journey babe.i crave for that.


So, that's where you've been. Away huh? Patutla menyepi...