Sinatra_Z - Captain Planet

I was supposed to write something about Politics today,
something about UMNO and Najib and KJ and that sort of thing.
I got somewhat upbeat and gung ho at the end of the AGM.... But I am somewhat exhausted and tired to write something like that.

Watching depressing German movies did not help me in fighting the cold and cough I am having either.

Having watched a sombre grey german movie coupled with abstract art is not really something one would plan for the weekend. But it somewhat complements the flu and the weather, sort of like my grey cold weekend.

So No...
I will not write about those things, at least not under the influence of a woozy flu and cough medicine (and that is as high as I can get). In fact let's talk about.....

Earth Hour...

The day that many people shut the light's off for an hour purposely.
Well not really, there are many other times people turn off their lights purposely, especially when doing dodgy things.


So yeah my family decided to support Earth Hour and we did turn off our lights starting from 8.30pm when Buletin Utama held a live turning off event at TV3 HQ. My mother for once decided to be a world citizen and dutifully left the house in the dark. In fact we were so concerned about he earth that we wen't one step further by turning off our lights not for an hour but for 2 hours! And that's like a double vote for the Earth.....

Once all the lights were of we went driving to check out neighbours who didn't turn off their lights and chastise them. Then headed towards Jaya Jusco to celebrate being Eartly citizens by buying ourselves some nice meal (Plus it's hard to cook in the dark) and Jaya Jusco shops closed their lights as well (or they kept it to a minimal).

So there I was all proud being an Eco Citizen who loves the earth, liberal, bangsa bangsa bersatu and that sort of thing. I almost called myself captain planet and was wondering who amongst my friends would hold the magical rings of earth, fire, wind, water and heart and whether I would look good in a mullet.

When we got home that it hit me,
You see...
Because when we turn off the lights we decided to check out other people and go celebrate it by going out...... Driving....

Technically I celebrated earth hour by contributing more carbon to the air.

Plus I don't usually drive around mindlessly at 8.30 pm, so thanks to earth hour I contributed more carbon in the air than I usually do.

So Much for Captain Planet.....

To make it up,
I will now turn off the light for 8 hours straight in order to show my appreciation to the planet and you should too.

So Good Night folks...

P/S -
If I were a superhero I would most probably be either captain obvious or sarcastic man.


Well, the event itself surely not enough. It just a symbolic event. We need to do more than that.

p/s: you got cold? I just recover from that. Damn lung inflammation.


it seems to be spreading around these days




sumpah best.


Hahaha, I was reading about a similar attempt by a family who tried to cut their carbon diet on National Geographic. Similarly, after all the hard work of reducing their CO2 footprint at home, they went out in their SUV which in turn, and despite the former attempt contributed only more CO2 than they usually would at the particular time.

Interestingly as well, the magazine also did say that American houses produce more CO2 than vehicles.