Sinatra_Z - Christmas Irony

The Star front page mentioned.....
About how a large bunch of rowdy teenagers caused a huge mess in Bukit Bintang.
Cause a huge commotion at Pulau Pinang too.
An impromptu Christmas party was going on and it was quite a havoc.
DBKL was complaining about the mess they created the very next day.

Me being me noticed an irony to that incident.

I bet you,
In fact I can be quite sure to a certain degree that about 80 percent of those who attended that impromptu Christmas party celebrating the holy night were not even Christians. In fact most of them probably didn't even know it was to commemorate the birth of Jesus. For many and not just Malaysians Christmas is more about a fat guy wearing a red suit flying around snowy rooftops and jumping into chimneys. Which is even ironic in our case because there is no chimneys or snow in Malaysia.

That night Christmas,
Was hijacked by a bunch of teenagers wearing red pointy hats singing "Jinge bewls, jinge bewls, jinge all the ways..." taking pictures with "V" sign on their hands, memorize more Jay Chou songs than christmas carols and shouting "Merry XMas!!" while sending an sms that sounds like "Merry XMas to U n Ur famly and may love n joy cum 2 U n ur famly".

Those kids were probably just high from drinking uhmm probably two cans of beers.

And please,
It's Satire..... You're not supposed to take this seriously.

Sinatra_Z would like to wish all of you - Merry X-Mas
Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends.