Sinatra_Z - Being Angry

Some people choose to be angry all the time.
Angry with society, other people, government, political parties, certain group of people or just the universe.

They dedicate their whole day, week, month and year merely spewing out venom and just be angry.

because angst is cool, it makes you artistic, being cynical is great, it's very French.

Smoking a cigarette with a liquor in a hand talking about religion and how it should suit your lifestyle.
Blame everyone.

The thing is,
I wouldn't want to do that. To be just a Critic and do nothing about it. It is easy to be just a critic, an avant-garde writer, a very opinionated columnist who only knows how to blame and not do anything about it. To simply write behind a computer screen and go to sleep feeling all cool and dandy.

I don't want to be angry all the time.

Being angry all the time, can be quite tiring.


datin seri syaripah noli

Tell that to patrick teoh of niamah! he has the most venom and spite towards his enemies. Tell him to take a chill pill!