Sinatra_Z - The Tree of Democracy, Cendol and Rojak

The Tree of Democracy, Cendol and Rojak

NOV 4 — As many of you should know, I am rather biased when it comes to writing about Malaysian politics.

Which side you may ask? Well my previous article should give you some clues so let’s just say you won’t see the word “rakyat” being mentioned much in my articles. But hey, at least I don’t go pretending on being all neutral or non-partisan like many of you out there, right here and right now.

My fellow readers please be aware that Zaidel Baharuddin can be somewhat biased, at least he dares to admit it and that probably makes him the only columnist here who has balls. Although, I have to give credit to Dina Zaman for she has balls too, and no I am not saying that she is actually a man; I mean she breaks fasts with some gangsters for the sake of orphans and that shows that she has more balls than many of us here who just sit behind the computer ranting and weeping about our woes and blame everything on Barisan Nasional. (Note from DZ: Okaylah Zaidel, I’ll be your cougar!)

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