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So Art Harun was somewhat unhappy with some of the comments at Rocky, so he decided to write another one.

And me being me decided to answer him once again. So here is the answer.

I disagree, I don't think, freedom brought us up where we belong, or at least to me freedom is not the main contributor that brought us up where we belong. It helps but it's not the major factor. I think economic prosperity is what brought us up where we belong. We enjoy good economic growth and improvement in education ever since Merdeka. It has elevated our quality of living. Since we have more income and expertise we improve our education system in which then makes our people are more knowledgeable, able to think critically and they have time and energy to pursue a higher goal. From these we create professionals, thinkers and intellectuals, and these professionals due to their education and exposure are more critical in their thinking. Like the Maslow's theory, if we do not have these necessity first there's probably we don't really care much about democracy.

60% Indian work force comes from farming, this is not an assumption it's a fact -

The farmers remark came from the Indian election result in 2004 where the communist party and the Congress had big wins. The communist party had the biggest winning margin in history now what does that tells you? In case one may fear I make an assumption again here's the reference

So the logic trait goes something like this - Farmers were hit hard, farmers go to election, farmers vote for communist party, communist party hates democracy, meaning farmers don't really give a flying about it. They are more concerned about their livelihood, like the maslow thing.

And regarding this quote :

"In fact history would show that Malaysia imposed more limits to democracy than Singapore did in the 22 years of Dr M’s rule." I'm pretty sure J.B. Jeyaretnam would disagree to that, then again maybe I am making an assumption here and we may never know because he is dead.

If we were to contribute freedom "as the main factor" to where we are today i.e citizens with critical thinking yet at the same time say for 22 years plus (apparently Badawi is a dictator too to some) we have no freedom at all, isn't it contradictory? If we had freedom for 22 years and got to where we are today then yeah that sounds right, but according to you we were oppressed. So I think there's probably something else that contributed to this. If I'm not too lazy, I'll probably write an article on this. If not then too bad, life goes on.....

I know there are more things I could write about.
But it's late and I'm woozy over the medicine I took just now.

Good Night folks.


There's limit about anything.
And democracy has limit too.
perfection never exist though.


tak paham la aku dgn orang umno ni,

citer pasal negara kominis bagus, kurang politiking, boleh bawak kemajuan, siap lawat jumpa ketua negara china lagi, jemput diorang datang melaka....diorang semua ni bos kepada chin peng,tapi kenapa chin peng tak bagi balik

poyo la korang



Nampak sangat ko ni tak baca apa aku tulis Jibam, tak pun memang sebenarnya tak nak baca.

Malas aku nak terangkan.


gua paham apa yg lu tulis

tapi saja nak provoke lu walaupun reason lu mungkin ada sedikit shj kebenaran

walaubagaimanapun, geng umno memang poyo

selamat berhari raya korban



Good simple "Maslow's" response to Art Haruns Hoity Toity Lawyeristic Boolshit.

Love the bit about the "22 years of oppression" but "freedom got us here" contradiction.
Art HArun reminds me of that gay Farish Noor and liberal Karim Raslan...or is it the other way around?
Can't seem to tell the difference with these pretty boys.