Sinatra_Z - Feelings eh?

I don't mind putting my Ideas forward,
my thoughts or my views, I write them in the open.
I accept criticism, discourse and opinions.
One could say I am very forward when it comes to my thinking.
I share them and I try to explain them, proactively.

But the exact opposite when it comes to my feelings.
I don't share much of them in public,
be it in the form or writing or talking about it.
I try not to show them in the form of expression but occasionally it leaks.

Well I am human.

Which is why you don't see me write much about rants, complains or have random emotional outbursts towards friends, colleagues, family or acquaintance. I don't do that. To me the matter of the heart is something private, something that is best shared with someone you really trust or god. I'm not the type that have public emotional outbursts or the kind that would put emotions before logic when it comes to my writing.

But when I write, I do try my best to evoke the readers emotion, but it is mainly guided by logic.

Perhaps it's the male mechanism I have in my brain that says talking about your feelings makes you a wuss, pussy and other words one can refer in the thesaurus. In fact I really do have this thinking in my head.

So yeah,
a friend commented that

"I am extrovert when it comes to my thinking but very much introvert when it comes to feelings."

Maybe it's a guy thing,
Maybe I'm just a focused and objective person,
Maybe I am the type that like to avoid drama.

Or Maybe,

Because only those who dare to question himself may find the true answer...

Maybe I am just afraid.

One can argue with logic when it comes to an idea,
one can even conclude and have a pleasant discourse on it.

But when it comes to the matters of the heart,
it get's a bit tricky.

Pretty troublesome.

They say it takes a big man to cry,
Then they say it takes a bigger man to make him cry.

Oh well, it's just a random thought.

Good Night Folks.


"I am extrovert when it comes to my thinking but very much introvert when it comes to feelings..."

ayat yang bagus. aku nak letak dalam fb aku bleh?