Sinatra_Z - Living Life To The Foollest

It's interesting on how you find things at the most unexpected places.

I was reading some of the comments they posted on Low Yat (which is an online forum) and this guy with the nickname "Ah Wang" wrote "Live Life to the Foolest"

I can't remember why he wrote it but I remembered that line. Although he wrote it as a jest but it got me thinking, perhaps it can serve as a pretty good life motto.

Think about it,
"Live life to the foollest"

Because many times in our lives we avoid on doing something because of the fear that we might be seen as someone foolish, a fool. Be it dancing on the stage, public speaking, asking for directions, pretending to understand a certain conversation, learning how to ski and many-many more.

But think about it.

When one falls in love he or she tends to do foolish things right? And I am pretty sure we have fallen in love least once in our lives. Though you might not notice it but if you have fallen in love, had a crush or like someone chances are you already have been a fool once.

When arriving or visiting a foreign country or even a new place like a new town you must have looked like a fool when you got lost not knowing which road to take and keep going in circles. That seemed quite foolish no?

The first time you tried to make a new dish and the curry tasted more like burned charcoal, how about the time when you first learn how to drive, the first date you had or the time when you asked the shopkeeper which one of these leaves is a spinach.

Without realising it, You have been a fool many times before and guess what you came out fine and no one seems to remember it. Well at least most of it.

Many of us have dreams,
dreams on achieving something, dreams of doing something and dreams of changing something.

I have a dream,
and I too have been ridiculed for it, called names because of it and even doubts from many people. Some say it's too much, some say I have false hopes and that I am a fool for even thinking on taking that path.

it seems tough, but that's what dreams are all about. They're supposed to be hard, only then it is worth dreaming about.

I don't mind if I seem to look like a fool for believing in it,
I don't mind if I fail in trying to get it,
I don't mind doing things that might seem foolish for it.

I have made myself look like a fool many times before,
but every time I did that I would always discover something new, be it good or bad.

Because in the end, I'd rather try achieving something and look foolish doing it then just sit by the road, complaining all my life and pretending to be cool.

So I look like a fool sometimes, but I don't mind it, and you shouldn't too.

You are not a cat, you only got one life, so why worry so much on what others might think of you, it's not going to affect your savings account or anything.

I mean, what's a little dent on the ego and a slight scar on the reputation.

Life is like that.

Try to be a fool sometimes ok, you might discover something new.

So here's to living life to the foollest.



being a fool tak sama dengan being an idiot. being foolish is our human way of 'err'ing. being stupid is our way of saying that we are not foolish. being an idiot is our way of denying our stupidity.