Sinatra_Z - The Look Of Love

Being a writer,
or at least someone who like to write (Since I consider myself as an Engineer) you will have this habit of seeing things in a third perspective.

It's like being a spectator in a chess competition and noticing the flaws that the players make, yet you will not see them if you're in the game itself.

This habit of mine,
I tend to jot it down, usually it's just your usual mundane daily things, but like what is written on the right side of this blog that in between these mundane random things that you encounter in life, sometimes you find something meaningful, a treasure of sorts.

Last Saturday I was invited to lunch at a friends house, his wife had just gone through a surgery safely and he just found out that he is about to be a dad. So he invited a bunch of friends over for some "makan-makan" at his home, pretty low key but cozy nonetheless.

So I went there with a friend and there we met some of his friends from work, all Engineers, age around 24 to 27 and recently married, the stable sort of people unlike his friends from hometown who are the "bujang trang tang tang" funfair folks. They talked about work, football, being married but mostly about work, pretty mundane to me. Didn't join in the "married" conversation instead I joined in the "bujang senang" folks and started talking cock on one side.

Then this newlywed couple came, one of their friends from workplace and he was bringing his wife for the first time to meet his friends here. They got married in less than a month and it seems that they have not met him for quite sometime. The usual "selamat pengantin baru" greetings.

So the husband was surrounded by his "guy" friends while his wife was sitting on the opposite side of the living room looking at their lively conversation. The husband was explaining to his friends on his life, about his new job, his new home and what happened after they left the company and etc.. It seems that he has been doing quite okay, he got a better offer and he tell them stories of his new career path. He didn't brag about it but you can see his enthusiasm when he talks about his new work.

What grabbed my attention in that scene was the wife who was sitting on the opposite side. From the start of the conversation where her husband is being probed by friends to the end she just kept looking at him and mind you this is not just looking at the whole conversation but more like focusing on her husband.

From her eyes and her slight smile in her lips you can tell that there was a mixture of happiness, admiration, pride and a bunch of other feelings. With her palm on her cheek it seems that she really enjoyed looking at her husband in a new light, her husband with his friends. Probably the first time she saw him in this manner. That look that she had on her face, no one saw it but I did and I think it is best described as the look of love.

It was quite something,
that gaze of her's. It's not like the loving gaze that one have over looking at his/her crush/love from afar. It's more like the gaze of someone who knows that this is the person whom she loves, and that he is her's and that she can't help but feel happy and grateful that they are together here right now at this place doing this utterly normal, usually mundane thing. The gaze of someone whose love has been answered.

I don't think the husband realised it thought, takes someone from outside to notice it. But it was there all right, in the middle of it all, quite secluded, partly hidden in a way and I saw it. Like a sight of a really rare bird in between the trees.

Do I feel envious about it?
Not really, but I sure do feel grateful that I managed to see that.
I think that it's a very rare sight,
wanted to snap a picture of it but I decided not to, didn't want to ruin the magic.

Frank Sinatra once sang...

I've seen the look of a jockey on a winner
I've seen the look of a fat man havin' dinner
I've seen the look of those spacemen up above
But the look that closes the book is the look of love....

It's thunder, it's lightning, the gentlest breeze
It's friendly, it's frightening
And more surprising than an elephant's sneeze

He was right all right, man he was right.

Sure did found something valuable on that Saturday afternoon.


peh. touching. nice one. aku harap one day ada orang pandang aku macam tu. lagi best kalau dia tu pompuan. haaa.

best of luck finding the love of our life, man.


Aku sebenarnya takdelah nak rasa jiwang masa tulis ni, cuma sekadar catatan je lah apa aku nampak


like always..nice article..u shuld consider writing a book..keep it up..


very touching



you are one species i thought have died out


will be looking forward to more articulation from you