Sinatra_Z - Where do dead Dreams go.

A few months back I wrote something about how dreams die,
and after the conversation I had tonight it got me thinking...
What happened to those dreams that die?
Will it just evaporate like a black hole that has run out of matter for it to suck?
Or will it turn to something else?

I have a thought,
It may be wrong. Maybe there is some truth in it.

You will be the judge.

When we were young (well I still am) we all have dreams don't we. Some wanted to climb the highest mountain, some wanted to save the world, contribute to the society, be a professional football player and etc. As times go by and things happened we fall into the mundane routine of life. Particularly true when one gets married and have kids. Though not necessarily true but I guess generally that is the usual plot.

We get married, we have kids and we go in to the routine of paying bills, paying off the mortgage, cleaning the house, cooking, going to the office and the usual stuff. From badminton on Wednesday night to grocery shopping every two weeks. Little by little we tend to forget what we wanted to do back then and somehow evolve ourselves to fit the current need. Pursuing in becoming a professional football player at the age of 29 with 4 kids may not be as romantic as it sounds when you were 19.

So a friend commented that she didn't want her life to be just all about that. About paying bills and routines. I wouldn't want that either. But it got me thinking, what happened to those dreams we once had?

As I mentioned above sometimes the answers or thoughts can originate from the most unexpected places. This came from a comic book named Dik Cerdas. It was the time when Shin Chan's dad was having a conversation with Misae's younger sister.

I'd like to think dreams are like a tree, a living thing. Like all living things, dreams die, but not necessarily a meaningless death.

I suspect that these dead dreams turn into compost or fertilizers, yes it sounds quite bad but just play along. When an old tree dies it rot's and turn into compost, mashed into tiny bits and pieces and absorbed by the earth. But then these fertilizers would then nourish new trees so that a new generation of trees may grow prosperous, strong and proud. Dreams like trees, when they die may turn into nutrients for other dreams to grow.

I notice that many parents,
who have somehow abandon their dreams because of circumstances do not feel all that bad or broken hearted about it. It's because they place their hopes and dreams on to their children. That is why they do what they do, falling into the same routine of life. It may be labour... but it's labour of love.

That he or she gave up their dreams so that it may nurture the dreams of these future generation, their offspring. It's fine that they may not achieve what they wanted but they truly hope and pray that their children may grow up and do something, be someone. It is quite a spectacle to watch and nurture a dream, to see it grow from a tiny pulp into a strong tall tree. Which is why parents are very proud of their child's achievement because in a way it is a testament of their own hopes and dreams as well.

Which explains why,
one of the most heartbreaking for a parent is to witness their children going to the path of destruction and what not.

So maybe your dreams are lost, maybe it's dead but fret not, what matters is what you do or make out of it. You can either fret and mourn about it or you can pick up the pieces and turn it into fertilizers so that it may nurture other dreams.

Just like the footballer who didn't win the world cup and became a coach.

The hardworking father who was once a shining athelete.

That balet teacher who had that terrible accident.

Or Alfred Nobel who used the money from his invention that became a tool of destruction to award ideas that contribute towards making this world a better place.

So where do dead dreams go? We'll it's mostly up to you. Whether it may be hidden in the dark sectors of your mind


It may be turned into something that will nurture other dreams.

It really is up to you.

All these from a comic book.... Rm 4.20... Pretty worth it no?


Thank you. I reached out through the ether; as I was feeling very dark right now, wth the words 'where do dead dreams go' & your post was the 1st I came upon. Your musings gave me comfort, & while nothing in my life has changed, your words have stilled my turbulent mind. Thank you.