Sinatra_Z - One Malaysia and what not.

Recently Najib Tun Razak got this One Malaysia slogan thing.
Some say it's like Malaysia Malaysian, other say it's like wawasan 2020 while most are just confused or just don't really care.

However I really do like it when he presented the kids prizes when they entered that 1 Malaysia photo competition. Kinda neat.

I notice that in the blogosphere (or the INTERNETSS) that commenters who uses a nickname that has the work Malaysia in it like Concerned Malaysian, True Malaysian, Bangsa Malaysia, Chinese Malaysian, Javanese loving Malaysian, Rakyat Malaysia has a default ruling of taking the houlier than thou and higher moral ground that anyone else.

I don't buy into this Bangsa Malaysia thing.
I like being Malay and I don't feel I have to justify or defend nor have any complexties of being a Malay. Although it seems that these days the "Popular" thing to do is that, to lament ohh how sad it is when people look at me differently because I am Malay or not Malay Enough and start a whole drama because my eyes is a bit sepet and that I think that people think I am chinese thus I have this deep scarred complex and god knows what.

People in Somalia is starving to death and I am being dramatic because my eyes is abit sepet to I think people like to gossip about me that I am not Malay enough.

SEDIH GILAA.......................

Another popular thing is that to get lectures on how "Malay" do not really exist and that it was all something that the British Invented. Malay is actually a hybrid of Chinese and Indian. Then how about Javanese? Oh that's Japanese and Venezuelans. Iban? Indian and Bangladeshis.

And I think that Yasmin Ahmad movies is absolutely ridiculous and idiotic. Yasmin Ahmad's movies is not about Malaysians, her movies is HER PORTRAYAL of WHAT SHE THINKS MALAYSIAN SHOULD BE. IT'S HER IMAGINATION OF THAT MALAYSIAN ARE IN HER MIND.

What's with the mother who lives in the kampung and can't speak anything but heavily accented British English. Bodoh sial, konon rennaisance lah tu. It's like having an English lady living in Liverpool and refuse to speak anything but Russian. Because she want's to break from the English stereotype.

You know what screw it!
I like pantun, I like wearing the songkok, I like wearing baju melayu, lighting up pelita during hari raya, speaking and writing in Bahasa Melayu (or Bahasa Malaysia), singing corny Malay jiwang songs, I like 4u2c/KRU/p-ramlee/AhmadJais/Ramlah-Ram/ZaitonSameon/DIkir-Barat and even Alleycats (okay they're not malay but they sing malay songs but they have an awesome hairdo).

I may not like Yusuf Haslam movies but that dosen't make me less of a Malay, okay maybe a little bit.

I Like being a Malay,
so guess what I am not a BANGSA MALAYSIA! I am a Malay who is a Citizen of Malaysia.
In the constitution a Malay is a person who is a muslim, who uses Malay as his/her primary language and practices the Malay Culture.

So if any of you want to be a Malay, regardless of who your parents were or what or what not I am fine with it. You may have a darker skin that me or fairer that I am I don't care. If you want to be a Malay hey welcome to the club.

Tengok Zambry Kadir tuh, macam ketua bahagian MIC pun ada tapi Melayu tu.
Bukan warna kulit tapi agama, adat-resam, bahasa, budi dan perekti.

And I am fine with you whether you want to be an Indian, SIkh, CHinese, Eurasian, Javanese, Dan Lain-lain, Malaysian pun boleh, Bangsa Malaysia, Bangsa-bangsa bersatu or whatever identity you wish to brand yourself with I am fine with it.

It's okay to Like Yusuf Haslam movies and not be a Malay.

But don't tell anyone about it yeah.
It's quite embarassing to like Yusuf Haslam movies and not ride a motorcycle with a chick behind while racing at Jalan Raja Laut.

So I think.... Probably that is what One Malaysia is all about...

No matter what race or identity or affiliation you choose to be. No matter what culture, name or even song language you choose at the karaoke. No matter what political, religion or hobbies you may have.

In the end there is just One Malaysia out there.

And with all of our differences we better start learning more on how to live and love each other because no matter what there is only One Malaysia, your home, my home, our home.

And with all it's problems and shortcomings in the end it's not all that bad no. I am not going anywhere and I think neither are you.

So let's not screw it up.

P/S - Undilah Barisan Nasional. Kuang! Kuang! Kuang! Hahahahahahahaha


Hang nak Melayu, Melayu lah. Awat emo sangat? Eh, orang Hulu Kelang pun gheti tulih bahasa Inggeris, na? Awat tak tulih bahasa Melayu? Kata bangga Melayu?


Eh banyak apa tulis bahasa melayu, macam-macam cerita.

Cuba baca catatan seekor kucing.


aku nak sambungan catatan seekor kucing tu lagi!!!


sebenarnya tak kisah la nak jadi apa pun. cuma jangan nyusahkan orang.

nak jadi malay? bagus. jangan jadi malay extrimist.

nak jadi chinese? sukatilah. jangan jadi chinese chauvanist.

nak jadi indian? ikut ko lah. jangan jadi hindraf.

sebab apa? kalau dah jadi extrimist, apa-apa pun boleh jadi. abih islam dilabel sebagai terorrist skang ni sebab kat arab sana ada ramai muslim extrimist. kat india pun, ada tamil extrimist. belum cerita kat amerika punya christian extrimist. pergh.

aku pun melayu. aku bangga jadi melayu. aku makan durian, petai sambal belacan, bawang. aku mandi 3 kali sehari. aku pakai baju melayu. aku lepak kat nz (ni tak melayu pun...).



aku mandi dua kali sehari je


I hate umno, tp aku suka cite ko.. logik, menarik dan x nampak cam propaganda. Truskan..


Aku pun benci Umno.

Tapi aku suka baca tulisan ko jika tak berkenaan politik korup Umno.