Sinatra_Z - A Comeback

I don't watch one in a million.
But I do know that Tomok was in the final 3.

And today,
I heard that he won. So I decided to watch the his performance clip in youtube.

I know Tomok,
he used to be in this boy band malay jiwang sort of outfit called the new boys.
Never heard not remember any of their songs.
But I do know that his band though popular at one time were the most hated band in the most of Malaysia. With their corny songs and hairstyle they were the prime target of cheesiness. If there was a definition of Jiwang karat and Poyo Tomok and New Boyz would be it.

God I hated them back then.
And when I saw his hairstyle in youtube I couldn't help but remember how I loathe those cheesy hatred feelings. As if his band and he was the embarrassment of the Malay music industry.

Early before the show they showed some interview clips,
there was a part where he was crying. My god man.... Don't be such a wuss.
However it is interesting to note that he said that once during performance the audience threw rocks at him. I heard eggs were also thrown and god knows what else. Heck I can understand why.

But here is the thing...
As much bias I may be about this young man with a cheesy nickname, I have to say.....

Being in one of the most perhaps cheesiest band in the Malay music history and perhaps at one time the most loathed male singer after much attention by Mangga, Huzz and god knows what else he went into oblivion. Fallen from grace, forgotten, a shred of memory.

He came back.
He really did.
And he made it.

The road that he takes,
which is a winding and uncertain, often painful for the Malaysian entertainment industry is not easy.

It really is something,
to come back after your big fall with your face in the mud.
To actually fight back your way into the limelight and climb back up to regain the crown that at one time seemed very distant.

I may despise his hair, his fashion sense and his songs.
But I can't help but admire the fight and determination of this young man.
From being the most loathed male singer in Malaysia to the million dollar man.

I may not like him but I'm a fair person and it is fair to say that this comeback is quite amazing in a way.

Kudos to you,
and may you do well in the future.
Perhaps someday maybe there will be a song that I might like.

There was a time when I will never believe I would say these words but here it goes...

Good Job dude,
You deserved it, you did well and of course............. Welcome back!!

Tahniah bang,
memang patut, persembahan yang baik dan paling utama.............. Selamat Kembali!!


bro.. can we say KJ = Tomok? both are the most hated man (you can exclude most) in Malaysia. hehe


tomok nyanyi cam haprak. bukan sedap pun.