Sinatra_Z - Insignificant Memories

It is interesting,
to note that our mind can remember the most random thing.

Quite amazing when we wonder about how our minds recollect memories , on how we can not remember some of the most important things in life yet remember some of the most mundane or insignificant events.

For instance I could not remember being born.
Nor could I remember the first time I learn to walk, how did I talk or the first word I said.
I can't remember my first birthday, my first hari raya nor did I remember how did I learn to read.

But I do remember,

Just after Odeon movie theatre while riding Len Seng 191 bus on Jalan Doraisamy there is a small sundry shop called S. Alapitchay. I don't even know who is S Alapitchay in the first place.

I remember that the birthday gift that I treasure most was a Torch Light I got when I was 5. It was an eveready torch light.

The price of chicken rice in school was RM 2.

I can't remember the name of my form 3 math teacher but I know the name of the man who cooks the burger at canteen. His name is Meor by the way.

The king of Siam grant the title Phya Songkeram Rammu Wissit Willis Phya Asmara Phya Perlis to Sultan Muhammad Jiwa to recognise him as the official ruler of Perlis.

I main character in the hit Japanese TV series (when I was 9) Ultraman Ace is Hakuto and Minami.

Shin Chan's father's full name is Hiroshi Nohara. Semashi Nohara is Hiroshi's older brother.

The colour the of slide (which is now no more) in the padang (filed) behind my house is yellow.

The name of the dog that would always chase the kids at the padang is Kacang, his owner home faces the field.

my house uses armitage shanks, the office Johnson Suisse, R&D dept uses Inax, so does FKE UTM's toilet, my friend's house uses american standard while the old toilet at surau permata uses Pakai.

Bata rubber slippers (Selipar Jepun) is the most comfortable, Osaki is abit rubbery, Pacific is quite popular and the size is quite diversed.

I memorize the theme song of Nini cokelat celup.

Ramesh used to have a dog, beagle, named brownie.

In the movie TORA-TORA-TORA on the way to Hawaii one of the Japanese pilot notice that there was a beaufiul son rising amongst the cloud to which he note that it is a good omen. They then captured some beaufitul hawaian hula song on their radio receiver and the captain orders everyone tune to it to signal that they are near to Hawaii.


you got any?


i can't remember some of the faces i met just now...

but i can remember how breast milk tastes like.

and no, not any recent breast milk... my mothers breast milk when i was 2 yrs old.


I always wonder how breat milk taste like



u might taste it later laa... (u need to find one first).. heheh


hahaha. nice one.

find one first!! (@_@)


i remember the exact arrangement of LUNA 36 colourd pencils and how Faber Castels' is a bit different. :)

your entry lightens up my gloomy day, tnx :)


Well I am glad that it helps you.

All I remember is that it starts from white and ends at black.