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Now it seems that the media is somewhat apologetic to "Pakatan Rakyat" when it comes to Perak. Somehow the perception is that all the mess in Perak is due to Barisan Nasional's fault that decided to take over the government in an undemocratic manner.

But is it BN that is at fault here? Now I heard from many people who no longer subscribe to Mainstream Media the reason why they shun it is thanks to the "Spin" Factor there media like to do. So they decided to read alternative media like Malaysia-Today, Harakah online and what not, which ironically follow their Mainstream counterpart in terms of spinning as well, only for the other side.

It's hard not to be biased these days,
in fact it's even harder to be Neutral at all. You can write up to 10 damning report attacking the BN federal government but one article flaming say Theresa Kok or Khalid Ibrahim and BAM you're an UMNO paid najib BN dog cybertroopers.

So my fellow readers,
I know it's not easy to read between the shit that has been going out lately from both sides. But at least, even though you may disagree, give the other party a chance to explain their position.

So today I am not going to write an editorial or article to express my point of view. Instead I will list the things that happened for the past year and let you my fellow thinking readers decide and make your own conclusions. I don't think it's wise to feed you with my personal point rather let you decide your outcome.

Now let's start from the very beginning.

1. (22nd Febuary 2008) Before the general election there was no Pakatan Rakyat. All there was is something called Deklarasi Rakyat produced by Malaysia Today.
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2. DAP refuse to admit or announce that they are in any form of coalition/alliance/teamwork with PAS due to their experience in 1998. They refuse to hold any talk with PAS in terms of seat allocation so PKR and Anwar Ibrahim had to be the intermidiate to make sure it's one on one.
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3. 9th March 2008 Barisan Nasional lost heavily on the march general election.

4. BN Perak manage to hold the biggest number of seats in Perak (29). So they met the Sultan of Perak to ask consent to form a government as they are the party (Registered) that holds the largest amount of seat in Perak State Assembly.
(Majalah Millenia Mulism May Issue - Interview with Harunsani Zakaria)

5. But the Sultan of Perak decline and noted that the oppostion might want to form an alliance and secure enough seats (31) to form a majority government.

6. The oppositon then met the Sultan and told him of their new alliance and submitted names for the new MB.

7. The 3 candidates were Mohammad Nizar of PAS, Ngeh Koo Ham of DAP and Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi of PKR.

8. Since the state constitution only allows a muslim to be the MB Ngeh Koo Ham was striked out by the Sultan much to the annoyance of DAP.
Refference for 7 and 8 -

9. After consulting with the Perak Mufti (May edition Muslimah millenia) the Sultan decided to pick Mohammad Nizar of PAS to be the MB of Perak due to his education background.
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10. DAP protested this appointment and insist that if Ngeh Koo Ham cannot be the MB then they will back the PKR candidate which is Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi.
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*sidenote - Did you know Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi was once a DAP member..

11. The Sultan refused to change his decision in which the state DAP decided to boycott the swearing in of Mohammad Nizar as the new MB of Perak. This is a form of protest at the insistence of the Sultan of Perak to appoint Mohammad Nizar as the MB as opposed to Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi.

12. After masive protest in Lim Kit Siangs blog and the public outcry state DAP decided to reverse their earlier decision and attend the swearing in ceremony.
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13. When everything is settled down Anwar Ibrahim began is Sept 16 project in which he said that he can convince up to 30 BN MP's to join in Pakatan Rakyat dan topple the Abdullah Badawi government.

14. Massive backdoor campaign were done including Tian Chua following BN MP's to Taiwan.
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15. It was planned that the Parliament speaker may cause trouble so Anwar Ibrahim was supposed to present 30 names to the Yang Dipertuan Agong to ensure a smooth transition (Source Raja Petra Kamaruddin.)
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(Please do read this link and compare it with the Perak Issue)

16. Yong Teck Lee began the first move by rebelling against BN and subsequently his party left the coalition to be indipendent.
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17. On 25th August now two of Perak State Exco Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Mohd Osman Jailu was prosecuted in court due to some bribery case.
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18. Sept 16 Anwar Ibrahim did not produce any names and instead told that everything was in motion and that he wrote a letter to the Prime Minister to ask for a smooth transition.

19. Nothing happened and the only confirmed MP that has agreed publicly to join Pakatan Rakyat was Indipendent MP Ibrahim Ali of Pasir Mas with condition that he will be appointed as Prime Minister instead on Anwar Ibrahim.

20. The new Fuel subsidy mechanism was tabled and none of the BN MPs voted against it which could be the litmus test to Anwar Ibrahim's sept 16 plan. By now the whole project was in tatters and Yong Teck Lee's party did not join Pakatan Rakyat but remain indipendent.

21. April 3rd Yang Dipertuan Agong appoints Najib Tun Razak chairman of Barisan Nasional as the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia.

22. The two PKR assemblyman's bribery case made headlines after the infamous "Habuan seks sedekah" remark which drew heavy criticism from the Perak Mufti thus the chances of two by elections due to this case were more imminent than before with BN assemblyman calling for their resignatin.

Note - If these 2 seats were contested and BN wins both of them the balance will shift in which BN 30 Pakatan 29.

23. Pakatan Rakyat announces BN's assemblyman Dato Nasarudin Hashim crossed over into Perak Pakatan Rakyat government. Anwar Ibrahim hints that his sept 16 plan is back on track.

24. Perak BN Chairman Tajol Rosli quit his post to take responsibility of Nasaruddin Hashim's crossover as the chief reason behind the move was the feud between these two men.

25. Sivakumar the Perak Speaker then announced that two PKR assemblyman Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Mohd Osman Jailu sent him their resignation letter thus he is informing SPR that 2 DUN seats were now vacant and a by election is needed.

26. The two PKR assemblyman later made a press conference saying that they never sent Sivakumar any resignation letter nor did they Resign from their posts.

Quote -
Perak Speaker V. Sivakumar said the State Assemblyman for Behrang, Jamaluddin Mat Radzi, and State Assemblyman for Changkat Jering, Mohd Osman Jailu, handed their resignation letter at his residence at 5.45pm, Sunday.

In a statement faxed to the media offices here, Sivakumar said he would inform the Election Commission (EC) to hold a by-election within 60 days.

"I received the letters of resignation from the two State Assemblymen based on Article XXXV of the Perak Darul Ridzuan State Constitution.

"As such, I as the Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly declare that there are two vacant seats N14 Changkat Jering and N59 Behrang immediately," he said.

27. When pressed by reporters Sivakumar admitted that the letter were actually signed contracts back in march that they will resign if they decided to cross over.

28. SPR and the Courts decided that these letters/contract are null and void as it has no date binding to it and nor does it have the legality.

29. Pakatan still holds the majority of thanks to Bota crossover.

30. 3 Pakatan rakyat assemblyman went missing and could not be contacted, they were the two PKR exco's and Yit Hee Fong of DAP who is also deputy speaker.
Refference -

31. Feb 3: The crisis begins as Behrang assemblyman Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Changkat Jering assemblyman Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu quit PKR.

32. On Febuari 4th Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin rushed to Istana Kinta to ask for dissolvement of the state assembly but the Sultan was in KL.
Refference -

32. On the same day Yit Hee Fong quit DAP and Najib announces the fall of Pakatan Rakyat government. He also announced that the 3 who quit will become indipendent friendly BN assemblymen and Bota assemblymen return to BN.
Refference -

33. Najib then as the acting BN Chairman of Perak informed the Sultan that they now hold the majority in the house.
(Refer Majalah Mulim Millenia May edition interview with Harunsani)

34. Mohd Nizar had an audience with the Sultan of Perak and when he left Istana Kinta he told reporters that he leaves the decision to dissolve the state house up to the Sultan.
Refference -

35. HRH Sultan Perak requested the audience of all 28 BN state representatives and the 3 indipendent to personally confirm of their latest stance. When satisfied that all of them supported BN he then decided not to dissolve the house and appoints Zambry Kadir as the new MB of Perak.

36. Karpal singh decided to sue or challenge the Sultan Decision in court which sparked widespread protest. However at the same time the infamous Karpal TV outburst in which he said "Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat."

36. The rest is as you see today.............

Ironic points -

a)DAP's initial candidate for MB Osman Mohd Jailu would later quit pakatan rakyat.

b)If it wasn't the Sultan's insisntence Mohd Nizar would not become Perak MB in the first place.

c)The crossover started not from BN but from Pakatan.

Ohh Irony of Ironies please-PLEASE read these two links -

Raja Petra Kamaruddin on Sept 16

Tommy Thomas - Considered Malaysia's leading constitutional lawyer advisor to Pakatan Rakyat regarding the constitution.

Refferences -
The Star Newspaper
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Several Blogs

So these are the facts....
I am fine with which ever conclusion you may come into, it is your right to do so. But if you are reading this means that you have read the whole thing and that means you did gave a chance in listening to another perspective so with that in mind i wish to say to you

Thank you for reading.

Happy Concluding ....



Well done. The only thing you need to do is to put it in a more linear time line. For eg: no 17 (August 25th) and no 23 (Apr 3).

Also needs more citation so that facts can be verified and hence you are then neutral.

Else wise... good job!


Well to be honest I may not be that Neutral but hey I will take note of the linear time and link.

Some links were put in there like the karpal outburst and etc but I will add more info by tonight.

Thank you for the feedback.


oiyoo u really not neutral lah.

Don't forget that rakyat got short memories and the mob (not the mafia but adik beradik) usually rules.

I oso not neutral lah. Given a choice between PR and BN, I choose BN.

So Zaidel, I want to join pemuda but my place here ruled by dewan muslimat and muslimah and the pemuda here looks dead.

Can I have some candy?


btw, do you know omar ong become director of petronas?

Abislah, harga minyak naik lagi.


Wei bapak ko orang kuat PKR tuh, nanti dia tak hot ke? Hahahahaha.

Boleh bro join Pemuda nanti aku check untuk ko ok.

Pasal Omar Ong tu dah confirm ke, last aku ingat itu semua cerita-cerita di internet je.