Sinatra_Z - Sept 16

Now seriously.... You PKR fanboys.
Whatever happened to Sept 16?
That man caused so much anxiety, concern and uncertainty. He basically went on harping about it at Al Jazeera and the rest of the world that there is going to be a Big Change in Malaysia.

Are we just to forget about it......

The best part is the whole thing cant happen is because Pak Lah refuse to call an emergency parliament session. Well we have tons of parliamentary sessions now I don't see any no confidence vote, any opposing voted from the government bloc.

It's almost 2009......

Ini Parti Kencing Rakyat ni...

No mention of Sept 16 by the mastermind himself at the recent congress.
Yet he looked so confident when talking to Riz Khan.

Ohh and YB Tian Chua,
Whatever happened to your supposedly Karaoke sessions at Taiwan?

Anuar Shaari - Former Private Secretary
Ezam Mohd Noor - Former Political Secretary, AMK founder and former protege
Nalla Karupan - 30 years of friendship

They all stick with him when he is in the worst state, yet left him when things were much brighter.
Something must be wrong somewhere.

And these men, just like Khalid Jaffri, Umi Hafilda and etc.. Never did gain any amount of treasure trove or high government position.

P/S - When I close my eyes and hear Ezam talk, I thought it was Anwar Ibrahim. This man left his family, locked in Jail for him hence there must be a damn big reason why he left PKR at the midst of power. Thinking of inviting him to Gombak and listen to his reason.



sebenarnya 16 sept tu anwar ingatkan besday, konon2 dia nak buat suprise untuk aku dengan tubuhkan kerjaan baru..

tapi malangnya bile dia dapat tahu yang besday aku bukan 16 sept, tapi 3 julai, diapun terus tak jadi buat suprise tu..

jangan bagitau orang lak yang suprise tu sebenarnya untuk aku.hahaha...


Ah kau TOS, kalau nak ikutkan nama sebenar ko ialah Brad Pitt tapi sebab mak bapak mengenangkan yang ko ni orang jawa dan nak pindah malaysia diorang pun tukar nama ko ke Heriyanto. Kebetulan lalu seorang pemuda berkulit putih yang terdengar nama kau lalu dia pinjam.


Hmmmm did he meant Sept 16 2008 or Sept 16 2009? tahu lah kan,... nama pun 'politician'. hehe...


ahhh anwar tu aku benci. tau penting diri sendri. dahlah party dia tu dia buat sebab dia kena kicked. bukannya utk rakyat pun. sekeh kepala dia woiii.

Joinlah party baru ni. A.B.D.U.L