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Once upon a time,
there came an entity called the internet.
When it first came up the internet was designed to be a medium to store, exchange and promote pornography. It still is today. But then humans being the social animal they are decided to hit the internet up a notch and introduced interactive social activities into the internet. Which then came the concept of MIRC, live chat and amateur setting up webcams for the first time at a very low-low price through MasterCard. Then as the internet grew older it was invaded by massive amounts of pimpled cam whoring pedo bait teenagers who likes to post stupid insignificant things on the internet like I drank Yeos soy milk for breakfast this morning and words like Noob, Pwned, STFU and LOL thus through these boom born a social interactive website called friendster and MySpace. As these pimpled cam whoring pedo bait teenagers grew older they realised that the internet is not all about porn and cam whoring they decided to make something good out of it thus a website called facebook was created to share information, updates and interest was born.

Though the cam whoring and insignificant poser updates on their status still goes on something good actually came out from facebook and one of them was this.. Book signing from the second manliest man in Malaysian history (me being the first) former kick ass awesomeness roundhouse kick pawning Chuck Norris ex Prime Minister of Malaysia DR M.

Onn Jaafar will be remembered as the person who planted the seeds of nationalism,
Tunku is the founding father of Malaysia,
Tun Razak was the man who create the economic base
while Hussein Onn was the man who nurture harmony in this nation.

Dr M however is remembered as the man who introduced punch clock to government offices, threaten wage cut if government servants don't buck up and told a 7 year old British kid to go screw himself.

The Event

Fanboy 1 - En Lipas

Fanboy 2 - En Jiboneus

Groupies and Old Man

Groupies mobbing Old Man

The Result WOOT~~~~~

Autographed books.....

Ini ubat selsema 2 kali satu hari lepaih makan, ubat batuk kahak 3 kali lepaih makan, ini apa nama dia.. ahh antibiotik 3 kali makan sampai habis ahh nah saya bagi apa nama dia .. ahh parasetamol. Ni demam ni sikit ja tak payah MC, Kerja! Sikit-sikit nak cuti.... ni bila nak kurus nih?


wow! fanboy! OOOOOOOOoooooo Groupie! uh huh huh


caya la lu lipas....hahaha gua kagum and jeles kat lu.....dapat jumpa TDM tu....perghhhhhh sempoi sempoi....