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Valentine's day...

It was supposed to be one of the it's now or never sort scenario. You know the part where he says only you can make this world seem right and that sort of thing. Well stupid cupid didn't exactly got his arrow on that afternoon so there stood Johnny Boy like an idiot. His real name is Johari but we like to play the name game sort of thing, Jo thought she was unforgettable, that she made him bewitched, bothered and bewildered... He thought that's amore....... Well it was like those typical sad movies.. always made me cry..

And today as if nothing happened there she was just walking down the street singing doo waa de de de dum de de doo. I can see clearly now the rain is gone from her, well it was probably never there in the first place. I wonder how can one keep a straight face with all those smoke gets in your eyes. At the canteen, in the middle of hundreds of rauchy hungry noisy kids with all the teen spirit going on can our friend confess all his feelings out in the most loud voice and gung ho manner. Skokkian Romance he said, more like a wish upon a star if you ask me if he hopes that she would fall all love me tender over him for that.

But I kinda expect that kind of thing from him,
after all the first time he talked to her over the phone he daringly asked "are you lonesome tonight?" this being said by someone you hardly even know. Imagine Strangers in the night over the phone spewing out things like love is in the air or hello pussy cat. All the poetry in motion love lines that he practices night and day gone wasted with her reply of Can't we be friends...

So there he is sitting all alone on the edge of blueberry hill humming to songs sung blue to soothe his lonesome heart.

"Alone again naturally it seems.." I sad
"Well I used to sit here is my dog named boo.. but he died. So I'm alone today." He replied
"Don't be too hard on yourself yeah, I know it's been a hard days night, but hey things will turn out for the better... trust me I know, Love's been good to me."

There was a silent moment,

"You just had to stand in the eyes of the world did you?"
"Well at least I did it my way..."
"So how do you feel now...... Knowing that love is leaving on a jet plane"

He took a deep breath and calmly replied..

"Well... Once upon a time I was falling in love, now I'm only falling apart... Nothing I could say.....
A Total Eclipse Of The Heart.."

"Well my friend...... No woman, No Cry.." Was my reply.

P/S - 10 000 Points to whomsoever can list out all of the songs or song lyrics mentioned in the story above.


Stupid Cupid
Johnny Boy
Are you lonesome tonight
Strangers in the night
Love is in the air
Hello pussy cat
Standing in the eye of the world
I'm leaving on a jet plane
total eclipse of the heart
no woman no cry


not not bad,
you didn't get all of it but good try