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FEB 4 — Hello, fellow readers. Chances are quite high that you are reading this in an office on a lovely working day; thus based on this assumption, I wish you good morning and good day.

Let us take out some of that productive working time of yours to focus upon something other than work or the usual exercise of blaming Barisan Nasional for all of your woes.

I’m pretty sure the company won’t mind you spending some time using the Internet to read this article, after all it takes only a few minutes and it eats up much less bandwidth (and time) than watching porn or playing Farmville on Facebook.

Dreams by definition are a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep. Or in a simpler explanation, that drama you saw while you were sleeping which are nice or scary while some are rather… wet in nature.

However, it is not that sort of dream that we are going to be discussing today. Indeed it is still the same succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through your mind, but instead of during sleep, it happens when one is wide awake.

The dream that is associated with words like aspirations, goals, yearning and “if only”.

When I was a young boy back in primary school, students would have to fill in their information on a yellow academic card which was the size of an A4 paper.