Sinatra_Z - I really thought I could....

I grew up with names like

Sapok Biki, N Mohandas, M Magendran, Misbun Sidek, Rashid Sidek, Razif Sidek, Jalani Sidek, Foo Kok Keong, Azhar Mansor, Cheah Soon Kit, Soo Beng Kiang, M Kumaresan, Muhammad Hidayat, Shalin Zulkifli, Kenny Ang and many more...

I saw Kedah Defended the Malaysia Cup from Singapore.

I saw Thomas Cup being lifted,

I saw Malaysians

Climb the highest mountain.

Sail the far off sea.

winning medals.

I saw our first car, damnit we can actually make cars! Turns out we can make cartoons too (Usop Sontorian).

I saw the world tallest building, a bloody long bridge, a train with no driver, big roads, stadiums, buildings, planes and many more.

Turn out Malaysians could make, create, run, sing, climb, jump, build, fly, sail and even win.

To think that a motto,
first coined by a cocoa based drink had so much impact on us, even on me.

Malaysia Boleh.

I truly thought, I could do anything absolutely anything.

I mean they can, who would have thought two Malaysian Indians who has never seen snow can actually climb the highest and one of the most precarious mountain in the world.

Bloody hell,
I really did think that I could do anything, or that Malaysians could do anything.

to think that these days,
in the name of politics everything is ridiculed.

I don't care if they called it "Bolehland" because when I was growing up, the word Boleh was truly the theme.

Boleh apa! Kenapa tak boleh, kalau tak cuba mana tahu!

That old man,
that legendary old man really did make us think that we could do anything now didn't he.

Amongst those names mentioned above, I guess none can beat that crazy loud mouth doctor named Mahathir.

And you know what,

Even though I have grown up and no longer a kid,

I still believe that,
Malaysians (and even I) can do anything if only we would try.


Sinatra-Z, my thoughts makes my blood boil everytime i hear the word "bolehland"

right or wrong, left or right, this is our country, why the need to make a mockery of things just because you dont agree with certain people in the government


aaaabang liipasss (awuuuu),

ada yang tak boleh bang!! bila ada yang membisikkan 'mokhtar' bang dan ikot jalan belakang, abang. itu tak boleh di malaysia. boleh di negara bawah bawahan jer, abang..

kiri boleh kanan pun boleh. depan depan lagi lah boleh tapi tidak mungkin boleh 'jalan belakang'.

jadi ada jugak yang tidak boleh di malaysia ini abangggg... awuuuuuuu

-abang mortar-